PC Patch (25.06.2020) - Some music, AI and server browser fixes

We solved the problem by restarting our private Server. Maybe that will help you as well :slight_smile:

@drachenfeles I don’t see any increased memory usage on either of our servers. It is pretty consistant. Do you use mods? It could be a mod that needs an update.

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And is there any chance for a patch for the dregs boss who is broken for 3 months now or longer and the missing life bar of thralls on PS4?
Not being able to continue the story should be really worth a hot fix and should not be fixed with a large patch which is NOT coming for weeks…

Hey everybody,

Quick update: We’re looking into the remaining server issues and working on some fixes. Regarding the ever-showing revision number, that will be fixed in an upcoming hotfix.


What happened to the official server 1003 when it reappears on the online?
What is there with the updates and why break through something that at least somehow worked?
Are you ready to raise your servers in a week, from the influx of thousands of smurf accounts with cheats?

Hello @Ignasi, can you please fix the 4th archery perk in the next patch? 40 accuracy do way less damage that 39 accuracy. Something is broken. There is already many posts on this bug. Thanks.

Can’t host and play on same computer, I think multihome is broken after last patch

Here is what I did to get it to work. Maybe it will be helpful to you as well to look at.


Well I’ll try change my ports too and edit here. thanks


@Ignasi @Multigun The problem here is SteamQuery port, I changed to 27016 and get back my online access. Can this change affect something or other players to connect?

My server Ravenheart in Ruins is no longer found since this update. We have tried searching by name, ID and direct connect. I have removed all mods and taken us completely back to 100% vanilla. Tried restarting and I am still seeing critical errors in the log file with it not being found in the list. Prior to this patch, the majority of us were able to connect and play with all mods in place, now the server is not found to even check for mod mismatch, yet it shows online and updated by g-portal.

Dear Funcom Team how long will it take to solve the FunCom Live Server connection issue !!

Disconnecting…disconnecting and more disconneting…between Server Hosts and Funcom Live Service.

We can be happy to play 1hour or what is the goal of the latest Patch?

Starting after this patch, my server is showing two users active on the web server status page that do not show up anywhere else. The user count in the server list before logging in shows zero, and when I go in and make myself admin, the ‘ShowPlayers’ admin command only shows me as being on line.

I restarted the server several times and the accounts aren’t there immediately but do eventually show up.

Question 1) Are other server admins seeing this?

Question 2) If it’s not some new bug, then apparently there is some way for people to play on a server but not show up on user counts or on admin tools. Does anyone know whether this is even theoretically possible and if so, how a server admin could address it?

Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions.

Did you uninstall the mods or just deactivate?
I had some issues in the past were I had to remove/ uninstall a mod from the server which caused problems.
I have a server by g-portal, too. It runs without problems.

After this update my server is now being set to PVP no matter what I do. I have PVPEnabled=False in the serversettings.ini etc. & it was fine previously. Is there a workaround besides setting the PVP to only be enabled for a minute?

Hello, you asked again for feedback on the dedicated server:

Our server still hangs when shutting down. The latest version of the Dedicated Server Launcher is installed. If we close everything via the Task Manager, the server restarts. We haven’t had a backup like this for a few days.

Dear Funcom Team we cant stop laughing… sitting in front of our PCs …disconnects and crahs every 5minutes…this isnt a game its a loginklickadventuregame now.

How long we have to wait for a fix? 10 Days … after Patch still unplayable…max playtime 1-2 hours if we got very lucky.

may i ask how your server is hosted and what query ports it uses?

We are playing on a friends server hosted by nitrado.

It could help if you ask them to check the logs. If it is the “stack overflow” error it is probably related to the query port the server is using.