PC Patch 3.0.3 - Discussion Megathread

Hi, I have report this.
Splash damage is ok, but not fire damage.
Waiting for next patch :slight_smile:

Lightning nerfed into the ground wasn’t what I was expecting.

Toned down sure but now pointless.

Hopefully addressed at some point, call it a work in progress I guess.

Glad duping is fixed but that should have been a priority hot fix.

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the problem with synchronization has not yet been solved, animals and people are teleporting all the time, after the restart, when you enter the game, the restart occurs again

a lot of games have died doing this, chasing the old ones for new players, but if the new ones don’t come then you end up with an empty game and unfortunately that’s what is happening…

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offline mode still not working on siptah , and you need leearn again evry time you log to game feats from dlc

Technical problems

  1. With the latest patch, the sound began to disappear.
    There is a screensaver and a video, and after them it may not be in the menu, then when you start the game there is no sound either.
  2. Rare freezes that are treated only by deleting the process and restarting it.
  3. While running to the corpse of his character, his mark disappeared, as did the corpse itself.

  1. Not related to this patch. Tell me how to reduce the speed of the rebirth of the NPC. All caves and dungeons have to be cleared twice! When you get in and when you get out. I play in solo mode, but even changing the slider in the admin panel has no effect. On the contrary, they began to appear even faster. No matter which way I move the slider.

Another question. After installing the mod, the names of the NPCs became in English. Although my language is Russian. How can this be fixed? Everything else in Russian remained as it should be.
I deleted that mod, but the names remained in English.

delete the name of your slave. and confirm it?

you can rename them the way you want…when you interact with your thrall top of the menu

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the name of a default slave will be automatically translated according to the language you are using. if you rename it the name will remain the same in any language

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Any Idea when this patch will come to msstore? We havent been able to access our gportal server for a week now :frowning:

In singleplayer, slaves sometimes catch a bug. After the battle, the slave does not remove the weapon and stops responding to commands. The weapon can be removed by him himself, but he still does not respond to commands. Attack or go, it doesn’t matter.
Through the circular menu, if you click stop following, and then click follow again, the slave will still not respond to any commands. The only fix is to restart the game.


when I place my slave near another. he refuses to obey me. and it goes to another place. one day they will rebel against us we to kill?!

Português BR
Tem algo de errado com essa atualização todos os zumbi estão com BUG podendo usar conjunto e espadas de qualquer forma não deveria acontecer.

There in lies the problem. PvP servers
should be about combat, not about entrenching. Why claim to be a pvper, when turtling in base and offlining others is the real reason most alphas are on the server. The way pvp is structured now, every weapon is made moot, as there is no reason to actually pvp, just repair if online, or offline those with lives outside the game. The LS, and even the dupe, actually caused pvp for the first time in years on most servers.

edit…and now we are back to ganking (camping spawn in points, catching a enc build farmer, not pvp). Official pvp server are really home to toxic pve-ers, with a few exceptions. Most pvp style players left tje game, as they realized it was more about timesink and offlining, not actual fighting. Rust has similiar basics as conan, build, fight and farm. They struck a way better balance where it is about combat, with building and harvesting as support mechanics. That is why it has higher player numbers, less time sink if you just want some fun pvp.


Thanks, I’ll give it a shot.

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Any performance patch planned @Funcom? The game is suffering of heavy fps drops after 3.0.x specially near buildings (no matter the size). Was the game minimun requirimentes raised with 3.0 should i update my hardware? Actually my gpu/cpu are working cold and less than 50% capacity being used while in game, but even with this cenario im getting bad porformance.


THIS! Quick story…so we were doing a pvp server and no less than 10 minutes after I logged off to have quality time with my daughter and take her out to eat, the alpha clan blew through my base with suspiciously frivolous amounts of explosives.

I never even saw these guys and they never saw me but because one of their jerk members had history with my friends, they went on the warpath…in the most cowardly way imaginable.

You hit it out of the part with that assessment @biggcane55 . There isn’t a PVP mentality but only a corrupted PVE mentality…which would fully explain the pushback against anything that would risk their buildings.

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Rust is “build up and abandon.” Endgame is boring for most vets.

Conan is build up and hold. Survive | Build | Dominate, remember?

Please recall (we’ve talked about it before) the only thing we’re really missing is siege. Both defense and offense. I think that is something missing from Patch 3.0.3.

Never was. It has been burn ot to the ground or build lag bases from day 1. The majority of the playerbase left os OCD collectors with literal interest in fun pvp.