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Patchnotes: :news: PC Update 3.0 (2022.09.01): The Age of Sorcery [Latest: 3.0.4 (2022.10.19)] - #9 by Dana

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bookcases or Arcane curio cabinets? and what about those with items already in it over the item limit ?


Here’s to hoping the duping wars are finally over XD

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I can’t play on my server because my game updated this morning but the server hasn’t been patched… :confused:

Resolved, client needed a restart post patch, weird.

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A relevantly quick response finally! Good job!
Let’s pray there won’t be any bomb exploits anymore!

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can’t believe it.
I bought battlepass just for arcane bookcase,now there is a bug?
And you know what,helmet in the market (forgot that name)there is only one region can be dyed.
Both of above,there wasn’t any advance explanation before i bought.
If you guys want earn more money and privide more products,ok,i get it,it’s cool.
BUT,can you behave more PROFESSIONAL A BIT MORE with your users?

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Still nothing about the invis HP bars that appears to happen all the times. I mean c’mon, it was reported during TL it takes you more than 1 month to release first patch, and then 2 weeks for this?

Fixing duping is great. If that’s actually the case now. And not like last patch where u remove 1 way and let an easier way go through.

Any idea when we can expect any major bug fix?
As healing bug/ maunting bug?

  • An exploit regarding the crafting system has been fixed.

Fixing exploits is important, it unbalances the game.

Other things I’ love to see fixed:

  • Flickering/Invisible health bars of enemies
  • Climbing bug
  • Tempersmith can’t make legendary kits
  • Purges getting stuck in the mesh, never advancing
  • Empty health bars for the stage 2 event enemies
  • Thralls getting tentpegged during boss fights
  • Thralls getting stuck in the water, requiring physically moving them
  • Thralls turning red after getting stuck in the water
  • Transit stones being so crowded they become difficult to use, how about an “E” press to activate, select destination
  • Transit portals being the only item that is unable to be moved, even before being activates or after being extinguished
  • Transit portals being the only item to dismantle under the old ~33% of resource return

The Arcane Curio Cabinet (from the battle pass) still holds 200 slots.
The Arcane Cupboard (from the bazaar) now holds only 40 slots. Down from 200.
Ordinary Cupboards (Artisan Bench) meanwhile holds 45 slots.


Hello ! I have a problem with the last update. After entering the xbox game pass application, nothing happens. The game client doesn’t update automatically (although it should), and I can’t update it manually either. Nothing happens when repair is running. I tried to reset and repair the xbox application itself and games, unfortunately nothing helps.
Version 41732.35.1.0 is still showing. All my friends who play via steam don’t have these problems.
So what can I do to play?

Okay. After 2 reinstall’s finally i can play. Problem solved itself :poop:

I honestly have a Feeling that we wont get backvthe legendary armor patch Kita.

Regarding the option to choose your Destination on TP with “e” , i think they would get in trouble with Wildcard (ARK) again. Since it would work like an TP in ARK, and we all know that Wildcard ppl think they invented everything and dont mind to sue other companies over such minor things, especially If its an other survival and/or sandbox Game.

But yeah it would be good move to get a qol Update for them asap. Though Bugfixes should come first.

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And again after a patch - invalid servers. It affects official and private servers. Two of my four servers have 9999 pings and are therefore invalid. :frowning:

Still no fix for characters bouncing back when climbing foundations???


they will never fix it. over 1 year whe have the climbing bug now

After each update → verify steam game files before to play.
Then all is working at the first time :slight_smile:

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So when someone asks me to trade a armour with me and I craft it for them they won’t be able to use/see the visual while they’re using it…

This will make me look like a freaking scammer.

I’m totally behind the shop, battle pass and monetization, but I haven’t agreed on this not being able to trade/use by other players!

Not gonna sugar coat it, I’m pretty pissed about this, especially because this hasn’t been communicated to us during one of the streams or before the pass has been sold for example (or very very well hidden somewhere).