[PC][PvE][#1005] Official Server wiped?!

Hello there,

I just logged in into the Official PvE Server #1005, the only server where I do play Conan Exiles.

My base has been completely wiped as well as my neighbour’s bases which had been around. Except Thralls and Mounts…

Within the in-game’s Log File, all my stuff has lost “stability”…?! Just my Fish Traps are still there which were about to expire/decay by “tomorrow”…

What has happened?

I want all my stuff back, as might my neighbours. I request to do a server rollback, please, as this mysterious wipe has happened this morning today!!

I have had an open for everyone and little 20x20 Stormglass Base, enough space for a Map Room on the ground floor guarded by T4 berserkers and T4 thralls, and space for all benches at my 1st floor.

…not to mention all my various collected and stored T4 Thralls, high tier ores and bars and literally tens of thousands of “Alchemical Base”…

The logs show that your base entered the decay state earlier today and that another player demolished it. Your fish traps had their decay timer reset because you logged in again, otherwise they would have decayed as well.

I had seen “julchen” idling within my base quite a few times before.

Besides that, it cannot be that my neighbours bases as well as my base got completely “wiped” this morning even before their decay would apply.

My thralls and mounts don’t even stand “mid-air” as it is common for decayed bases. Mounts and thralls from my neighbors so mine are standing on ground…

How is julchen even able to “farm” whole bases on a friendly PvE server? How could this even be allowed or possible, if this happened?

This screams about a planned exploit…

I request a server rollback, as mentioned already… I hadnt logged in for 4 ~ 5 days. This exploit should not be allowed, if so…

I only care about my tens of thousands of “Alchemical Base” and my ultra rare and various T4 Blacksmiths, various T4 Taskmanagers so my ultra rare T4 Zath Priest…

Everyone can. When a base is decayed any player is allowed to demolish it regardless of ownership.

He may have kept eyes on it, it’s no uncommon, but it’s not an exploit.

That will not happen. Judging from the logs this is unfortunately your own fault for not logging in on time to refresh your decay timer.

I’m on 05 as well, i’ll try and talk to them, see if we can get some of your stuff returned to you.


If there wont be a rollback, this was pretty much the last time I have played Conan Exiles…

As a solo player not being online for 4 ~ 5 days, and a whole node with multiple bases of various players got “farmed” on a friendly PvE Server afterwards, this simply cant be and should not be tolerated.

This is a PvE Server - within 7 days -, not a PvE-C nor a PvP Server…

In my whole 2 years or more of being a PvE player in Conan Exiles, I have never heard, seen and met such a “major grief”. What is the sense of a decay after 7 days if players can simply farm bases way earlier INSIDE A PVE-SERVER?! In my eyes this is 100% an abuse/exploit/grief, especially in a PvE Server.

Cannot even feel “safe” on a PvE Server, wtf is this?!
Simply wasnt online from Monday to Friday and then this?!

Thanks for your possible effort, but I dont want a stack of Starmetal “negotiated” back, I want everything back >> rolled-back!!

Rolling back, so I can put all important items into my characters inventory after a restat, upload that character for “anytime” in future…

Especially my tens of thousands of “Alchemical Base”, and then I am out, I guess…

I do NOT tolerate nor agree with such a system inside an official PvE Server!!
Being online once a week can already be harsh enough… and then being “farmed”?! Nah!!

In no way you can call PvE Servers “PvE” anymore. This has nothing to do with PvE anymore.

100% grief!!

All for nothing, time’s wasted …

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7 days maximum*

Decay timer helps keep server clutter free and decay state chance to get it back or loot enemy base.

After the decay timer has elapsed (decay will read 0:00, the state listed in the event log is called “abandoned”), a 24-hour grace period will begin. During this time, any player may activate it and select “demolish” to destroy the structure for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the structure will disappear. Both only happen if a player is within render distance.

My decay timer ever been 7 days, 168 hours, and I havent been online for 4 ~ 5 days. So these 168 hours didnt elapse for sure, and so this grief was either exploited and/or it was a server-side issue.

I still want that server rollback to proceed, as 7 days hasnt passed yet to apply that 24 h “grace period”…

They never rollback the server. That’s unfair to everyone else on the server to lose all their recent progress.

168 hours is the maximum, but its possible your build may not have been up to that. Are you sure yours was?

I am 100% certain, as I always check all my walls and stuff before loggin out, simply as a security manner during the weekly login-to-avoid-decay-procedure. If you had read carefully, my 20x20 base was built with Stormglass tiles. Even my Fish Traps are still present, as mentioned already.

I had even everytime put food for all my active thralls and mounts, in where a 100 stack of food wasnt even completely consumed within 5 days. There always been about 5 meals (Gruel/Berries) left overs in their inventory… 4 ~ 5 days ago, I didnt feed my Thralls and Mounts cuz I was too busy and too lazy. I just logged in, ran around as usualy, checked decay timer >> 168 hours <<, OK, and logged-out…

“Unfair to everyone else”?!
They might have done lesser stuff or even nothing within past 16 hours, but I lost all life-time effort and stuff nearly in an instant… as well as my neighbours. This cannot be compared with that logic. I would even slightly understand this on a PvP Server, but we talk about a “useless” PvE Server…

This is 100% a grief/exploit…
And surely “not” a coincidence that multiple bases of various players around me disappeared as well…

Placeables that are mostly under the mesh will lose stability and are removed automatically after some time. This may happen to large structures like Animal Pens.

I didnt have any placeables under the mesh, though the log file calls out “lost stability” for various stuff…

It happens, you should learn from it and rebuild and go on. You will never get a rollback. If you and your neighbor were blocking anything or beside a point of interest the game has a new update that randomly checks to see if anything pertinent is block. If so it kicks your base into decay. This is random and done by the game itself,no admin. This is also a tactic now being used by players to get rid of you and loot your base by simply turning you in to Funcom. Look at it this way number 1 rule never drop a base. Loot it but dont drop it. Its get even time now that you know who dropped it. Good luck and keep playin.

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Nothing was blocked, nor grieved…

There is even a building-prevention around POI’s so nothing can be blocked… So as mentioned already, there was either a server-side issue and/or an exploit/grief, as I have been within my 5-days logging-in cycle. Even my Fish Traps are still present.

I still request a server rollback for the Official PvE Server #1005, before it is too late…!!

Unfortunately, a rollback won’t happen not for such an issue anyway. The best you can hope for is your issue being investigated and confirmed as working as intended or fixed in a future patch if it turns out to indeed be an issue with the game.


Apparently this is a known issue;

Unfortunately as others have stated it is very unlikely that the server will be rolled back.

But I’m quite sure there will be helpful players on your server, who will happily supply you with everything you need.

Good luck!

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If there is a possibility to “inject” all my missing items into my inventory, I gonna wait. Inject at least 50k Alchemica Base, 4x T4 various Blacksmiths, 1x T4 Zath Priest, 2x Dalinsia Snowhunter and 4x various T4 Task Masters…

If it is not possible “or” if none wants to help me, I am gone forever as I wont start form the fresh again… caused by a server error and a possible grief…

Hi @N3tRunn3r We are sorry to hear you’ve lost your base.

As stated in our official server rules, we are unable to refund your lost items.

Thank you for your understanding.

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