PC Update Age 1 Chapter 2 - Discussion Megathread

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still only method to buy Crom Coins are dollars…

I am in Euro zone why the hell i need to pay almost 20% higher… to buy anything now… I hope some day i will get back those 25 Euros i payed already more to get 19.99$…


But one thing you still haven’t corrected - BRUTALLY HIGH PRICES in Bazaar and BP.
Disappointing (again)


well combine that u pay 380 CC for 1 HORN emote… but u cant buy just 500 CC u need to buy 1200 Even if u want to buy that emote
1200 CC = 9.99$ but after bank and steam its not 10 Euros as now ( even less by google)

But damn 15.99Euros because bank and steam has convertion prices i last update on game bought that 49.99$

Just guess how much i paid for it( those 49.99) - 69,99Euros… thanks to this damn one way payment…

For this bazzar ok i am builder i would buy sets as dlc before and ignore those 1 item for ‘‘9.99’’ i do it as supporting game i like, but this is making fun out of supporters and basically squeeze out as much as can…

Sure maybe its bank and steam but still this is overkill…

Just 2 things to fix in it

  1. Add other money times in game , all world dont have dollars!
  2. Stop do 1 virtual emote sell for basically 9.99$. add in bundles, Like that last week sandstone set- that was ONLY OK thing in whole bazzar, OK also maybe that platter…

Conclusion : Just decors who not even giving any more things or advantages, ( that u can get in basically modded servers FOR FREE) costs more than 9.99 $… so this is making fun of those who like vanilla game and basically buy because want to stay vanilla and give support if can…


What is this ?!!! And why ?1

close to 80 gigabytes just omgg

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All I want to do is buy the Pictish Armour set.

Why would you add a new set and not put it in the store?!
Just let me buy the armors I want when I want -.-

I’m so tired of this fake fmo inducing bullshit.

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Only 6.8 to download. The rest is the install data being patched.


Hey guys, the animation when you sheath (unequip, put away) any weapon or tool is bugged. It does a weird slow janky animation. For instance when you put away a katana, the katana goes instantly into its sheath and your now empty hand slowly lowers to your side. It does this for all items. Tested on official and single player

Haven’t looked at the bazaar since the first month. Quite clear the bazzaar isn’t for your average player.

Can’t wait for players to sink their teeth in to the new headhunter camps. Can’t wait for 10th levels to get end game mats and weapons.
Did they fix any of the legacy bugs? We get house cats.

Note: I think test had about 1 person per server.

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Any idea when the update will be pushed to gamepass users?

Thanks, I’m playing via Gamepass on PC. Auto update is on, and when I manually check for updates it’s not giving any- last update 10/11/22. My friend has the same issue (also on PC / Gamepass).

Added new line under Known Issues and reflected it in the changelog.

As noted above, you will need to place your Nemedian fireplaces again facing the correct way!


Quick feedback of Chapter 2.
BP rewards are cool (again we got fillers like floor paints and free potions… but, Acheron\Ophidian bundle is really good).
Bazaar prices are BETTER now, but not enough. Lets hope we finally get good prices at chapter 3.

1 Idle weapons animation is op.
But it took to long (30 sec) to activate it. Since the transition from idle to normal are smooth and instant time really should be 10 sec. Or maybe we can get similar emote?
AND for god sake we NEED this guard standing pose for our thralls.

2 Voice (female) of T3 spells a bit off (to much speed), look like Chip and Dale for me =D.
T1-2 voices are really good ones, but T3 sounds really strange.

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The portalstones can’t be ignited

Then started the entire download over again :rofl:

I’d say this is par for the course for CE patches…

No idea about the technical side of things but these patches are always a ‘unique’ experience, and not in a good way.

After it’s done patching the mandatory file verification will be needed, a few missing or corrupt files will be found and an additional 6 to 20 gb of files will be redownloaded.

It’s like this every time.



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Best regards, I see my Thralls and pets with 3 skulls like a boss, and the life bar shows 60k out of 80k, do you have a solution for this?


Ohh thanks .I was afraid

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that’s the problem with UI mod, not Funcom, mod owner need to update it

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