Pike/2h Spear should be an agility weapon

Change my mind.

My initial thought would be that the Rolling Thrust perk would make pikes OP if they scaled with Agility. Not only does it buff pen it makes the attack free stamina-wise, and high stam cost is one of the main balancing things about the pike.

So all you’d have to do is roll and you get an attack that costs zero stamina, has the longest range of any melee attack, bonus armour pen, and max damage scaling. And there’s no cool down. In fact the Rolling Thrusts stack.

I wouldn’t mind some 1H (AGI) spears that aren’t javelins in that regard. Give it a basic stabby heavy attack moveset utilizing the existing shield slam, take out the option to throw them. I doubt they’ll add new weapons and movesets at this point, though if i am honest.

The stamina drain on rolling offsets the free stamina attack and it’s honestly not much different to using short sword heavy attack in that respect. Shortsword and Rolling Thrust is amazing for rolling back and then instantly closing the gap with the shortsword heavy.

Current meta in PvP doesn’t even use rolling thrust, you put points up to Quickfooted and then focus Vitality/Strength/Grit in that order, with variations loosely around whether you put 5 or 10 points into Grit.

No thanks.I wouldn’t go as far to say current meta doesn’t use rolling thrust. Especially on siptah with gloves of Jill you don’t need that 5 points in grit. Rolling thrust with a hammer and pike is very good.

Yeah but that might be because pike is a strength weapon. If it was an AGI scaling weapon we’d probably see a lot more Rolling Thrusts with less points put in STR.

Which honestly wouldn’t be a bad thing. Lightly armored spearman vs heavily armored knights with two-handed sword/axe or mace/sword/axe and shield seems like reasonable balance to me.

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Yeah it doesnt sound too bad. I guess my only other reservation is that it would really cement the dominance of old-school pike meta players. It’s already a good weapon, top tier in the hands of an experienced player. Making it scale with AGI would put it off the charts with the new perk and attrubutes system imo.

But I do get where you’re coming from, it’d be cool to be an agile spear warrior. @LostBrythunian has this idea that there should be two 2-hand spear types, the one we have and an agile glaive type.

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Are you sure about that? :wink:

Current high skill PvP META is already 20 STRENGTH, 20 AGILITY and 20 VITALITY. Pikes and Bows with some water PVP weapon. Bows nuke your HP down to 20% with 2 shots and spears will finish you off.

Oh and people spamming Katana to try to oneshot you. 2h Great axe can shred you in like 2 seconds with rolling thrust.

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Den spoke about the possibility of separating stabby spears from choppy bladed polearms and giving them different movesets (with a slight hint towards the old spear moveset making a comeback).

If that were to happen, I’d expert spears would become agility and bladed polearms would be strength.


I would not be against pikes and halberds being separated into Agility and Strength. Halberd, Lochabar, Bardiche or Lucern Hammer would all make sense as strength based choppy with a little bit of pokey. Spears, Pikes, Trident style pole-weapons being all pokey pokey should be agility based.

And they should get new moveset.
Halberds\glavies. (not only pokes but swings and cleaves).

I doubt they spilt up pikes and make new animations at this stage in the game

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That would be a new weapon type then: Polearm

But I like the idea. So we have 2 different melee weapon types with reach. The strength or agility does not make any difference, you go 20 in both anyways.

Try to be agilly with a two handed weapon

Perksystem is so wrong made so almost everyone go for 20str 20agi 20vit anyway.

Perksystem is a great thought but very bad executed.
Bad balance, some perks missplaced, some perks to strong, some perks totally garbage.

I think the only attributes that could use a re look would be agility and vit. Last stand is a must in any group fight 2v2 or 10v10 and the third perk in agility is also a must in any pvp fight. All and all though its an improvement over the old style imo.

They should decrease last stand to 60% reduction wich still is strong af, and make it last 2-3 seconds longer.

15 agi perk wich make u run faster they should just simply remove and replace to something else since it’s a must to have, especially in PVP.

Also mad berserker last perk in str, should be fixed so it doesnt counters the other 20 str perk that improves stagger. Now mad berserker simply makes that perk useless, and 99,9 of the players will use it, except some rebels. Simple remove the “immunity to stagger” in mad berserker.

It’s a big two handed stick you thrust into someone’s face. If you want a lighter more agile one, we have javelins.

Change my mind.

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I still stand with not even having weapons fit into 1 vs the other. Just make light attacks agility and heavy attacks strength. Everyone can access all weapons and the benefits of each attribute shine the most with the attack types.