PLEASE Allow US players an option to buy a Day One PC DLC for the Sword!

Since a Day One PC Edition is not coming in the US would it be possible to purchase a Day One Edition DLC for the Sword? For those of us already having purchased the game in EA from the VERY beginning?


I believe that the sword has become DLC you have to pay for now. I thought one of the devs confirmed.

I’ve not come across this, can you point me to it? It would be great if you can but all I see in the DLC is for the Barbarian upgrade, is it included in that?

Someone asked this question a few weeks ago on these forums and one of the mods closed the topic and said that it was confirmed that it would indeed be DLC.

It is DLC, A code you get with the Day one Edition of the game.

Which is not available for sale in the US. People are asking if we can buy it separately as paid DLC. I support the idea wholeheartedly.


I support this idea. Please take my money funcom!

Please take my money!

I think Funcom doesn’t like the USA…
Otherwise, they would allow us to buy and ship physical copies of the game to the USA

Im not liking the fact that I already purchased the game, the Barbarian edition, 2 more games for family… NOW To get Conans Armor and Sword I have to purchase 6 more games… Arrrghhhh lol Cant catch a break… Dammit Funcom!!!

Uhh, since you bought the game in Early Access you should already be getting the armor.

I have not read that anywhere, do you have a link to where this is stated? Thanks

The very first reply to this thread, for starters…

Can we NOT derail this thread.

This is about the Sword. The Armor we WILL be getting at launch!


Funcom? Can you help us? :slight_smile:

Not sure how much they could charge for the sword it’s apparently (roughly) stronger than iron

Funcom, early access day one user here…

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Hey guys,

We 100% understand that you’d like to have the full Conan related weapon and armor set, but offering the pre-order bonuses up as DLC will not be possible.

Is there any chance as a Barbarian edition owner to get the sword? But not like buying the game as hard copy?


The answer will be the same as above. It’s not possible.