Please don't add fast-travel in the 'Isle of Siptah'

Before we even start to talk about teleporting around the Isle, the issue of server stability needs to be addressed. Adding teleporting into the mix will only further tax and degrade the server. We deal with anywhere from 4 to 12 server crashes a day on the Official PVE sever I play on. Once stability is achieved I would like to see 2 maybe 3 main hubs on the map. Having to circle the Isle because a storm is going is just a waste of time, or having the storm start when your in process of running across the middle is also not much fun from a survival point.

CodeMage was correct, we use Pippi

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Less Building Placement Restrictions, by the one and only @Multigun. You know how you can’t put down big stuff (e.g. map room, animal pen, and such) close to walls, but you can put it down first and then build walls around it? LBPR gets rid of nonsense like that and other stuff that doesn’t make sense (e.g not being able to place fish traps next to each other, 'cause they need space around them). And it adds an arrow that shows you which way the building piece your placing will face.

The two mods I miss the most are Pippi and LBPR.

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Less Building Placement Restrictions - v7.1.8

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Or allows for easier farming, allowing for more and bigger building.

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Wow that sounds very handy. I placed my Maproom on the roof of my three storey black ice mansion, and had plans to enclose it with a room of its own. Unfortunately I had difficulties achieving this (especially around the Volcano section of the Maproom), and had to abort. So now it is just open air.

Mrs, Mrs Jones died twice today from the elevator bug.
The second time it was up by sabertooh island.
Here body timed out about 30 seconds before she could get to it, from our base in the SW corner of the map.

LBPR, while a great pve mod, is something I see being exploited on pvp servers.

I’ve wondered about that myself.