Please Revert Damage Cancelling Aloe Heals

Only men? I don’t think so. I bet women did/do this too. Why did you bring this into the conversation?

Also as @CodeMage said, standing on something where the enemy can’t fight back is not really a strategy in the game. IRL probably that would save your life, but it’s just a game. If something doesn’t fight back is like “fighting” against unconcious enemies.


It is cheesy if someone who can’t fight back doesn’t run for cover.

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Codemage never said it was not a strategy. Try reading it again. Also, as he pointed out, letting your thrall kill the mob is just as “cheesy”.

Because the majority of you that say it is cheesy, are manboys.

What is really amusing is that weather someone does this or not it has zero affect on your game, but still offends you. So we are back to the “play the game my way” salty tears.

This is a game mechanic, so do not blame people when they use this strategy. Maybe you should learn coding and start your own game where the poor mobs can run away.

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Game design oversight =/= game mechanic. (btw I’m not blaming anyone and haven’t even stated that I’m against cheesing)

And this “if you can’t do it better, you’re not allowed to talk” thing is oooold and should be dead.


I agree 100%. I never let the thrall do all the fighting. I never even use a thrall. I use a pet (and it doesn’t do all the fighting). Usually a greater wolf, but I went with a lion this time. He’s awesome just because of how big he is. :smiley:

You know it’s cheesy. I’m not judging anyone who uses it. Like I said, I used it too. But being bow specced can still be done without it. You just have to move more and cripple them with leg shots. Or have a follower “tank” for you.

Theres a lot of replies here and Im admittedly not going to read them all to see if someone already said this:

Why not just make only Player/thrall/pet dealt damage cancel healing, rather than all sources?

This change was undoubtedly made to balance PvP, so why not have it only affected by PvP based damage?

This seems like the obvious solution to me. Am I missing something?

I know its not exactly this simple, but why not add a hidden effect to player/thrall/pet damage that lasts a second and terminates regeneration effects?


Imma go ahead and say even the old
Meta for heals was 100% not even a problem…. You know what was .
1 shot everything
Thralls sabres and being on a horse.
Herbal and haunch wasn’t even that bad

Because it doesn’t make sense that something would simply lie down and become a pincushion because it couldn’t reach something. Animals don’t do that. People don’t do that. I’d imagine the mythical creatures that are the offspring of outside entities and angels with humans and animals, wouldn’t do that either.

What is funny is I’m pretty sure you do it too when you encounter a ranged mob, on a wall or turret in one of the settlements. You don’t stand there and be like “Ah you got me, I’ll let you make me respawn.” If you’re not going to roll over and die for the NPCs, why should they roll over and die for you?

Its immersion breaking and cheesy that you can simply stand on a 2’ high rock and kill everything around you with impunity.

Anything, even things with no intelligence would simply deuce out if the target of their frustration cannot be reached and its still being hurt in return. That’s a basic instinctual response.

When I advocated for leashing (or what you all call tethering), I was primarily using a bow and ranged attacks at that time. I didn’t like sitting on top of stuff. It was boring, unintuitive, and felt wrong. But of course if I didn’t do that, then I was at a marked disadvantage over those who did.

They changed it, and now ranged have to put themselves in ‘some’ danger to do damage. Its a more fun experience for most. I can understand why some may not like it, but the game is better off for it.

There’s quite a few other reasons outside the cheese that makes this better. But if you all want to discuss those, make a thread about it. We’ve pretty much derailed this one enough.

@JJDancer feel no remorse. The game as it is right now winning a boss this way is not chessy anymore.
You stack under the head of the rhino
The dragons Insta rotate
The rock boss magnetize you under it’s feet to crush you
Invisible npcs
You need more?
Feel no remorse, the mobs right now are more cheesy than us :rofl::rofl::rofl:.


I’ve been stuck under the head of the Rhino King many times. Yea, that one really stinks.
I’ve never seen a dragon insta rotate. Maybe that’s a lag thing?
Never been magnetized under Rockslide’s feet.
Never had the invisible NPC issue on SP.
I’m not saying these things didn’t happen to you. But if they are happening on servers and not SP, maybe it’s mostly lag? Smarter people than me can tell you for certain.

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I think he’s bringing up all the things we’ve been through, and more. The PS4 really is just “Givin’ it all she’s got, Captain.” Every time I play Conan Exiles, mine starts playing Star Trek fight music. Dragons do pretty much whip on ya.


I think you’re taking the “insta” part too literally. I’m guessing that @stelagel is talking about how dragons rotate in place, without movement animation. Funcom really dropped the ball on that one, because I still remember when dragons didn’t do that.

For me, that’s just one more complaint to add to a growing heap of things that never cease to annoy me and never get fixed, like getting stuck in enemy meshes due to latency. Rhinos are the most egregious example, but you can see it with any enemy.

Take the giant croc, for example. If you hit it from the side or behind while it’s executing an attack, it will turn to face you after it’s done with that attack. If there’s enough latency – and there’s almost always enough latency when you’re playing on a server – you’ll end up being “stuck” in its head, unable to move normally, and you’ll have to “jump out” of it.

I’m pretty sure that happens because the server and the client have different ideas about where you are and the game neither checks before the turn, nor corrects your location after it. It just goes “screw it, you’re inside the croc now”.

Incidentally, this is why I keep yammering about prioritization. There are many issues with the game. Some are perfectly avoidable by players, such as dying to gas AOE while you’re behind a wall. Sure, it shouldn’t go through the wall, but you have complete control over whether you can avoid it. Likewise for dying while logged out. Yeah, it shouldn’t happen, but if you log out naked, you won’t lose anything.

Other issues aren’t under your control, such as getting stuck inside a rhino or a croc. Another one is being killed by other players while you’re in a loading screen.

Both kinds of issues should be fixed, but it would be better to prioritize those players can’t control.

Anyway, sorry for the rant. I’m just really frustrated. I’ve let all my stuff decay on all servers, and every time I think about going back and starting a new playthrough, I always come to the same conclusion: why should I spend hours on end, being annoyed by a mounting pile of bugs and grinding the slot machines, only to build yet another theme park that just sits there and looks creepily empty, because we don’t have any tools to make our builds functional rather than aesthetic? And all that just so that another thing gets nerfed every time enough people scream about it on the forums. It’s discouraging.


We have these issues on Playstation, either sp or online we have a lot of issues. I know CE is a pc game, so I cannot complain, for me all these and more are just extra challenge.
I am really happy for pc players that doesn’t experience the game as me, plus I am a bit envy :wink:. Sometimes in Grey pools it takes 2 minutes before you can see your enemy :rofl::rofl::rofl:, but we have thralls fortunately to cover us for this time, no worries m8, if you want you can always find a solution and play. The most important we must never forget is that the game has less problems than other survival games I tried to play and no other has this quality :wink:.


For what it’s worth, this also happens on singleplayer seemingly just as frequently. I don’t know if that supports or contradicts the latency theory… Either way, it would be nice if it didn’t happen :man_shrugging:


Yeah, that was just my theory. From what you say, it looks like it isn’t latency, which only makes it worse that it’s happening at all :confused:


Never had that happen on SP. I always see them rotate. Usually right before I get thrown 10 feet and land on my butt.


Yeah, I see them rotate, too. But they rotate in place, like a plate in a microwave. They don’t turn, they rotate. I’m not sure how to better describe it with words, and I’m not motivated enough to figure out how to make a video :slight_smile:


I was going to say like the second hand on an Omerga watch.

No propulsion, no underbelly spinnerets, no hidden dancer pole, yet it’ll spin on ye. Woe the Exile who forgot to seek higher ground, or who rolled into a slight ditch.




Yea, that’s definitely not how I see it on SP. The dragon is whipping it’s tail around, not just spinning. Gets it’s body pivoting and everything. Looks like it’d be a lot of power, as it should.