Poll : story update on April 1st?

Last story update was on April 4th, 2018 (DotMR) … do you think next Monday we’ll be one step closer to Marquard ?

I : no.

  • Yes
  • No

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Wouldn’t that be just the absolute worst way to do do an update to story content with absolutely zero promotion before hand? Not a sniff of it anywhere - esp when they just announced MoM and even changed the General of the SWL discord server name to match what they are promoting now. As opposed to anything to do with SWL at all.

I would like to think - or at least give Funcom the benefit of the doubt, that they have learned their lesson with that and would at least dedicate some time to promote beforehand any story updates. One would hope, of course, that in order to retain the players and gain new ones, that FC would do at least more than one days worth of promotion for a much loved, albeit niche game.
Who can say… shrugs

If there is a story update, then they need to give the same attention to this game as they do all the others - when it comes to promotion of new content.

I would love for nothing better than to attend the Wake of Marquard - but we could be attending the wake of SWL sooner than predicted.

We have had what the patcher calls “Updates” before, which turn out to be nothing or sometimes just patches and sometimes they don’t even list what the downtime was for, or what indeed was patched or fixed (or not) in the patch notes.

If anything can be judged of late is that anything that has been changed or added to or about SWL has been done while our eyes were turned elsewhere.
And not for the better.

My reservations are held at this point to “I don’t think so” :face_with_monocle:

Totally seconding what has just been written about promotion, I’d guess they’ll more likely add something Easter-related - if anything - now that the Equinox event is over once more.

Don’t think we’ll be any closer to Marquard, but I am curious to see what we will get.

I don’t think it will be a story continuation for this update. The most I can think is that there was actually something about SWL hinted as well when The Buzzing twitter woke up again; not only MoM. What I mean is that first tweet about the gap and something missing; and that it hints to Manu dungeons.

Just my opinion ofc. :smiley: …think this game has had it…no word for a year now…they are just dragging the last few $ out of the hopefuls at this point :smiley:

I dont think it will be story related update. What I do believe it can be is Tank Commander Blade. Gap? Missing? Dunno. I’d be happy if the item returns, but at the same time sad, since that would mean even less chances for MFA/MFB. And yes, I’m 99,9% sure it is not MFA and MFB. It could also be some new Agent missions for MoM related stuff since those are easy for them to implement. But yeah all in all I dont think it will be anything ”big”


No. Whats the point when there are better and more profitable option around.

Rubi-Ka 2019 has been success, there are loads of people playing Anarchy Online right now… me too. So, they have good income for something. I hope they understand that if 18 year old game can pull masses back by just re-opening whole game and make it progressive server, they might have this same effect on The Secret World. If TSW will relaunch, with all the PvP with Venice gear etc., game will have lots of players back.

You know; Funcom’s strategy since years is to not put all beans in one bag. They arn’t dropping everything else just because there are a lot of players playing AO at the moment. Just like they didn’t drop everything else when they launched CE or SWL.

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I mean, we had quite enough updates with very, very short prior notice. So. Not really sure what to think. And while I don’t think they lie calling it ‘lil’ I still think it’s possible to have something story related. Also I voted ‘yes’ because of lack of other variants. Like ‘I want to believe’, ‘I wait great 1st april joke’. Not really sure why’d you ask initial question with only yes/no options.

Of course it will be one step closer.

The question is: how many million do we have to go?

Well, its up to stock holders…

Sure. I was just talking about the long term strategy as it is put down atm from board and stock holders. Since it looks financially successful so far I don’t think they have a reason to change it.

If the update is anything more than fixes, maaaybe it would be some of the extra Dark Agartha stuff (achievements, don’t remember if there was anything else they said they wanted to do). Maybe something small to start teasing a content update, but not the update itself. (Also, update on a Monday, what’s that about?)

I think they might be adding some new missions, but not a new zone/continuation post SA.

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Dark Agartha has been up long enough for E10 players to be closing out a full set 4-pip glyphs, and there was mention of extending the pip upgrades to other items. Maybe an update this year related to this.

Mankini, red

I don’t expect anything significant from tomorrow’s update, least of all new main story content.


Is this so I can beat Dark Agartha in less then 4 minutes?

Yes! Until the Dark Agarthans can be one-shot anything less is unacceptable.

Is that to fit with the Red Planet and the SWL’s shift to a Futuristic/Space Horror setting?