Poll : story update on April 1st?

The planned shelf-life for Funcom’s MMOs is 5 years, with fewer resources spent on them towards the end than the beginning (at least, I’m pretty sure that’s what a “five year amortization period” refers to in the 2018 Q4 Financial Report).

For this reason, it’s probably safe to assume that gam is not ded and that we can expect further story content to be added at some point between now and 2022.

That said, as has already been discussed, this patch is highly unlikely to be it.

I normally hear that term in connection how long it takes for something to make it’S money back/the initial investment+plus what came over time.

Which would mean it took swl/tsw 5 years to become netpositiv (it still brought in cash but didn’T cover the initial investment cost)

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Ah ok. I was trying to use the dictionary to interpret it with little knowledge of business stuff. Well, that certainly puts a downer on my optimism buzz :frowning:

Probably just an updated leaderboard… :slight_smile:

12minutes past and the server is still up…


Are you not entertained?

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Couldn’t say yet. Haven’t gotten home. :stuck_out_tongue:

So the half of patch notes are April fools and the other half some minor tweaks…

So one new mission via sms and once again half of players did not receive the sms…

That is intended. You get to invite people with an item. Also there is three more missions once you enter the instance. And a Tokyo mission and a pet that we don’t know how to unlock yet.

Edit: be sure to ctrl + tab the target before using the phone.

Maybe the mission is also some kind of April Fool’s prank and it’s working as intended.


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Not funny.

So how do we get invited to the fight club?

Random text or other players. Ask around.

Real but not funny.

I actually find the mechanic quite enjoyable, but to each their own. :wink:

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I think people who has limited time for game will really enjoy this clever mechanics. I have spent one hour in game asking for invite with no success. What a fun!

This obvious April fools joke of a patch today was in extremely bad taste. Particularly the bit about the nonexisting museum items. That bit was too cruel after all this time of “no, we do not care about you being unable to complete your museum you’ve invested heavily in and we can not even talk about it”. When they finally do talk, it is a joke of a patch note :frowning:

Was there some actual content added in the patch and can we perhaps have an actual patch note about it?

I think the museum item might be real. Just like the missions.

You believe in Santa Claus too?

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