Prevent offline buildings damage in PvE servers

All i can say here comes from personal experience only. The last 2 months i play in an official pve server. My purge meter stayed full for 2 weeks and when i say full i mean totally covered bar, full full :joy:. Still this sever was US and if i wanted to have a purge, i had to stay awake from 3 o clock till 6 in the morning. A little difficult for my timers, i am a kid anymore :cry:. So what i try to say to you here is that i found it a little impossible this damage came from purge because when you are not online you don’t get one.
Part 2
The last days someone build in the waterbasin over savanna where the tiger boss spawns (omg). The tiger boss is spawning now near the hyenas under the mek kamoses mount.
Part 3
It is well know for sime time now that big bosses are damaging your build in pve.
So fix the simple puzzle and i think you have your answer.
Someone saw the boss, got afraid, climb the roof, the next is your history :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@donbzm Just out of curiosity, I saw in another thread that a guy was calling you out for having 16 mega bases on the server occupying massive amounts of land, one at each obelisk + some extra ones. Is this correct or was this some sort of misunderstanding? If you have claimed half the server, it could explain why players may be hostile to you and your clan with your wife just being collateral damage.

“You civilized men are soft; your lives are not nailed to your spines!” - Conan

Again, ppl who don’t really play the game asking for features to be removed from the game. I hope fun com really doesn’t continue to take advise from these type of players. It’s destroying the game literally. YOU’RE PVE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. Don’t whine when you get pve’d lol. A level 3 fighter would’ve done her a lot more justice than a t3 blacksmith. You have thralls/pets for a reason. There’s the stand guard option for a reason. STOP asking for stuff to be removed. If it takes you more than 2 days to build a sand stone base with a lv3 black smith then maybe you should try the sims 4 or something. Dont come here asking for stuff to be changed. Especially when you dont put in time in the universe. You don’t know what you’re doing & anyone who agree with what you’re saying falls in the same category. It’s a survival game, not fairy land. I personally would rather see you leave than the other half of the conan player base (or what’s left of it). I strongly disagree with the idea of posts like this convincing fun com that this is where they’re efforts/resources should go into the game. If you want to talk about trolling, how about having a jerk block off the silent legion dungeon entrance with spikes? You’ll die at the loading screen if you enter. No silent legion anything for the entire server! Now that’s trolling. What you’re talking about is trivial & can be solved by again, putting more time into the game & getting some defence.

Unless something has changed, only purge enemies will inflict building damage in PvE. Are you implying that normal world boss spawns are now doing so as well? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Thanks for the tip!

It may be, but it would be nice if she was online to at least try to defend her self. The world must keep going, it’s really great to enter the game and realize that you have a new neighbor. But I really think there is no sense to be attacked while offline when you are playing in a PvE server.

She lost almost everything with no warning about the risks.

Think about a casual player that plays the game solo and do not enter forums, facebook, reddit, etc. The game doesn’t show any alert about the risks of a purge started by another player. So the player is dedicated to build a nice building feeling safe because he is playing in a PvE server and with his purge meter empty, he spends hours in that job, and suddenly he goes back to the game only to realize that his building was destroyed by something unknown. It is very frustrating, confusing and desmotivating.

It’s not uncommon to see players complaining about being raided in a PvE server, because they have no idea what a purge is. It was exactly what my wife said to me: “Someone raided my base and destroyed everything”. Even I became confused for a while until I realized what might have happend.

When the purge starts for you, the game notify you and give you time to realize what’s happening and you can try to defend yourself. But you enter the game and see your buildings destroyed does not make any sense for me.

I won’t talk much about this. But I believe that official servers should be the best choice in every situation. After all, they are official. But it’s just my opinion.

If we were talking about the volcano or even about the outskirts of New Asagarth I would agree with you. But Funcom did a great job creating a difficulty level based on the environment in which you find yourself. My wife, as a casual player, didn’t find it very difficult to survive at Noobie River. So I believe that there are barbaric environments in Conan, but not all environments are barbaric. And this is a very good thing in the game.

Not sure if this was sarcasm or not, but for most of the PvE players I know, there’s nothing that ratchets up their anxiety and distress more than logging in to find they have a new neighbor within render (let alone purge) distance.

Back when I was on 1502, I once logged in to find that a “new neighbor” had built a village on one side of my base and erected a 100-foundation tall tower with two smaller flanking towers covered in plants on the other – right in my front yard. (Yes, it was designed to look like a dick.) My base suffered some minor damage from the purge they generated, but my defenders defeated it pretty easily.

Take a guess how “great” it was to find that new neighbor, and how long it took before I rolled out a welcome purge…?


fully agree, especially when all they built in a week is sandstone cube (or a dick in your case :smiley:)

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That’s why I said the purge was started by another player/clan! And I’m really not sure if it was a purge, the event logs just showed me it was caused by a scorpion!

Her base was nowhere near the scorpion boss. But is there a chance that someone would have attracted the scorpion over there? And if that happened, why would he attacked the base? Still, my proposal to avoid building damage while the player is offline would have avoided the problem

The scorpion would never have gotten there unless it had been attracted.

It’s a misunderstanding. I play solo, I have 1 main base (not that big on the Noobie River that doesn’t block any resources) and 4 very small ones that are just there to offer a collective map room for all players. As I share the ps4 with my wife, we are unable to be in the same clan. So she plays solo too. And no one in the server knows we are together. She has a really small base (the one that is destroyed in the image) that would not disturb anyone. My base I posted here:

Or maybe it would be better! It’s just opposite opinions and it’s ok

Believe me, she plays!

It’s what I really want to know!

It was not sarcasm. I had a good experience with neighbors in the game. We used to help each other. Now they are gone. But I understand your point, it’s really bad when something like that you described happen.

A world boss pull by a player attacked my base a few weeks ago, killed my thralls / pets but did not do any damage to the walls. So I think, as others have said, that it was not a world boss who did this.
Good luck for her if she wants to join a private server. It can be very interesting, specially if she likes RP. I never find servers with rules that I like, I hope she will have more luck :wink:

Well i just logged last night and one of our maprooms was destroyed. Not a bug as we are in starmetal country. Hit by meteorites.

This is the nature of this game.

It will not hold your hand like many other games.

Sandstone is easy for enemies to destroy.

I recommend T3 foundations,defenses, and thrall defense even by noob river.


I saw recently a YouTube video , but i cannot remember if it was from wak or firesprk , saying that 3 head bosses were doing damage on building on pve . Plus playing solo offline, i have a croc close to my house . Every time my pets are starting a fight with the croc my fences are ruined . I really hope i cover you in this point XD

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Case solved: a clan of two is using the purge to destroy other players bases.

Yesterday I entered my wife account to rebuild her base just in time to see them destroying a near base using the purge. I tried to stop them, but my wife’s character is too weak (low level) and has only a iron sword. Her only fighter is Enika of Cimmeria. So I had no chances against crocodile boss (3 skulls). They destroyed the full base.

Luckly I had time to logout her account, login to mine and be there in time to avoid them destructing her base once again, with minor damages this time. This time I’m sure they would not left any piece behind (like they’ve done with the other base). I have registered everything. I can’t post the video here, but if anyone is curious, just ask me in private and I’ll send

So, after that I tammed 2 Cimmerian Berserkers (with my character), crafted armors and weapons for them and collected materials to give her so she can be able to turn her base into a T3 building with thralls protection. But we play in different clans and we are never online at the same time (share the same ps4), and I don’t know how to give those things to her.

I thougt maybe I could let a hidden chest somewhere, so after it decays she could get the items. But I wonder if there is a better and safer solution.

And finally, I want to know from @Ignasis or @Hugo: if a player/clan uses the purge on purpose to destroy other players bases in an official PvE server, are they somehow breaking the rules and is it worth a report? The videos I have shows clearly them attracting the boss to the base and causing the destruction, with no doubt about their intentions.

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Have you let them know you are on to them? Message them with a very direct, but politely “I know you are doing this on purpose.” Do not respond after that if they get defensive, toxic, or generally d-bag in their responses. Their response will tell you how toxic they are. May be just a couple of kids who will stop once they realize you are “hip” to their game. As for giving her stuff, is there anyone else on the server you trust? If not, i do not know how you could get her the loot. Have you tried to clan up? Their is a nice little troll trick others will do to unsuspecting players, go to her unconscious body and invite to clan (she cannot be in clan when you do this). Then log in as her and she should get the message and accept the invite. You can then promote her and you can be in same clan.

They were there trying to stop me (attracting other animals to the base). They were also talking to me in a no polite way while doing that. And made it clear they will try again. That’s why I’m in a hurry to protect the base.

Can I invite an offline player to my clan? I think I’ve already tried this and it didn’t work.

It used to work…but it has been a while.

Remember, the unconscious player can’t be in a clan. If she is in a clan, have her “leave” it. Important!!!I She has to be the only one in the clan, if so, she can ignore the warning, you won’t lose anything. It will only remove the clan ID from everything, making it blank when she is offline, and show her character name when she is online.

Find a 3rd person to login join up with you not would not need to clan give the loot login with your wife take the mats they can leave server. Can not find someone buzz me


Inviting unconscious players hasn’t worked in quite a while now.

Regardless, this doesn’t sound like someone trying to clear out a troll that’s walling someone in or blocking resources. If it was someone with a legit concern, they’d likely be open to dialog and compromise, which they’re clearly not – they’re instead engaging in “Passive PvP” as we call it.

I’d collect what info you can and DM @Ignasis or @Hugo about it to see what the official response is. You might also poll other players on the server to see what their opinion on this is and if anyone else has been victimized by them. Other reporting the same thing, and separately would only add weight to your cause.

In the meanwhile, you might want to shop around for a good private PvE server in your timezone. I’d suggest mine, but the players I game with all love purges, so that feature is very much enabled. That said, because we love purges, there’s always folks ready and willing to help out with them so you’d needn’t fear them. :slight_smile:


Yes, they are destroying bases and claming their territories. And when you are the only clan in a PvE server attacking other players’ bases in nobbie river, it’s a easy job.

I didn’t make a report because I really don’t know if it breaks the rules. So I asked them here. If I write a report, all I will get is “Hey @donbzm. Thanks for reaching out to us, we’ve sent this information to our team so they can look into it”. And I would never know anyway. I have videos showing all their actions, but maybe they were not doing anything wrong, and it’s really part of the game.

I would love to join, but I play in Ps4. Besides, as a LATAM player, I wouldn’t pass this restriction: “The only restrictions I have are by region, with North American and Western Europe allowed”

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