Purge design goes against the original design of the game

As stated above, it was the small lagoon just above noob river.

I have no idea. I have only had 1 Purge experience and it occurred directly in my base. Online forums dating back over a year complain about the same issues but don’t go into detail which type.

All waves spawned inside my base and on top of my roof as well as multiple floors.

I do, too, but I’m not sure whether Funcom does. I seem to recall that someone from Funcom posted a response, in one of the threads about it, but their reply was the standard “hey, thanks for letting us know, we’ll bring it up with the devs” and that was it.

It’s right up Funcom’s alley, meaning that it’s a band-aid, but it would work better than right now :smiley:

I think the best solution for that particular problem would be to just make all Purges have a chance of spawning humans in their waves and then just fiddle with the spawn rates and probabilities for different regions, Purge types and difficulty levels. There’s an in-game justification for that, in Razma’s Journal #8:

“A nest of scorpions” or “an avalanche of Rocknoses” doesn’t really sound like soldiers that “ride through the land, slaying and pillaging”.


The purges should be more of a mix of creatures and humans. This way they are not so tilted one way or the other. If i see it is only animals, then i let my thralls use their weapons. The minute i see they are all humans, i set them up with truncheons, and burn (poison pile) the ones i don’t want. If their was a mix, thier would chance of me killing the special thralls, and be a little more strategic. Am i more worried about capture vs losing parts of base?


Is that gif suppose to imply that because I have only experienced one purge, and that single purge spawned in my base that is in the centre of a lagoon, with no path leading to land for enemies to walk, that it is within the realms of possible and realistic? Enemies just spawning directly in a base? That there is on some level a reason the devs would put a single player in a tribe of 1 in such a frustrating situation and expect the user to come out of this experience in a positive state of mind and think “hey, that was a great experience, I can’t wait to do that again”…???

So far, 100% of purge spawn experiences I’ve had have been them spawning in my base, that had no means for the AI to access. You don’t think that that is a pretty big issue, especially when I have said many users have experienced this game breaking bug for over a year and it’s still not addressed thus eliminating the very building mechanic that made Conan great, with the ability to build your base in hard to access areas allowing the user to express their creativity and design against PvP raids?

I believe your gif is out of place.

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Come on even you have to admit the Purge mechanic are broken, my friend had a dragon spawn in his bedroom. Oh yes btw they had tons of ways for the purge to get to the base, it just is so broken that it does not follow any mechanics at all.

It follows no logic at all other then you live where there are spiders you get spiders not humans you live where all there is is wolves you get wolves. It does not matter how you build your base they can and will spawn inside. Does not matter if it is a dragon on your bed or a bunch of archers spawn in the middle of your roof 6 stories up where no way in hell they can get but they spawn there like magic. It is broken has been broken and many have commented on how broken it is but still some feel like it is ok to make fun of those who speak up about it being broken. Just admit it is broken and that Funcom does not want or feel like fixing it or maybe they do not care. It has been broken for ages and never even an attempt at a fix for it.

I do not know the reason they do not fix it nor do I have a clue what is wrong with it but it is broken and trying to get people to provide a ton of proof that is broken is out of line, WE ALL know it is broken and not admitting that is just a lie, its broken and a picture will not fix it ( sure we all have time while trying to NOT die to take pictures lol ) as its not a bug for just some people its broken period not just on official servers but on private as well.

I also think your gif is out of place and rude to be honest.

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maybe the gif is out of place but the message is valid. 1 purge and the result is a wall of text that this system is broken? what? I’m also speechless…

the system is sometimes a bit strange but purges inside a not reachable base is a design decision of the devs. is it a good decision? maybe not but it is a least not a bug. is the pathfinding of the purges bugged? maybe but without more details (what are the purge spawn points? how is the pathfinding working? …) it’s not easy to asnwer.


This belongs in Bugs, not Suggestions.

It no longer becomes a bug after its been in game and reported over and over and over forever. So maybe his suggestion should have been they fix their bugs. Either way its broken and reporting it for the 1000s time will not create a fix, maybe if it is talked about more or shown that is game breaking to have your base destroyed by whole gangs spawning inside your base, why put a door on even. Come on bugs get fixed after awhile, so I suggest this is one that needs fixed. Being rude does not make those that are frustrated by bugs that last months does not make us less frustrated it just makes it so people do not report or talk about bugs as they are afraid to get made fun of or talked down to or to spend their time they sooner be playing to report the bug that has been reported over and over and still not fixed , better ways to get your point across I assure you. You know I commented on this as I felt that its important that bugs get fixed and when they do not get fixed maybe a suggestion for it will get the attention of someone who cares if they get fixed but I see why many do not comment , it makes you not care when every thing you say is picked apart and treated badly. You made your point that its report the buy and then just forget it as suggesting something gets fixed is wrong. Sorry wont make this mistake again. You got your way I do not care either.

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Currently, the purge seems to be designed for official servers, with some customization available for private servers and single-player, and the purge seems to target a player/clan structure. However, there seems to be no way to keep the purge localized to active players on the map. In single-player or on private PVE servers, it is common to have multiple bases all over the map. One of the reasons that the purge gets disabled is because it is impossible to defend multiple bases all over the map.

SUGGESTION: Could you please have the purge originate from an NPC base (dungeon, camp, etc.) and target the nearest players/clans only when a player/clan is near their base? The player/clan will still head for their base when the purge starts or be forced to fight at a disadvantage, because defending is easier than attacking in an open area.That would add some exceptional realism and difficulty to the game. Defending player-owned bases near NPC camps would require much more effort.

Also, it is my opinion that cliff-dwellers should not be affected by the purge. If it takes climbing to get to your base, you are already at a disadvantage.

Disadvantage, how? You could always build an elevator to your base, and then pick it up when you’re inside and about to log off.

If cliffside bases or tree houses were immune to purges, and highly resistant to PvP action, everyone would build lollipops - and as far as I’ve hear, it’s something that’s bothering quite a large number of people in PvP.

Invulnerability to threats kinda goes against the point of a survival game. Yes, you can build (almost) everywhere, but you need to accept that some of those places are dangerous in a different manner than others, and none of them are not dangerous.

I don’t play PvP, so I wouldn’t know. However, that’s not what I am hearing in this thread (see above). My interest is in supporting a purge that is focused on creating danger rather than causing damage to buildings that cannot be defended.

I don’t play on PVP, either, but it seems to be a big problem. Apparently, it’s big enough to be the reason for the upcoming trebuchet changes, if I understood the dev stream correctly.

As I’ve stated before, I think the main problem with the Purge, the root of all its problems, is that there’s no clear definition of its purpose. It’s certainly not clear to us players, and the way Funcom’s been treating it, I’m not sure they’re clear on it either.

Up until that purpose is clarified, it’s very much debatable whether we should be building indefensible bases and expect them to be spared by the Purge.

My personal opinion tends to be that the Purge should be there to provide a threat to our bases, even on PVE and PVE-C. It seems to fit well within the theme of savagery in Exiled Lands. It also fits nicely with the in-game lore (e.g. Razma’s Journal #8, conversations with certain NPCs, etc.)

I very much dislike the idea of nerfing the Purge. There’s actually plenty of time to prepare – you get a 10 minute warning before the Purge commences. Even without the mounts, that’s enough to get to your base, drink a respec potion and change armor.


I am in no way suggesting that they nerf the Purge. I would like to see it augmented to pose a real threat. However, you are obviously a better navigator than I am. I can’t get across the map in 10 mins, especially when I am in the middle of something (dungeon crawl, etc.). And invariably the purge starts wherever I am not. I also want to be challenged when I am away from my base, which is why I would prefer to have an option in the settings for player-targeted purges (for single-player especially). Why do none of these NPCs ever leave their camp? It would be to see a purge group form in a nearby camp or dungeon and have the challenge of defense in the wild.

I guess it’s a difference in point of view: I consider it a nerf to limit the Purge’s targeting algorithm, especially if it allows to completely exclude certain bases.

To be fair, I haven’t tested the most extreme cases, e.g. running from The Temple of Frost to the Island of Unsightly Sirens without using map rooms. But that’s an extreme that should only happen once and then I learn from it and build a map room outpost :wink:

As for being in the middle of something, I understand the frustration, but I value my base more than other stuff in the game. If I get a Purge, I’ll drop what I’m doing and run like hell. As an added bonus, if I was in the middle of a dungeon crawl, I’m already specced out for combat, so I don’t have to respec.

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My proposal to this is

  1. Make thralls able to climb without stamina costs (and potentially immunity to damage while climbing). I mean is this really that hard to do? It would fix a lot of other problems in the game as well like general pathing of thralls as they would have more ways to reach you.

  2. With the reworked trebuchet, make every purge spawn with a few thralls that operate this weapon, to force you out/down from your base.

  3. Announce the purge on everyones screen, make it a big event, so people can either help defend it or push with the purge in an offence.

I’ll assume you mean NPCs, not thralls. The answer to “is this really that hard to do” is quite often “you would be surprised” :wink:

Personally, I really dislike this idea. There’s a reason why fortifications have walls and why attackers historically needed siege engines and ladders to assault those walls. While I acknowledge that climbing is a useful mechanic to give players, it’s highly unrealistic and having NPCs being able to climb would both break the immersion and ruin PVE balance.

If I could have things my way – and it’s probably a good thing I can’t – I would restrict player climbing so that it’s only possible with the climbing gear. But that’s just my personal prefernce.

I already suggested this once. It was wildly unpopular :smiley:

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Yes. In the description of the “required online players” setting, the language is very confusing. If you set it to a non-zero value, it requires that many players from the clan to be online. If you set it to zero, it will allow offline Purge of a clan, but it won’t do a Purge if the server has no online players at all.

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Very much, yes.

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