Purge spawning on and inside foundations after Followers 2 patch

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My base is at E10 near the bottom middle of that square.
Vanir Purge.
Some parts of a wave spawned directly on my foundations and in my foundations.
A named purge cook spawned inside my house (all doors closed) on top of my derketo bed.
Purge can walk to my base, my base is not inaccessible / walled off.
I’ve had many purges since Dec 2019 in that location several from Vanir, this is the first time I’ve experienced the above issues.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Trigger purge (not sure if needs to be Vanir Purge) at E10
  2. See if any parts of the wave spawn in foundations or inside buildings that are not inaccessible and can be walked to.

I can confirm that the purge opponents keep either spawning inside structure (both, inside player built structure and world structures like boulders and large rocks).
Our base is at B12 on a public non-modded PvP server.

I have witnessed on 2 seperate occasions a purge opponent teleport out of a fight (which I had just enganged with them) into a structure.

We can hear them inside the mountain, but are unable to reach them.

After one of the purge monsters/thralls teleports/spawns into the mountain/structure it is game over for the purge … nothing for us to do but run the clock and wait until the raid hase run of time.

Which is bad, because we really want named purge thralls - especially on a hostile PvP server!

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Same. A purge spawns outside the base, walks over to the walls, takes a hit or 2 and they vanish. Then they just appear right in the middle of the nearest house and wreck it from the inside.

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I’ve definitely had this happen a few times since the patch in my single player game (My purge threshold is set really low to compensate for being solo) Both an imp and exiles purge gave up trying to path normally and warped into my base while I was actively fighting them. (noob river, shattered bridge island) A second imp purge had some imps de-spawn mid combat at their spawn in point, and then fresh imps spawned in right behind me.


The same thing is happening to me with imp purges. They vanish out of combat and teleport inside a big rock that my base is attached to. I am on PS4, so this must be happening on all 3 platforms.


Purge shenanigans update (solo mode):

Started a new base up behind Sepermeru on the west end of Iron Breaker ridge. Up popped a ‘Plauge of Locusts’ purge. (Exciting, I havn’t had that one before) So it counted down, the horn went off and nothing. Couldn’t find them anywhere. So I switched on admin and ghost mode to see if I could figure out where they were stuck THIS time. After 5 minutes I found them on top of a cliff across the way from my base.

Visual refrence: 4 reapers where stuck on top of the cliff to the left of my axe head. Target is a foundation on the staircase to my right. There are several perfectly pathable gates and walls around my courtyard wall.

So I flew over to them to see what would happen and as soon as I got close they vanished as I expected they would. Only I could not find them again. I was expecting (and prepared for) a general melee in my base. The only clue I had was the guard you can see in the foreground by the stairs entered aggro mode, but stayed on the spot (set to attack all - 30m)

Long story short I found the reapers INSIDE the staircase, just chilling. Enjoy your nightmares:



Several players on official PvE server 1017 are having the same problems with the purge;

  • Purge spawning in foundations.
  • Purge spawning at normal spawn point, walking a little then teleporting inside player structures and / or foundations.

Players tried to use gas to kill purge in foundations and ended up killing a purge blacksmith, on death the dead bodies fly out of the foundations. Others destroyed parts of their base trying to find the purge in foundations.

EDIT: The bases can be walked / pathed to and prior to the Followers patch 2 the players experiencing the above purge issues never had those problems before.

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It seems the purge follows the aggro. As soon as my toon hit a purge mob, the mob teleported past my doors and into the middle of the base. The mob destroyed the staircase before it gave up. I let the timer run out due to this.

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This is not a new bug purges have been spawning inside of peoples bases for months r , has been reported many times. You can do a search for purges inside and will give you a bunch of reports, now with the new AI system that seems to be even more issues with purges.


It was indeed also reported as a bug on the testlive servers, but got no response there.

It was a rare occurrence before the patch, but now it is every time.

NPC’s spawn, you run to them and by the time you get there they teleport on the roof of your base or inside.
Very annoying.

Happenend to me , too.
First i got silent legion purge, and while i was running towards them, they passed me and “ran back” to the point they wanted to destroy.
Second one was nordheimers purge, and they spawned INSIDE my wheel of pain.
Could not reach them.
@funcom you really broken the purges with this stupid followers 2 Update. So many changes and they all are useless