Raid finder has destroyed this game


Maybe lower the standards on newcomers entering the new content instead of acting like pve elitist a-holes (not accusing anyone here of that) . Plenty of folks like that coughtmancough

I never actually got any gear drops in rf only tokens and even then the number wasn’t that much. So I don’t understand your gripe here.


it’s the same thing, an item or the relic to buy an items, we always talk about the same thing, they do not drop specific relic RF for RF gear, they drop relic IV, but relic IV are already in T4 this make a conflict

I wrote this just a couple of posts above, add shards to real raids and PvP so each person chooses where and what to play to get the ring :wink:

I never farmed Bori in my life if not when there were realy PvP to do with enemy around, because i like open-pvp; i was on Rage server a lot of years ago and i am excited for Saga of Blood coming!!!


Could you explain this “conflict” in more detail? I’m confused as to how this creates a problem for you to do regular tier 4 raids because rf drops tokens? and i know you will say “because players don’t learn the raids” Well it’s your job to teach them the strat isn’t it? A good raid leader asks beforehand if anyone doesn’t know what to do right?

Well ok then.


The standard for T5/6 raiding is T4 gear and competency with your toon. Unfortunately raid finder will give you toon with T4 gear but the player is lacking in skill and understanding, the things they should have picked up over time while actually doing the lower tier raids and getting proper training.


Sounds exactly like the bori pvp problem aye. Ah well what can ya do ? Just don’t take them with you into those raids? Or teach them the strats. :sunglasses:


Foremost those rings need to be made inferior in pvp. I understand not every pvper will agree on this, cuz of the time spent farming them. But for the greater good, for greater balance it needs to be done. I’m willing to sacrifice my work done towards the rings.
Then can be decided fate of rf with accordance what’s best for pve community, which i think was already mentioned many times. If it was up to me, i would just delete it and added shards to all dungeons and raids with ratio of difficulty. But i can hear it’s too hardcore move, so just adding shards to other places would be mild move enough.

P.S. also 7% p2w crit potions need to be removed, u can’t add in shop bigger power than what u can achieve in game via playing. But that requires another cry-topic.


I see, when new players arrive asking for directions on how to grow and what to do with their character the answer is: “run at level 80 and enter RF”
People are not motivated to go to T4, they have their Koreans butts stuck in the RF and it has become difficult, for those who really want to play, to draw people to do anything that is not chaos or RF


I think discuss with Spreadicus will never end because thia guy living in his another world in Empire of Stygia the ‘best’ guild on the server.


Only one set of rings even works in pvp the rest have negative stats. They aren’t hard to get. So why remove them at this point? you’re right about us not agreeing on this. I kinda like my precious rings

so your issue is you can’t fill raids. got it

When did I say that? lol… oh and you’re right I could go all day. #BoredAtWork


Now I understand that I am then wasting my words in the wind, I hope he brings my tributes to Prince Ptahh!


yes we are talking about this, is hard when not impossible fill everything is not RF or Chaos!!!
On Saga was fun can run a lot of different content!


Only if you can’t make a valid point to support your argument. Simply not being able to fill your raids due to a shortage of capable players isn’t a good enough reason to remove rf in my view.

Sorry to hear that. Well one guy said earlier he doesn’t even raid tier 4, so maybe raid tier 5 and 6 instead. no rf for that yet right?

i never see pug advertisements for tier 5 and 6. I might even be inclined ot tag along if i did. even if for only a few wipes.


And that set is all u need, but even those fully gemmed rings with negative stats are miles better than pvp rings. And u say its not hard to get, do you realize u need to do 20 times rf quest in order to get 1 ring? That’s almost 5 months for 1 ring, no gems. It needs to go away, because pvp shouldn’t be that radically about gear.


Maybe you joking me now. I dont play for gear to long time mate. I am full T6 with T5 rune (for PvE) and specific PvP gear for PvP, I have all gear i need i play for fun and yes, is hard find people for fill content cause WB/RF.
Last time i joined in one Vile, times ago, leader spammed for 1 hour and then disbanded, i was there just for fun, joined for fun cuz they was looking for rogue (and tank and healer) for long time.
Dont pretend you dont know that people is 24/24 7/7 in RF and not do nothing more then that!!!


didn’t take me that long to get two rings. when did the last saga end? june? I had two full rings since early august.

I’m not really. I never see anyone advertising for tier 5 and 6 in global. Do you?

since you’re all decked out maybe you should try your hand at pvp instead. It’s worlds more fun :wink:


2700 shards in 2,5 month? :joy:


ok so you are really trolling me now.
No i dont advertising for T5 and 6 in global too, i dont see advertising almost NOTHING in global from when RF up, i would love see that content without relic IV how much is appreciated and popular!

I told you i already play PvP too, in proper PvP gear, ofc, not in T6 with PvP penality!

you left an RF at least to piss from time to time???


And another 4,200 for all gems.


I don’t have a full set of gems yet only the rings and two chaos gems. I’ll have to check the dates but I made my toon midway through the saga event and got my 2nd ring around early august.


this if for you 2 rings are enough, this class that need dps and prot or who like me love pve AND pvp and is forced to get three if not four rings