Raid finder has destroyed this game


I only got 2 fully gemmed out rings on my necro: total of 6,900 shards (2x1350 for rings, 4x1050 for gems).

Worst case scenario of 75 shards a week (assuming you get 50% sub bonus), that’s 92 weeks!

Obviously this will vary if you are not subbed and only get 50 per week, plus you occasionally get lucky and get double shards, plus can get shards from logins, but you are still looking at almost 2 years of raid finder.

This is why I only did it for 1 toon, the others I just got 2 rings, most of which I never bothered getting the shards to gem them.


Remember that on saga shards was also boosted tremendously, u got lucky getting on bandwagon. New player/char wanting to pvp will have to be at odds for lots of time when u get 75 shard per rf quest.


Wasn’t even aware of that but that could be why.

So I made my shaman in March 8th. Leveled up fairly quickly probably started doing raid finder by end March so around 5 months give or take with sub bonus for two blank rings.

Come to think of it that’s a long time…


Saga had 200% bonus relics or something like so. I got T5 rune with only one raid + urn


My opinion of why I don’t care for raid finder is that it mostly killed T1-T4 raiding, both pug and organized.

This was evident clearly on Saga server where there were tons of groups/raids going all the time, then once raid finder was released, that declined dramatically.

As has been requested since RF first came out, tone down the rewards (shards, relics, etc) from rf and also have other avenues to get shards in other content, whether it be 6 mans, other raids, solo content, pvp, sieges, whatever, just don’t pigeonhole the entire playerbase into doing raid finder to get those rings.


It’s hilarious to me that RF rings are so acceptable and great to exist in PvP now, while PvP rings are absolute garbage.

Rewind to years back when everyone was complaining about T4 gear in minis and how the PvP 10 weapons were as bad a T2 raid weapons (before they revamped PvP gear).

And if you think one is ok and the other isn’t, you’re an idiot.


Even if you keep the t3 and t4 relics in RF, remove the ability to buy dragon tears and rare relics with shards. Or make them as expensive as rings. In addition to the suggestions that shards can be acquired elsewhere of course.


well people have their twists on it, and at the end of the day I think everyone agrees that something has to change, whatever it might be. remove the rings from PvP, nerf the rings in PvP, or make them more accessible through PvP.

it’s turning into two different discussions though, about wether to remove RF to alleviate its effect on the arguably better game around it.
and the discussion about the rings place in PvP.

so let’s not confuse the two.


in between 2hb t3 craft and t5 runes very common in pvp, if you dont raid or actively pve you are at a disadvantage even full t3 pvp, when you combine both worlds you are on a whole different category. Add to that full pve (t5-6) geared glass canon chars with 3rd party tools and rf rings, then guess why the remaining population mostly is on crom lol.


after all those who decide to devote themselves to one aspect makes a precise and limited choice but remains a personal choice. The game is PvE + PvP. On Fury if the players do not want to raid is their choice, the raids are well opened to them and not prohibited by any law


But we don’t want to raid that’s the thing. And you can buy the t3 crafted epics on the trader.


The bugged T3 2hb craft is on Funcom, they’ve had years to fix.


If RF vanished today, I doubt people would start pugs again anymore then now. There’s nothing now that says because of RF guilds or pugs can’t run, give it a try. RF works for many that don’t have time to wait an hour plus for a raid to form, and another hour or more doing the raid while people drop or wipe


Saga Server has amply demonstrated the opposite!!!


So your opinion is either accept to organize and devote your time in boring (not hard) pve raids inside pve instances on a open world pvp server instead of having fun if you dont want to be at a disadvantage in pvp. I dont throw you stone as your logic is sound and biased toward your pve server however pvp is totally optional without any disadvantage for players who choose the limited choice to play only pve.

For us it’s like being forced to play a fps against bots in closed instances for hours on end to be granted a rocket launcher in the real multiplayer against players.

On the other hand, open world pve in a pvp environment isn’t that bad on a pvp server as long as it’s staying balanced and optional like low levels, onyx, hoc, kithai etc…


I only said that those who only PvP is his choice, you find it boring but to many others like it and in fact on fury raid and instances are not closed nor banned, if people enjoy them can do them if they find it boring is their choice.
There is nothing twisted in my logic you find fun the pvp only (and this is you), I find the pve and the pvp fun, I like both (and there isnt nothing of bad in this)!!!

I agree with you instead about the fact that it is not right that those who love PvE can very well never see the PvP and do not need it while those who love PvP needs gear that comes from PvE and this does not it’s fair!

But I also have a vague memory of when this was not totally true, at the beginning, when the daily challenges were introduced, they were 20 kills, 5 fatality, 3 quests, 1 purst and 1 mini.
Now it has been transformed into 1 mini OR 1 RF cause PvP QQ, I remember the PvP global in which the PvEr were called all time retarded and crippled and were insulted for having dared to set foot in mini to do their daily, so maybe is better so :wink:


I really think they should add “RF” version for pvp too, a new mini game maps where only objective is to run around map for 10 minutes and get double the rewards compared to regular mini games.
… oh wait pvp event exists and can just alt farm your way to pvp 10 in a week :joy:


I already understood you mate, you are fine with this balance and crom is perfect for you. Would you still play if there was only pve? I have no doubt about your answer. I just want to enjoy my pvp like you can enjoy your pve, without bias. I hope it was more clear.


Actually I would rather have everyone pvp 10 in a week once you reach lvl 80 on the pvp server and having end game pvp competing on leaderboards in different gametypes, maps, premade, open world, seasons and archetypes including a strong focus on a clean gaming environment than pvp with or without rf rings, with or without t5 rune, with or without craft and so on in a 3rd party fest just because you can stand dedicating your time into pve raiding on a pve server and find it fun.


Absolutly clear, mine was not prejudice, offense or discrimination you misunderstood me mine was just an obviousness. And probably not, I would not be able to play totally without PvP, currently it’s the only thing that keeps me in the game, having seen all the PvE content that exists in game!