Raiding duppers this evening ... we need a wipe

What do you think when you see a large chest filled with shapped wood (stack per 1 000)?

45 slots x 1 000 stack = 45 000 shapped wood = 225 000 wood = 12 500 hits on trees = arorund 2 500 trees … Who need to farm this? Can build 11 000 T3 foundations!

The same for insulated wood (per 1 000), hard bricks (per 1 000), steel (per 500), … others chests full of armors, weapons, thralls …

-> This is why we need a wipe to clean all old dupped loots.

All is trashed, server is clean :slight_smile:


How do you know they are duped? Those amounts are not that hard to get if you just sit there and grind.

Youd scream so much at me if you seen my stockpile…


Well it should be easy to guess if their base is just a shack or something.

That’s approximately 6 (non-contiguous) hours of farming wood at the Oasis of Nekhet. Granted, I’m pretty rusty, so my figures might be slightly off, but it looks entirely doable by normal means.

I don’t usually stockpile that much beforehand, but that’s because:

  1. I farm for myself, as opposed to having a communal chest for the whole clan.
  2. I usually farm mats like that when I’m getting ready to build something, so I tend to farm and stockpile only for the current build.

My most ambitious build so far requires 106409 hardened bricks, 27871 shaped wood and 25504 steel reinforcements. I generally prefer to farm it up beforehand and then build it in one fell swoop, to make people go “that wasn’t here yesterday, where the hell did it come from”.

All in all, let’s not accuse people of duping merely based on quantities, because there are some really dedicated farmers out there :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, I play PVE-C, where you can stockpile that much without being worried about getting raided to the ground. I don’t know if it’s equally doable on a PVP server. :man_shrugging:


I do exactly like you , I only stockpile when I planning on building something , or Reshape old bases for a bit of improvements or change completely the building .

Like you I rather build in one go than alternate between farming and building , because it’s easier for me to plan a bit ahead , farm for what i have planned ( approximately , i always end up with a bit of over farmed mats ) then build in one go for less errors ( for the OCD people that may visit my base ) on placement and the potential of making errors , and having still enough to finish the build after all the small adjustments ( planning is good , but there is always some variations that will come interfere with plans :wink: )

but I’m also playing on Pve-C official , and not on PvP …


Game is full of hacks and hackers. That chest was probably filled last week. The very stable Official PvP server I played on for 17 months rebooted 21 times over two hours this morning (Sunday PvP hours) while some hackers were doing a raid from what I was hearing from other players on the server.

This is similar to what was happening to my characters on the Siptah servers last month and earlier. Hackers with weird names and ever-changing clan names descend on the server, server starts rebooting like mad during PvP hours, and somehow this clan of 4 or 5 players have immense T-3 bases all over the map all built within a week. I deleted all Siptah PvP characters. Not possible to keep up with cheaters. So much for BattleEye I guess. Anyway, that is likely why you find a chest filled with hundreds of 1000 stacks of shaped wood, it’s from this month not years ago.

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If they wipe it the dupers will be the only ones with big bases.

No, some players will disguise build a noob T1 shack as some might not think it is worth raiding. Also, can be a stash from a raid. Definitely not a confirmation of ‘duping’. Too many variables.

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A chest filled with 1000x stacks of shaped wood? No one does that the normal way. No reason too. There would be other construction materials in there with it because that is what a player would need. Look you have some chests, you go out and get wood, then you get stone and steel. You don’t go out and chop down 10,000 trees. LoL.

Well my dear friend this is how you like to play this game, because it is a game after all isn’t it? Others like to farm, others like to bomb, others like to fight, others like to steal. And some likes all of them. No one should judge others how they like to play and you cannot put normal limits, especially when you do not know how far the edges may reach :wink:. The amounts Seline just told are childish for me, not even for discussion and if you may I expect no judgment for how I like to spend my free time, this is what I like to do OK! I love to farm, that’s all :wink:.


Lots of people do that. Its called organization.


Maybe you don’t, but I do.

Speak for yourself. Here’s what just one floor of my storage tower looks like:

You’ll see that I have everything organized and separated into columns of chests. Since this is my base in Exiled Lands, I’m not as well stocked as I usually prefer to be, so the contents of my shaped wood chest look like this:

However, I also have raw wood. The chests where I store it look like this:

That means that my wood stockpile currently has 53248 wood in it. That comes out to 10649 shaped wood. Together with 2685 shaped wood I already have, that would come out to a total of 13334 shaped wood. That’s 13 full stacks and 1 partial stack, about 30% of a large chest in terms of space.

And again, that’s pretty normal for me. I have a freaking Excel spreadsheet that details the building pieces and their costs for the latest version of my Citadel build, so don’t tell me what “normal people” do or don’t do, because not everyone playing Conan Exiles matches your definition of “normal” :crazy_face:


Yep. Exactly. Biggest modded server request (demand) from players - 'please increase the stack-size - chests are too small. Players store up raw materials so that they can craft a ton and build according. Some players that dive 100% into PvP and start raiding from level 0 will likely have a slightly more panicked way of playing of course as it is hard to set up a hoard if some ungrateful hordes keep trying to steal it all. Otherwise, I’ve seen the majority with chests filled to max with one of each of the raw materials - as per your screenshots.

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Where is your chest filled with 1000x stacks of shaped wood? You don’t have one or there would be a screenie for sure, but yet you have a tower filled with building mats. No when you see a chest with 50,000 shaped wood it’s a duping hack. I’ve been around too long in PvP Exiles. No one does this. PvP is never pretty. You are always getting what you need, when you need it because you are using it as you go with a little in reserve and a more set aside for repairs. Raw materials like Black Ice and wood might fill a chest, but that is just harvesting.

Look, I just got run off my fourth server by hackers running the all 50 plus attribute exploit. This is since October and all 4 had the 50 plus attributes and all were duping like mad. So this patch today is a day late for me. You ever been hit by someone with all attributes at 50+? You are almost always one-shotted or same as.

But I am done with Exiles PvP. Thralls just stand there and do nothing. It’s all offline raiding anyway, no one ever does a PvP raid. Well once in 2 years. Every month there seems to be a new hack. In fact my first server was filled with really great players. Then a clan showed up claiming a holy mission to purify the server and to do this they used the god avatar duping hack. How pure is that?

I think the saying goes, ‘fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.’ Well all PvP characters are gone now and I will never come back to Exiles PvP. It’s just a pipe dream. 900 second thrall hibernation timers, say what?

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Easy to make it with dark blood ax and oil my young 2 hours of farm, if you can’t excuse me but it doesn’t need a duppe. just know where to get it mainly that now guys need resin to do everything

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Yeah sure… do it on PvP server…
As he pointed out it’s stupid and no one does that if they farm legit way, it’s risky, it’s stupid and it could be used to make base more safe. I agree You can do it on PvC / PvE. BUT NOT PVP.

Yes, an no one need 10 x T4 taskmasters … the chests was full of every possible ressource. Legendaries weapons, armors, thralls, etc …

I don’t have one. I’ve already explained why and how. I’ve also explained I play PVE-C and not PVP. I’m not gonna do anyone’s reading for them or repeat myself hundreds of times for those who don’t want to read.

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That’s why i think your first post was useless as it does not bring anything to table, just make confusion.

Sorry, but thats a complete lie. Its not hard to farm up that much wood. or any other material.

If I had taken screenshots of what I had in my base before I let it all go, you would scream at me for days. Just off the top of my head, I had about 75K steel reinforcements, 130k steel bars, 60k shaped wood, 150k hard brick, I think like 9 chests of obsidian bars, 8 or 9 full of star metal, 70-80k hard steel, about 7k explosives, over 1000 named thralls including 120 arch priests etc.

When you play on a server for a few years with a group of people…its not hard to accumulate things. PS, this was on a pvp server.