Raiding duppers this evening ... we need a wipe

Sorry, but thats a complete lie. Its not hard to farm up that much wood. or any other material.

If I had taken screenshots of what I had in my base before I let it all go, you would scream at me for days. Just off the top of my head, I had about 75K steel reinforcements, 130k steel bars, 60k shaped wood, 150k hard brick, I think like 9 chests of obsidian bars, 8 or 9 full of star metal, 70-80k hard steel, about 7k explosives, over 1000 named thralls including 120 arch priests etc.

When you play on a server for a few years with a group of people…its not hard to accumulate things. PS, this was on a pvp server.


Lol, thats what u get when u play a long time n keep decaying others stuff, raid or farm. As we played official, had like 4-5 fat clan member bases and in my base alone was around 10 boxes with diff named thralls, 30 boxes full with ressources like shaped wood, brick, iron, steel etc… each like 4-5k dragon powder… one day i just used some of my stuff to build a path around half vulcano outside to block someone in lol. it was of course a lot more easy to get it as the rates was still 2x. So no, Doesnt have to be duped XD


The thing is, what did you do whith the loot , did you throw it , or did you store it ?

cause if you stored it , and someone else was raiding you the next day , would he be right to consider you a duper ?

I am not trying to defend anyone , or saying that there were no cheesing involved here . I’m just curious cause as a pve-C player this is common to have after looting a decayed base of a large clan , or if you have already looted several of them throughout your gameplay … and I personnaly use all those T4 for trading with people in need ( the ones that have had bad rng luck ) for bricks to reshape my base or outposts .


On PvP everything looks different, only idiot hoards THAT MUCH as he may lose it in seconds by raid when he can use it to have more protection. Yes people hoard something even on PvP server but not that much, unless they dupe.

I love when people who play on PvC or PvE keep talking like they know something about dupers / exploiters when they never experience it.

Hey dude , I’m just asking a question here , I’m asking to understand better , I have read many posts of pvp players , never criticised fair complaints posts , and some posts have enlighten me more than others like yours that just don’t get my curiosity and take it for a from of undermining …


Ahh sorry my bad then.

In the past I played a lot in pvp servers and my role was to gain fast all the obelisk, to farm non stop, to organize the working stations, to farm non stop, to stay back and alert when my clan was raiding and to farm non stop. Please lower your tones and stop using the word stupid in everything you don’t do or don’t understand. It is not nice, please. People here play the game the way they want to, because this is the way they want to spend their free time and nobody should judge them. I don’t know if hackers are able to have all the loot they want, if this is true we both agree that this is another catastrophe of the game. For you it is catastrophic because you don’t possess my farming skills and for me because the only thing that makes me valuable in every team I ever play was these skills, because farming is a skill my friend like it or not. The only reason that will drive me to play pvp is a group of people I really like to play with, no other. I don’t enjoy bombing, I don’t enjoy stealing but I don’t judge the players who like them, because this is what makes them happy and it is way respected. Imagine that if by accident I had to pvp, I never touch the loot of the defeated, only if he makes me really ungry I was skiing his body, nothing else. I hate backstabbing, it is making me really ungry. I can assure you that if someone do not use a God to destroy my base I can hide 25 chests under every players nose, even my teammates didn’t knew where I was hiding them and I won’t tell you either. For sure I was not using undermesh, I am ps4 player and as I told you in the beginning only a God could destroy them, I knew exactly how to place baits so the raiders could steal what I wanted them to steal and leave happy from my base, for me whatever it was a new reason to start farming, it was a boost not a disappointment, because it gave me reasons to make my teammates happy again :wink:. This feeling my friend is one of the best that this game can give you, that’s why I love farming :+1:.


I often live in a shack and still have chests full of stuff, even legendary items. I just hide them well enough until I am ready to go built a big t3 base. When I am at Nightshift at work I often farm or build if I don´t have to check on people or do other important work related stuff. Ofc I can´t play at work like I do on my free time. But if I run my farmspots just a couple of times during the night then my slaves have enough to do for the rest of the night.


Soul mate :joy::joy::joy:. For very long time I just couldn’t log out if all my workers didn’t have something to do. The greatest reason I rush my self to go lvl 60 is the full encumbrance perk, I trust no follower or pet to carry my loot. Multiple times in the past I lost because my followers died and I couldn’t find their bodies. For example, 2 days ago in a fresh start server Arena champion one shot me and I was carrying a lot. As I told you at the beginning I am new at this server. So I had to spawn in my bed take a new thrall, repeat the statue obtain to get the key and enter from the narrow passage to go again to the arena champion. This might took me 30 min, if my thrall was dead it would have been decayed by then. About the think how do I start to build is like codemage said. I get everything ready I pick my spot , start putting sandstone foundations to decide the form my home will have and then I replace with tier 3 foundations. Ofcurce on pvp I never build bases, we had a builder and from his mic the foundation placing sound was constant :joy::joy::joy:. The only time I didn’t follow this way of build, I pay it expensive. In this new server I just told you I built a sandstone house and I went farming for tier 3. It was day 6 on the server and my 2 klin furnaces were full preparing bricks an steel. A cimmerian berserker purge start and I had the idea to give to my thrall the love tap :joy::joy::joy::joy:. They left nothing, the best purge ever, it was awesome, they were braking the foundations with a single swing, omg awesome. This is the game, if you’re not happy by loosing you miss many points of the game :blush:.


On a PVP server you should never farm more than what you will need, the less loot you have the less you lose if you do get raided.

If you stockpile like that on a PvP server you are basically just farming for someone else.

Well, this is an opinion, yours and respected too. Nice way of thinking, still it is your opinion, your game play and some others too may play this way. Do not forget however that you speak to veterans, that might have another opinion how to play and their opinions are equally respected. The true lovers of the game are the ones that do not afraid to loose and farm back, the passangers of the game, blame all the others for their loss and they quit. My pvp clan had only one more lover of the game, the others was just passangers, still I played with them and for them because we had a lot of fun. And that is the greatest essence of the game, to have fun. I really hope in your gaming days to have fun too, I really do m8.

Definitely not thinking what you are thinking…

Your numbers for “hits on trees” needed and the “number of trees” needed are off big time and grossly exaggerated.

Go recalculate with real numbers using something like a Black blood Hatchet modded with an Advanced Tool Upgrade kit. You will get much smaller numbers.

BTW I just farmed enough wood to make 2,200 shaped wood for a build I am doing. It took me 8 minutes… Using the above tool and upgrade kit… 8 minutes…

So how long to farm 45,000 shaped wood?

(45,000 shaped wood) x (8 minutes / 2,200 shaped wood) = 163.6 minutes = 2.7 hours

Easily farmable by even small clans over time. It is definitely NOT EVIDENCE OF DUPING as you are ridiculously suggesting.

No not at all.

This is why Funcom needs to NOT LISTEN to a LARGE segment of the community on this forum.

Not only are you making baseless accusations against a clan, you are now trying to peddle nonsense to argue for your agenda of server wipes. Which will harm the community of players that have always played legit.

Which BTW your agenda has been ongoing for months now, it needs to be pointed out, and the baseless accusations you are making totally discredited.

Here is a reminder of the agenda:

Unless you have a proper base and mates that can handle a raid because they like a challenge and are experienced. I have both and I can proudly say 4 years in Conan Exiles teach you a lot. But I also have to say, we stopped playing officials. We play privat, with active admins and some ground rules, so wie don´t have to deal with too much cheaters and undermesh. And I also often times play just with my better half and 2 good friends. We fought each other for 2 years then one day teamed up. It helps a lot gaining a better game experience if you play with people you like and know for years.

Some people pretty much play PVE on PVP servers… and have crazy amounts of mats and just sit in their base and repair if they’re being raided.

I’ve seen plenty of people having stupid amounts of stuff we thought no one needed… And sometimes had even more, because we raided them and took that stuff

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You can farm ton of mats with right tools and items.
Only when I see a full vault of same armor pieces/weapons with same mods and same durability loss on them I can safely say it was dupped.

Let’s be real tho, ok we wipe now.Every server is clean and bunch of players start from scratch. It will take less than a day to build undermesh base and abuse every in game system possible to get back what you had before wipe.
You can fix this things with simple wipe. Funcom should fix all this holes in their code first and then wipe, but we all know it will never happen.
Honestly, feels like we have something like B or C team working on CE right now while main team works on next project.

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Lol before they broke the Xbox i had like 20x that much guess I’m a dopper lmao that’s nothing a group of 3 to 4 people can farm that in know time

This is exactly what @CodeMage said at the beginning, with a little different words :wink:. I know however that these amounts of materials are not so difficult to be gathered. But maybe @Selene01 is really talking about hackers that can do this. So if this is true, it is sad.

That is me ! :laughing: PVE content provider on PVP officials.

True. At some point, players like myself have so much stored goods we just dump them in a “trash bin” chests outside our base. My last character filled her trash bin with hundreds of hardened leather every week. But to get to that, yes, you only farm what you need and live like a rat.

With experience and a bit of strategy (and no cheaters/trolls), you can reach that level when you just drown in mats and the only valuable things become your feats, knowledge, your thousands unblemished human meats and your lvl 20 pets/thralls if you’re sentimental.

I’m really not surprised by that number of shaped woods. Maybe they just like to craft palissades. Heck with the new crafting system, you can’t craft them for half the shaped woods needed anymore :sob:


yeah i agree with you there… i’ve stock piled so many items in preparation of turning my tier 1 town into a tier 3 town. And i dont even know how to cheat or exploit or use glitches :frowning: