Refuse Update 3.0

Is there any way to stop the 3.0 update?



the game needs an update. At the moment the experience is good. I miss the old dodge system. the slaves have taken my place. The attribute system does not work for solo players.


Reject 2.8, embrace 3.0


Not everyone wants sorcery in their game maybe? Much like people who want to reject many of the previous updates.

Now, I am not advocating their requests, just explaining why they would have made the post in the first place since you seemed to not understand.


“Stop” in which sense? If you mean stop Funcom from developing and releasing it, the answer is “no”.

If you mean stop your game installation from getting updated, then the answer is “yes”. You can configure Steam to not update your game.


However, it should be said, this option will leave you playing in single player mode. Never again able to join an online server, until you decide to update again.


Or unless you keep a private server with the exact same old version, without updating the server software.

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True, but that is likely still going to leave you playing solo, unless you find other individuals that also decided to stop getting updates for Conan. You would also need to find these other players without going through Conan’s online server menu, a tricky but not impossible feat.

Choosing not to update means no more bug fixes, no more QoL changes, no mods (unless they are custom mods made specifically for you and your server), the game will essentially remain as is indefinitely, until you change your mind and decide to update again. :wink:


I do not understand, this is the same as the last 300 updates, a brand new meta, a evolve or fold situation… calling out 3.0 specifically is… kind of wierd… its just statistics behind gameplay, with a little bit of options tacked on. If i would have complained about an update it would have been the combo system one… that made the 95% unskilled a bit more skilled, just saying i dont understand the fu 3.0 attitude i see over and over.

EDIT: Or the update that made most of the npcs wildlife obsolete to a decent player

Not to mention mounted combat did the same thing… and the thrall boosts update, and pretty much every update in existence, to me there’s no difference its all the same stuff in a different skin

EDIT2: if i cant build an ice bridge, im stacking foundations and getting a lotus potion to double jump over your walls, if thier is a weak point in your base or your logistics we will find it and exploit it long before you know we’re there… not trying to sound like a hard ass but i feel like this update changes nothing but the meta and the avenues we use to achieve victory.

Well, like I said I am not advocating for their suggestion so I cannot possibly give a reason why they do not want it. It could be the addition of sorcery itself, or it could be the changes to attributes on armor / weapons that they do not like. Perhaps it is the addition of the battle pass / in game store? Maybe it is all of those things in one? The fact that @Diomedez hasn’t even responded to the thread they started makes it rather opaque as to what exactly they do not want. :woman_shrugging:

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Yes there is. Nothing that would be easy, ideal, or legal though. :innocent:

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FWIW, none of the last 300 updates came with a drastic change in monetization strategy. Not that I think that staying pre-3.0 is useful in any way.


generally curious about the current attributes that don’t work for solo players lol

Is there something wrong with a new meta? I don’t understand all those people complaining without having tried it out. Please just STFU until you tried it out for a couple of weeks.

I wasnt complaining, ive never been more happy about an update than 3.0…

I was stating that i dont get why so many people are completely against 3.0 for one reason or another

3.0 does what every other update has… changed meta builds and adds a bit more gameplay on

As far as monetization changes, i see nothing wrong with it… its gonna be alot more content faster which is great for any game

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I’m interested.
I know one person who are concerned about the 3.0 update, just like me, and she is my girlfriend.
I only set steam to online for mod updates, but I guess if the mods work with the current 2.8 build, if I stop Steam to updating mods and the game itself, they will work together until we decide to try out and switch to 3.0.
I’ve never played Conan online, only offline single player.
So the question is: how much is the fish? How can we two play Conan without updating?

One of the main aspects is taking away thrall dominance, if you like that playstyle you have to spec heavily for it

This comes up every freaken update. This time its probably because of monetization changes, in the past its been for all sorts of reasons (dodge, weapon nerfs, etc). But none the less, putting my 2 cents in here.

If you use mods, I can say with significant confidence that very very few mod creators will provide continued support for mod versions that work for anything less then the current version of the game. I make that very clear on my discord, that if somebody runs an outdated (99% of the time its pirated) version of the game, they will not receive an ounce of support from me for my mods. No help, no new features, nothing.

So keep that in mind when looking to attempt to run permanently on 2.8.


Dont feed the troll…