Regarding the new AoW Legendary Weapons and Thralls

With buffs to every legendary weapon, would it be safe to simply make all legendries unusable by Thralls? People would hate this no doubt, but as far as balance is concerned, it is the most straight forward way to avoid any “Sword of Crom” situations, specifically because there’s nothing ingame to tell you the sword does no damage when they wield it.

I’m not advocating for anything per se, just starting a conversation. If Legendaries are considered “temporary buffs” in a sense by the devs, putting them on Thralls makes them permeant. They lose versatility sure (cause thrall are dumber than bricks), but they’re still better than top end crafted stuff in AoW

Then why would you collect them? Just because? They still have some serious durability. You won’t be needing to change them all that frequently. I think they would lose a great part of their appeal. One of the reasons I get legendaries is equiping my thralls. Getting them to stuff a trunk is not enough motivation.

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I would politely argue ‘no thankyou’ to restricting what weapons thralls are able to wield in battle. For any community memberswho do not wish to see thralls use legendary weapons, I would recommend finding a good private server. Or do not get hit by the thrall with the legendary weapon. We do not need to burden the playerbase by imposing further restrictions on the game.


Just gonna add to the OP I’m not advocating for anything per se, just starting a conversation. If Legendaries are considered “temporary buffs” in a sense by the devs, putting them on Thralls makes them permeant. They lose versatility sure (cause thrall are dumber than bricks), but they’re still better than top end crafted stuff in AoW

A fair argument. What use would they really have otherwise? I hang spares up on my wall for decoration.

The devs consider them a sort of buff though. Should they balance around Thralls potentially having that “buff” permanently? Or are they not really that potent? I only got to play around for a few hours in the test so my experience reflects that (friend let me borrow his steam account specifically for this, I’m too invested in the MS-Store version to switch, plus harddrive space).

I appreciate advocating for freedoms in games, it a big reason why we play imo, but is there any other reasoning behind your stance?

The worst thing this mechanism has is that it locks the most powerfull weapons behind rng … i personally would be ok if i could choose which legendary i will be given after i open a chest/ do a boss, and not killing 2015 times a boss just in case they drop the one i want ( lets say mistmourn/reach orm/dragonscale etc…)
I would prefer a dungeon that drops a random recipe that renders a legendary craftable, or that u gather an x amount of stuff in order to collect a set that will unlock a recipe and render it craftable…
In pvp this could also happen after x kills of same or bigger level than your character, thus boosting activity during raid hours/ pvp between people , rather than offlining…


Well, any argument on this was settled. FC caved and gave easy buttons back to game. For me, back to Watching TV and faceplant Conan gameplay at the same time.

Yea… and here I was hoping they’d double down and get creative and implement equipment damage for thralls as well :stuck_out_tongue:

I could’ve totally seen a fun system that their weapon loses durability, but never completely breaks, but their damage would be proportionally reduced as the weapon degrades :slight_smile:


If they could manage that it’d sure be interesting. Would give pets a leg up too. Knowing FC though, my wolves teeth would break too and I’ve have to take em to the local sorcerer for some fakes.

If it was over a long time I might be ok with it.
Otherwise purge logistics could become complicated, with weapons losing dmg wave after wave. When the final boss showed up, they’ll all be hitting like wet noodles.
Plus, checking the state of the weapons of your every thrall would be extremely boring.
IF thralls could take care of their own gear and all you had to make sure was that they had enough resources to do so, I could go with the idea. Things being as they are, no. Too much hassle. No leader with an ounce of self respect goes around fixing his minions weapons while they are having a good one, all relaxed and such! :smile: Go fix your damn gear, you lazy bastard! On the double!

Given that we can still repair craftable weapons, I’d say make only legendaries lose durability (at a slower rate). If people want Thralls at BiS, maintaining it by finding replacement weapons sounds reasonable.

How many thralls do you usually have? I always reach the cap. It doesn’t sound reasonable at all keep replacing their weapons. Thralls don’t have a lot of HP now. Their saving grace is the dmg output. Powerful legendaries will play a role in this dynamics and not all classes of weapons are suitable for them. Their weapons losing durability/damage would mean endless grind. No, thanks.

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yea ofc, I meant normal durability loss rate just like the player has :slight_smile: that would be more than enough to last several purges.

and I’d put a curve on it so it’s not linear, so you don’t have to relentlessly repair all the time just to obsessively min max :slight_smile: For example the damage reduction would be very minimal for the first 50% durability lost, but then exponentially be greater as the weapon further breaks… to something like half damage at 1 durability, where the weapon would no longer degrade (to prevent accidentally breaking without you realizing)

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I generally have 20ish, but my bases are minimalist (minimalist for 4 to 5 people). That said, surely you don’t take every single one out adventuring regularly? I understand levelling them sure, but after that I expect people would only take a certain couple out. The rest scarcely use their weapon in my experience. PvP I can see being different.

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I dunno. I mean, it’s not something I would strongly oppose, but it seems to me it would only add more grinding.
I would prefer other kind of stuff to keep me busy…


No! No! No! No! I can see me going around to every fighter in the base and seeing if they have a rusty weapon.
Thanks but no. AoW already changes a bunch of things (and half of them don’t work as they should) and this is nonsense.
Things like this would probably mean the end of online play for me , I want to have fun not have a grind simulator .

Another good point. Micromanagement is a pain in the a**.

Considering what we already grind (thrall levels, resources, bosses for drops) theres plenty of grind simulator already. And you could pretty seamlessly add Legendary farming to the mix depending on where you are.

That is my sentiment. The game is basicakly a grind simulator l. The only difference is it is free form. And 90% of grind/farm loops become chest storage items after a short time. Having guided farming loops would, imo, add longevity. The only constant grind most do now is to max cap thrall count, and then build. But ToS on officials kills the build, and so everything just goes into chests. Even moving your base is non material, just a time investment. You get all mats back, sans a very few stations.

I would have been on board with that, and with the original change to make legendaries unrepairable, and with a lot more, if they did something to get rid of – or drastically reduce – the sheer grind.

I agree with @Ragnaguard here:

I would even settle for getting a random component drop from each boss and then using a combination of those components at some legendary forge (e.g. in the Well of Skelos or in the Frost Temple) to craft a legendary I wanted.

Anything that gives me a measure of control over what I get.

And no, “different dungeons have different chances to drop a subset of legendaries” is not a measure of control. That’s just having to go to different casinos to play the same slot machines.

Well, yeah. That’s precisely why I didn’t like the change that made legendaries unrepairable. It just makes you grind more.

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I think you misunderstood what I suggested a while back in a similar topic… I was suggesting guaranteed drops per dungeon boss… or worst case scenario the tried and true world of warcraft method of having each boss have ~3 potential drops and the only RNG would be between those… (in case they somehow can’t stuff all the legendaries into the available bosses :stuck_out_tongue: )

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It wasn’t directed at you at all :smiley:

It was because I’ve had multiple people tell me that Warmaker’s RNG is not as bad as Unnamed City.

Yeah, if we could get a system where each boss is guaranteed to drop a legendary and their loot tables have no more than 4 choices, I would be okay with that too.

That’s what Warmaker’s Adjutant is like, and I have no problems getting Nortis off of him.

Yog’s Touch, though? Nnnnngh.