Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers Thralls Bugged after Update!

All my Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker Thralls have become “Performers” after the update???
I cannot move them anymore and ALL their gear is now GONE!!! Please tell me that you will fix this.

I have worked months to get the thralls and gear to defend my castle…

P.S. Online Official PvE Conflict #1038


Same on my dedicated server


yeah the same for me on 1009 Eu PVE official server

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DEFINITELY not just on testlive. This is terribad. Have posted about it in PC Updates section, as I was not playing testlive when I encountered this

Here are the screenshots.

Yeah, I have the exact same problem. This sucks Funcom. Needs to be fixed ASAP.
This is on official server 1943

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This effected my Thralls as well

My Relic Hunters Thralls were all converted to 100hp no-named Performers and lost all their equipment on them,

As well as unable to use the move and guard function, it says “Can’t Place Thrall”, on official server #3882

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I guess I should have posted this on [PC] Updates and Bugs ?

Either way we need a fix asap

I have the same problem on 3115 pvp server official

same here all my thralls have changed and all there armor and weapons are gone there all performers

I’m sure you’ve seen this already, but if you haven’t, here you go. :blush:

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Omg I lost my only relic thrall I just got it yesterday and now his glitched :frowning: fml

Oh great my names bearer fell into the ground inside my base after this restart last night and still hasn’t reappeared. He was on guard, any ideas on getting him to reappear?

You should probably start a new bug report for this issue.

me too, I’m really mad at FUNCOM I’ve worked hard so far and all my thralls Relic Hunters have become artists and I still lost the best armor and weapons, and they don’t even get out of place.

Official Server # 3945

Why is this an issue I’m lucky I have another named thrall I can have run with me since this glitch came out. This is bs. Fun com wth guys.

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