Rough Wraps - Issues on Weight and Feedback on the New Healing Mechanic

Game mode: Single Player
Type of issue: Item Stat Disparity (Rough Wraps) and Healing Mechanic Feedback
Server type: PvE
Region: N/A - Single Player

1.) Straight to the point - One Rough Wrap bandage weighs over TWICE the weight of one iron ingot. Not sure if it was intentional, or an oversight, but I feel that bandages shouldn’t be 2x heavier than a big hunk of smelted iron.

2.) Healing Mechanic Feedback (Bandages): I really feel that the healing mechanic of being locked in a long animation in order to heal really really misses the mark. With no ability to cancel the animation, even while being hit by monsters, is very detrimental to the gameplay balance and enjoyment. (In my opinion). I feel we should be able to cancel the animation to get out of harms way. Allow the bandage to go to waste, and for the healing to stop. But not being able to move while staring down a big skelotonized monster charging headlong at you is a bit…crazy.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

1.) Craft rough wrap bandage.
2.) Search through your inventory for it, and notice that your one bandage just so happens to be a LOT heavier than a big chunk of smelted iron! Wow, this thing must be POTENT! (Spoiler: It’s not!)
3.) Fight some bad guys and take some damage. Make sure there are enemies near-by that are hidden in a bush that you have no idea are there.
4.) After said fight, heal yourself with the bandage. Watch as your character runs through the animation and healing process. It’s a miracle!
5.) Get attacked by super-aggro baddies while 1/4 of the way through the animation, and watch as your well-to-do hero is slain in front of your eyes. Like some kind of crazy lunatic that can’t move other than applying a bandage to their wounds, even though that big skeleton monster dude with nasty teeth is chewing on your face…
6.) Profit? (Loss)

Closing thoughts:

In all seriousness guys, I’m loving the new map so far, and am super stoked for all the new content!! Hopefully some of my cheesiness showed in my post and made you at least smile! (AND FIX TEH WEIGHT ISSUE! And let us cancel the animation, plzkthx!)


The Furious and Beerded dude over here getting his butt handed to him. :wink:


Watched Firespark video earlier looks like he used a emote to get out of the situation and popped potions. Good luck can’t wait till it hits Ps4. @BeerdedFury.

I agree, this was the biggest shock to me. I started playing during the free weekend and I liked the system they had. You already couldn’t heal in combat other than trying to kite while waiting for the heal over time to do its thing. Now this damn thing is unplayable. This especially kills it for all new players who can’t make healing items until much later in the game. How is it exactly that they expect people to heal? On top of that they bloated enemy hp even more, even though there are countless mods reducing enemy hp for being too bloated. Pre updated I killed the mobs near my base in 2 combos. Now it takes 5. They also now have odd animations so I can no longer predict attacks unlike pre-patch. By the time I see the attack, I already took damage so can’t avoid it.

Hey @BeerdedFury

Thanks for the feedback and welcome to our community.
Regarding the feedback about the new healing mechanics, please send it in our dedicated feedback thread here:

Yes! the new healing system is sh*t! the old one was better!

Hey Funcom, why do you make the game every update harder than better? Go back to the old healing system.

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