Sand storm change

Game mode: Singleplayer]
Problem: Bug
Region: us

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generally black streaks start to appeare when sand storm coming but they no longer happen is this intended change

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Sandstorm has been funny for ages. I have some where I get all the animations but take no damage whilst others have absolutely no animations but I take damage. I posted up about it a while ago and I got this reply

IgnasisCommunity Support

Sep '20

Hey there,

Our team is aware of several issues affecting the sandstorm mechanic and they’re looking into addressing them in the near future.
Thanks for the feedback and apologies for the frustration.

I’ve come across three types of sandstorm now. One with visuals that don’t damage the player, one with no visuals that damage the player and the normal actual sandstorm with visuals and damages the player.
Hopefully they get around to fixing this.

Correct but I’ve never had any but normal but usually before when it’s approach some black dots fly past those are now gone the storm works fine otherwise

Can the team maybe do heavy rain storms or blizzards too?


My experience on testlive is that the sky will darken and dust will start to kick up prior to the sandstorm now.

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Im actually surprised this isnt a thing. What effect would the heavy rain have though?

Hey @Gloatingtomb6, could you let us know if you notice this in subsequent sandstorms, as well as the specific location you’re in when it happens?

Dont know where you live, but where I am if its a heavy down pour, the rivers flood the banks and you cant see across the street the rains get so heavy!

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I can try but it may take a few days or so as single player has to be on for a
Time to
Trigger storm and I have to work but I will get back as soon as possible

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If you are in admin mode you should be able to press Ctrl+Alt+shift+X to summon a sandstorm if you hook a keyboard up to your xbox

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Sorry been busy just bummed this so no auto close

It’s not working for me unfortunately but thanks for info

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Now the sandstorm leaves you blind from so much light that it gives and even more when you have lighting the screen is all white





Not happening to me anyway

Hey I’m going to have to uninstall and reinstall lots of npcs are not spawning and sand storm after 1:30 hours has not shown up I’m going to assume that the update might have messed or corrupted some files so it may be a long while till I can give more information so if you want you can close this thread till I get time to get it to you

I’m assuming this is the blinding sandstorm you mean?.. this is official on a next gen xbox.

No the storm has never changed from the original… when the sand storm is coming but you cannot see it yet there’s little black streaks that fly bye you wether your in the path or volcano to let you no it’s coming and works in dungeons too those are now gone. I’m not sure if it’s intended or not but the storm has always worked correctly and I’ve never since playing have have any issues with and everything still works but the streaks are gone???

2 min before end when he walks out door in storm you see black streaks those are what I’m talking about if that helps and that comes before storm but continue in and after it till storm is no longer on map

@Hugo ok it’s better now after install so I checked another sand storm and it’s also doing the same and both times was near noob river