Sandstone Noob bases on PvE servers…

PlayStation allows for text-to-speech in its chat windows, which PS fully implemented. It’s a pain, otherwise, to chat. Very few have the PS keyboard.


I said I would shamelessly steal this…


Lol thanks for finding this again! I loved it when I first saw it! :rofl:

This is the issue with public anything. Even been to a public pool where the 300lb dude didn’t get the memo to not wear a speedo? Taste is relative and we all gotta swallow it at some point because the alternative is far more ugly… uniformity and stagnation. Hopefully the box folks will tour around and start seeing the designs out there…start getting their own ideas and Wala get creative. The only time I look down on boxes is in PvE ause I know they have skill as that cube is full of traps and such…they just are too focused on the win and not really enjoying the game.

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Agreed. They should really explore the map and get influenced and inspired. That’s part of the reason I love seeing creative builds. It gives me ideas. Some of my favorite glitches, tricks and techniques are learned from other players’ builds. If I hadn’t met some people I’ve played with over the years, I would have never learned a few of them. By doing some of those techniques, I’ve been able to think outside the box (maybe literally?) and put a few into practice to make new designs and methods I’ve yet to see others attempt by putting my own spin on it.

Servidor PVE oficial “público” não pode fazer grandes construções e espalhar peças de construção pode levar a um banimento toda base gigante em servidor público tem a grande chance de levar BAN. Recomendo criar castelos em servidores privados e não ficar insentivando os jogadores a fazer grandes castelos em um servidor oficial.

É estranho de ver uma pessoa que se encomoda com a construção das outras pessoas isso é errado então acho que não cabe a você em decidir como será a base dos outros jogadores.

Lembrando que servidor PVE “público” são para as pessoas jogar sem ter que entrar em conflito e podendo fazer dungeons ou até mesmo se desconectar em qualquer lugar no mapa (recomendo dentro de áreas que não pode fazer construções para não voltar dentro de uma prisão)

Eu também gosto de arenito e uma caixa de arenito é mais lindo para quem está dentro da caixa podendo se isolar de todo exterior :stuck_out_tongue: pessoas e curiosos como seus pensamentos para como está a base não entra quando está todo fechado. Respeitar a base e como as pessoas que estão jogando deveria ser a prioridade, não seja toxico com as pessoas devido o modelo de suas bases. :thinking:

That’s an interesting way to interpret a box base. :neutral_face:

Who says they don´t?

Maybe they like their sandstone cube the way it is. And they are happy with it. What´s ugly and what not is in the eye of the beholder.

People have the right to build what pleases them as long as they stick to the official guide lines on official servers.

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Bases are bases. Some like the ‘simplicity’ of a box-build, and many like more detailed designs - certainly on PvE servers. But, some box-bases are just ‘first/noob’ bases that are just left there. On PvP some players build decoy bases. Some don’t. Playing is playing.

I always try to keep my base(s) as detailed as possible, but that’s my preference. Perhaps building an inspirational base may inspire other box-builders to try something more challenging? You can always drop off some materials for players that build, in your opinion, nice bases?

(and if some peasant builds some shack near my base - I just keep the shutters shuttered on that side of the mansion… :slight_smile:


You just don’t see it do you? You just can’t fathom why everyone doesn’t play the way you do, can you?

Did the thought your neighbors don’t care what you have to say, are ignoring you, and getting irritated you wont leave them alone, even enter you head?
“Oh you poor players just don’t know how to build do you. Let me explain. Still not building the way I tell you? You must not have understood, let me explain again”. Seriously, would your neighbors have to put up a sign that says “F*** OFF” to get you to leave them alone about how they build?

DING! Hand that man a moonpie.

The crew knows my middle name is snark :grin:

And then that little light will go on, they will see the error of their ways, and start building the way we want them to. Right?

What’s ugly is this smug attitude that every one must build pretty or they are …

I build drop bases. Some times a cube, some times a circle, always low mats so :eyes: sandstone and thatch. Usually just chests, maybe a camp fire. Possibly a furnace or tanner. But it’s not meant to be pretty, it’s meant to be fast, easy, and functional. I’m not building to please your esthetics.

When I have it all done; not something I have done in ages, I start over on another server. I’ve probably restated the game a few hundred times since it dropped. Or some times I go play a different game for a while; I have a huge selection of steam survival games.

When it got to be a struggle to get around the map on the public server I was on, because of the huge Camelot hotel and casino; with petting zoos, in most common areas, I quit it and played 7D2D for a while. Till some one started private server on the needs gaming discord.

Once my main base is built in my simplistic style IN SANDSTONE, I might upgrade to T2, maybe T3. But I’d just be upgrading the basic shape would remain, and I don’t do decor. Note the only reason to go up to T3 is purges, not looks.


You know what… most people have maybe not agreed with me, but you take it to a whole new level of anger and disrespect. I merely wanted to get opinions from others, and I wanted to gauge if it was just me getting annoyed by them, but most people have been kind enough to at least explain their thoughts. @Tystin thanks for trying to at least reason and make the discussion productive. I’m just gonna call it right here. This discussion should be closed and locked. You’re not helping anything and it’s clearly triggered you beyond help. @Community please close this. Thanks! My apologies for triggering this guy so badly.

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Thanks for hearing my point of view and explaining a missing feature on PS that I had no idea about.

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They try to get creative until they find out they can’t place a single thrall in their 12 stories high tower built on wedge foundations. 5 seconds after Conan;s “amazing building system” is thrown out of the window and players start building cubes.

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I can’t deny that obvious bug. It didn’t use to be that way. I think I first noticed it in the last year maybe?

Oh i understand the futility of my PoV, but the only other option is draconian enforcement of subjective standards that I’m not willing to accept as something I would want. When it comes to freedoms, all you can do is show a “better” way of doing something and convince the majority that this is the right path.

I would rather fight the unwinnable fight than lose sight of my own morals/standards.

Which must push off on others, right?

This isn’t about an individual, it’s about an attitude. So I like to build simple, just how does that give you the right to run me down for it? Why do you seem to think it’s your job to tell others how they aught to play the game?

No you wanted people to agree with your opinion and didn’t quite know what to do when some one didn’t.

And were told a couple times it was a you thing.

As did I. if you check I answered all your questions and gave explanations as to why some people build simple and like to roam.

But you’re sure going to tell them aren’t you. That is the issue I have.

Sorry, this is one of my big buttons and you stepped on it kind of hard.


Ummm what? Lower your guard please. I’m actually on your side of this and you aren’t hearing what I am saying. Box designs are a legit build, but no one can argue that it’s a very beginning and basic build that lacks aesthetics that the game offers in spades. I’m not saying limit these because we all started with our box at noob river at some point in the past but show off designs and lay outs that can trigger their advancement as CE architects. Nothing is forced and as far as attitude goes best to check yours first.

How is this any different than sparring with someone to show them their combat skills need improving on? If you beat them down, why do you think its your job to point out how pathetic they are in combat? See how silly that sounds? If you don’t want to improve your building skills, fine don’t listen. Keep your boring box. IDC but don’t think I am going to respect your “simple” build with the same level as some of the designs on the “Share my Shelter” thread or even the same exact box design from a total noob because that new guy worked hard to get that box…vets that keep that box design don’t get the same respect. If you don’t feel it’s important enough to put the effort into it, you aren’t getting respect for your building, period. You find that judgey? Too bad. It’s not elitist to have a mild expectation that people want to improve their game play (which includes building) and offering advice. Most find this actually helpful. This is the first time I was questioned about my attitude about it. Step back and grow up.

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Yes. There are a lot of reasons why people build in a certain way. Some wait for a certain spot to become free. Some wait for friends and family. Some simply do not care how their buildings look. Some build drop bases. Some just grinding materials first before building. There are hundred of reasons why people do what they do.

When I came back to CE I didn´t even bothered to build a cube. I poped down a T1 plattform, putt all workstations I needed on top, some fighters and fences around for the purge and then I grinded the battlepass because I didn´t had much time left. So this was my priority. Inbetween i got more thralls, farmed anchient obolus to get my thralls a weapon and grinded several chests of building materials. In the meantime my hun did build a whole little city for himself. We never once told each other how to play and this is a good thing. Everybody has their own pace and focus. Does things differently. And thats ok. Acceptance is the key.

First: I do not think he is angry.
Second: If you do want respect you need to show it by yourself.

You throw out a lot of assumptions and statements that show your disrespect towards people that do not build in the way you would want them to build. I understand when people come to the forums and say: hey I do not like when people building the great chinese wall on officials because they are blocking ressources or other bases or what not. But I do not have any understanding for your kind of posts, because it violates other peoples rights to build the way they see fit.

It’s a hard topic to discuss, but generally I sort of agree with you :slight_smile:

To me it doesn’t matter what materials a base is built from, maybe I just too old, but it seems like the shoebox design is very popular among even some high level players for various reasons :joy:

Is it an eyesore?
Yes it is, but the shoebox design is also practical, it is generally fast to make and it is quite easy to access everything very fast within the safety of the walls.
Some may not know how to build something that looks good, others may not have the time and even some just don’t care about the building process.

I often laugh a bit when I come by a gigantic shoebox that even may have been made of various T3 materials where everything is just placed without any thought to aesthetics, but it is still their choice :slight_smile:

However I sometimes get a little grumpy when they place such cubes directly on paths and passages making it hard to get around them, also some have a zoo of different animals all over outside, but as long they are keeping things within the TOS, I simply just move on, but I do agree that it sometimes bug me a little, but we all have different preferences and priorities :slight_smile:

Would be cool if enemies would ROAM the map, instead of staying at their camps / spawn locations and never moving.

Having a small horde of angry cimmerians attacking your base (other than in Purges, which are completely wrong right now) would be cool and does actually make sense building with T3 materials instead of T1.

I would like random ambushes and war parties raiding the lands.

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