Secret World moments IRL


West Coast, fog and hills, old churches… yeah the classic guess would be Seattle. San Fran taking the 2nd most likely as old churches aren’t as common due to earthquakes and fires.


Oh god, you’re bookending it. XD I’m in the small city in between the two: Portland.


Now you’re just pulling our leg. Everybody knows that Portland doesn’t exist. Nobody lives there, not since what happened in '73… :stuck_out_tongue:


Portland would be #3


Wow. Well, I always wanted to be a cryptid… I guess my whole city is a massive cryptid!

(Seriously though. I would LOVE to see something done with the Shanghai Tunnels out here.)


I thought Grimm was just a drama, but maybe that’s just normal everyday life in Portland? :smiley:


Yeahhhhh… I work at one of the places where they filmed an episode. It’s just a weird place.


Sounds like where I live, I’ve driven and walked through Walking Dead, Hunger Games, and Stranger Things sets all within 5mi of my house; sometimes between shots. Not to mention I spend the first week of every September in Atlanta which is basically the entire Marvel universe, seriously even the Fox Marvel movies are filmed there now.


Finally weird part 2 of my rant^^

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(Moving amongst a crowd without anyone to take notice of me, yet clearing a path, or becoming something that inconspicious, that even automatic doors won’t react to me anymore unless I start waving in front of them like an idiot is nothing unusual for me, but it is rare to come by someone, who can do the same. Or giving off a vibe, that will make people take their distance also came in handy more than once. I have keen senses and a way of knowing people’s intent. To read them more or less and get a glimpse behind the masks they wear. I could go more into detail, but it would make the story a lot longer. And my hands still hurt. I tried to quote my talk with that man and the 28 year old me. All in all the line from Krieger - Fanta4 “Wir führen einen fight, die meisten tragen ihn im Stillen aus, nur das Ergebnis quillt aus ihnen raus” is more than accurate, since that describes best how I perceive people.)

With him however, I drew a blank, even though I clearly felt no ill will from him. A wide grin spread across my face upon realizing, that I had met someone interesting. The barkeep returned, placing two full glasses in front of each of us, then leaving with a short nod. I grabbed one and turned my head towards the stranger. “Just feeling generous or do you hope to make me talk?”, I asked half jokingly.
He just smirked and downed his drink. From the looks of it, Whiskey. “No need to. I’m well aware of what you are.” he replied and let his amber gaze rest upon me.
For a few moments I thought about adding the usual movie or anime reactions, asking stupid questions of “what do you mean?” playing dumb and all that. Instead, I decided to give him a raised eyebrow, said “Cheers, then!” and left it at that. I also could’ve asked things like “who sent you?” but that would even be more against the rules I had to learn since I was 4. And usually, we are not sent, we just happen to be there. Coincidentally.
“So what brings the sneaky old man into this bar?” - “…says the even older fart still not fully believing my words, huh?” He leaned back, exhaled smoke and since I didn’t give him an answer, he continued “You’re not very trusty and I like that. It is better that way, so I don’t mind answering your little trick questions to show you I’m genuine. I just happened to walk by after a long day and felt someone vibrant amongst the bleak. And here we are.”
I grabbed my second glass, emptied it and replied: “Wouldn’t have guessed to run into someone able to sense me. Hiding is usually not necessary, be-…” - “…because where there is no receptor, a signal no matter how clear couldn’t even be picked up. I know. Broken antennas everywhere. Sometimes that can be frustrating, so tonight, let’s just celebrate a bit and you tell me how many are on your tab. And if you now say anything referring to the tab right in front of you, I’ll fry you.”
I let it sink in that my new friend again not just interrupted me, but also completed my sentence. Then I gave in. “Wouldn’t have done that. I guess I at least have four on mine so far, if not more. Kept one from jumping off a building in the dead of the night, one I repurposed and got him of the pills n poison he was about to swallow, another one, a really bad one, suddenly developed a terminal brain tumor with all my best wishes and…” I sighed and rubbed my forehead. “This is so damn weird.” I looked at him.
He still sat there all calm, attentive, somewhat reassuring and with a half-smirk, so I continued: “If you want details, better order another round. I sure as hell can’t do this sober on my own.”
As soon as I spoke the last words, I flinched. For a short moment I had felt rage wallowing over him, before he reigned it in again in a split second and then casually grabbed my shoulder firmly with his left hand, dragging me closer until we were pretty much face to face 2 inches apart. Amber blaze flaring, he locked his eyes onto mine. Calmly, but in a stern fashion he emphasized: “Time must’ve made you forgetful, so let me remind you: You never are on your own. We are there.” I gave him a slight nod and he let go of me, patting me on the shoulder once more before he signalled the barkeep we’d need more booze.
Puzzled, relieved and amused I couldn’t help but laugh about the whole situation. Well, seems that night someone was sent for me. I’ll never forget that. Even though I couldn’t for the life of me describe that guy precisely, I’d sure recognize him if we walk past one another again one day.
With all that said, feel free to lock me up and throw away the key, writing liar on the door.


first thing I thought of was Nvidia o_O But I like the building!


srry posted it in german before, silly me


Oh man, where to begin. I’ve had a lot of secret world moments in RL. Especially at work.

At work I have a colleague who always promises to finish his work before the deadline. He never makes it, sometimes doesn’t even do any work at all. And when he does turn in his work, coworkers need to patch it up multiple times. He’s got a bad rep for it but wanted to redeem himself. He used a whiteboard to show his progress. Some coworkers believed he could change but one day he just cleaned it and when asked about it he just grunts.

Clearly a secret world moment.

I also have a 5 year old niece who can’t draw at all. She gave me a drawing, I have no idea what it is but is supposed to be human. It made me think of the agent system.

Clearly a secret world moment.

I read an article in the newspaper about people picking corn for some charity. Some even donated money. The charity turned out to be fake.

Clearly a secret world moment.

And then there was the time where my (now ex-) girlfriend took away one of my games, my one year anniversary gift, wrapped it up said I could have it again for our two year anniversary if I… Oh, you mean in game secret world moments? Never mind.


We had a picnic this week at a local park that has a road that runs inside it. While grilling our food, I saw a black van with a white logo on it that looked suspiciously like the Orochi group’s logo. I told my wife about it and she laughed. I laughed. The food on the grill laughed. It was good times.


So, um, this is The Orochi Group, right?
I mean, it HAS to be right?
There really can’t be another explanation, can there?!?!?

Raise your hand if you can see Kirsten Geary rocking this. Possibly on some sort of Red Carpet…


Regarding the mission, I think (correct me here) that it was The Seven Silences - I recall doing that one, a while back… still gives me the shivers… but in quite the good way.


Need a Lurker team on the ground, stat!


First the Lurker shows up in the Flatiron district, now we get a second Tokyo in Siberia:


everytime im in the subway listening to SWL soundtrack, i just feel something is about to go off


Got filth?


And here I am in sunny Transylvania, pondering about what to photograph for you folks, that actually bears some kind of resemblance to the game.