Server reset Sunday

Am i the only one who discovered that my several hours spent of gaming yesterday was completly erased when i logged back in today :worried: ?

Ultimately depends on what server you’re on. Official servers do not wipe, and if you’re playing a private server, wiping is at the discretion of the owner.

Official server 2022 i’m afraid

Official server 1823 crashed last night and stayed down for more than an hour. When I logged back on this morning, everything was rolled back to the previous backup.

I’ve read a thread on the forums reporting the same for 1821.

Normally, when a server crashes and stays down for a while, there is no rollback involved. I can only assume that these latest crashes corrupted the game database. This is the first time this has happened on any of the official servers on which I play. I hope it doesn’t become commonplace.

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I really enjoy this game and the bugs and lag i can live with, even crashes like this. I only hope there’s some compensation on my server. If not then then there’s A real problem, atleast for me :worried:

No, there isn’t. Read the official server TOS, where they explicitly state they don’t do any refunds or reimbursements:

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I did notice that this AM, all the servers I was playing kept booting me out but that could have been my internet. I restarted my router and will review tonight when I get back home

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Cant join the server i used to play since saturday, infinite loading screen sitll persists till now

Well i know of other companies that restore that wich was lost in cases such as these. Screw the money i just want my big panther and epic blacksmith back :joy:

And I want the named sorcerer and the Jhebbal Sag archpriest that I had on my wheel, but… :man_shrugging: :frowning:

The reason they don’t is they have no way of verifying what was lost. Let’s try a little timeline:

7:00pm you login
7:15pm you kill a boss and loot a legendary axe.
7:30pm server crashes
10:00pm server starts with a backup from 6:50pm, all backups past that were corrupted and unreadable.

There is no evidence outside of the server log files that you even logged in. Server log files don’t monitor what you kill and loot (the database does this).

MMORPGs uses a stringent set of checks and redundancies to ensure that rollbacks aren’t as destructive. They will have a log of what was killed and looted and can revert back to a previous backup and then update the back up with all events minus the issue that corrupted it to begin with.

Why doesn’t Conan Exiles have those checks and redundancies? Because it is not a MMORPG and is designed to be able to be run on a server operated by a layman player on a standard PC. They also do not host the servers in house and use a rental provider, just like any player could.

This is why they cannot offer replacements.

Some private servers do, but their communities are a bit closer knit and have a much more active admin base (usually a few admins per server, instead of a few admins per hundred servers).

At best they could crank up harvest rates for a bit after a long term crash. I dunno if they do this or not.

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Well thanks for the explanation. Guess i just have to suck it up and hope it doesn’t happends again, atleast in the near future or on the weekends :joy:

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