Should new map be free?

Let’s ignore the word “promise” for the moment… Could you point me to where they referenced the issue of new maps before it was sorta-kinda-announced that they were working on one?

Go read the article at massively overpowered

Everyone is having a lively discussion about wishes and dreams. Its lovely but there hasn’t been a single news and announcement since December of 19…Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen yall lol

I don’t think this answers your question to Jim, but I’m pretty sure it’s the article he’s referring to.

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Thanks for the link! :slight_smile:

It’s an op-ed. They’re entitled to their opinion, as is everyone, but it really doesn’t equate to “Funcom promised that maps wouldn’t be paid DLC” :man_shrugging:


Test live patch notes are cute and all but like I said still no Official news or announcement about the topic at hand…I guess my statement still stands.


Oh, the new map? Yeah, I haven’t heard a peep about it either :frowning:

Honestly, I was just caught up in the euphoria of having the general “radio silence” broken.

Yeah its pretty weird that there hasn’t been any announcement’s about anything for 3 months or so.

Agreed. We’re all just waiting to hear more. Threads like this are mostly just a place for people to be angry about what could be, not what will be. None of us know for sure, so it’s really hard to pick a stance

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I’d say that the Tencent stock acquisition bid has had an impact on releasing information. Once that does or does not go through, I imagine we will get a lot more info. Right now the Thrall QOL update is a way to say, hey we are still working on the game. Here’s a bone.


Well do not forget they added in their own new shinny site to play from, another launcher strange I think myself, why now a new one when steam works great for Conan.


So someone on the Internet said that Funcom made a promise, so it must be true? They even use the phrase “oft-repeated promise” with no citations for sources or anything from Funcom’s mouth.

MJ Guthrie is not an omniscient entity; they’re just as fallible as the rest of us, and dependent on the same sources of information as the rest of us. And as the community feeds on its own perception that Funcom “made a promise”, they start believing it because they’re providing the “evidence” for themselves. That’s really basic psychology, and a highly effective way to control the opinions of large crowds: the more something is discussed, the more people believe in it.

What I remember Funcom developers actually say about new maps before a new map was announced was “it’s not currently possible” and “if we ever make one, it won’t be free”. I don’t put much weight in generic blanket statements such as “all DLC will be cosmetic only” or “all content will be free”. All of that is subject to change.

But there’s one thing they did say about DLCs, and that’s “we won’t be selling power”. Pay-to-win is a policy I won’t be supporting. But I’m willing to let Funcom show us what they intend to do before declaring it a failure, or betraying their promise, and walking out the door.


Personally for me this whole: “Funcom never promised …” argument is just a lame excuse to justify to make a lot of additional money out of Conan Exiles.

Funcom does this streams to advertise Conan. The goal is to reach as many people as possible to sell the game. The same goes for the DLC´s. Thats fine by me. I love the game. But: if a company is advertising something, then they need to deliver it or they will loose their reputation. Because that is what people are expecting. They see it as a promise the minute it gets advertised, because they belief in whats said in the video. And why should they not?

If I do a video short before gamescom and telling people: “we have great news: soccery is on our roadmap, we are working on it, yeah baby” you can bet your as… that people will get hyped. They believe soccery is coming for real. Mission accomplished. Thats the whole point in doing that video. Hype for a game = attention at gamescom = more buyers = money. Goal reached. But then Funcom is not delivering because of what reasons ever and people are pis.ed. And why should they not? They believe in the company. Its Funcoms responsibility to check first that a feature can be done before they are making videos about it.

And its not, that this was a one time failure you can easily forgive. The last 2,3 years where like that. And even things that made it properly in to the game get changed 10 times after. And every time it gets announced that is is for the better of the game. That it is necessary, until it gets changed again. I can´t count how often more for the worse then the better. And so I do not wonder that a lot of people have no faith in what Funcom announces. What they say today and do tomorrow is different and that inconsistancy is hurtfull for both, the playerbase and Funcom.

The game is great and all. And I don´t have problems buying a cosmetic DLC ones in a while to support it further. But I have a problem buying extensions at this stage. The basegame after 2 years is still buggy as hell. I have to ask myself where Funcom sets its priorities here. I don´t want this game to become a pure cashgrab.

You are on point about the internet “grapevine” somehow always becoming fact.
I remember thinking i read somewhere that one of the social forums had words that insinuated about Funcom charging for maps. Now we can say we heard they were always going to charge. Phewww,problem fixed. We can all now know the last thing posted was they were always charging for maps. If someone disagrees, point to this thread as the fact.

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What’s the correct amount if you don’t mind me asking?


Pretty much it is an excuse for getting more money out of this game. I stopped playing this game, but I can say this looks a bit fishy. Also if this game moves to subscription only does that mean that people will have to pay the subscription fee to be able to play the in game content they paid for?

Does this mean that Tencent will take away the ability for people to play single player. Also does this mean that people will not be able to play on the old map which would kill most of the mod support for this game?

There are alot of unanswered questions, but right now it seems that Funcom is trying to pull a bethesda with a game with not even a small sliver of the players that play bethesda games.

Maybe if they would actually tell the truth about what they are doing then people would not be so mad about it. Although I doubt they will do that. Personally they screwed over everyone is how I see it. They will be discontinuing mod support which its funny how modders on this forum are for this move cough cough (multigun) anyways it seems like they are going to try to move to more of an ESO/secret world legends type subscription service for a game that was promised to the people who bought it that it would not have these types of things. So personally yes this game is dying, and the developers only care about how much money they can get from you. That is what “games as a service means” so say goodbye to “singleplayer” “private servers” “mods”. If I am wrong prove me wrong dont just delete my comment because you know I am right (multigun)

This will be much worse than you think it is. Trust me any company that partners with Tencent, and starts pushing paid content will then start to push subscriptions. I would really laugh if they get rid of the private server idea, and try to push everyone into the same live map. Which would be a bit crazy since pve players dont get along with pvp players. Rp players dont get along with anyone, and some people just want to play singleplayer which is a majority of the games users. Although once again funcom seems to not have done research on who is actually playing this game, and made a leap selling the company for a quick cash grab.

Prove me wrong, or ban me from the forums finally instead of just silencing my content since it seems everyone who is still playing is worried about this. I personally just summed up everyones issue into a single couple of paragraphs, but like always I will be silenced and my questions (which is the questions of those concerned that they paid for nothing) will be screwed by this decision.

This is a 0-100 leap to conclusions if I’ve ever seen one. This much fear mongering needs to be contained, I’d suggest in tinfoil. I can guarantee with a 99% certainty this is absurd and won’t happen. If it does, I’ll be right behind you out the door; but I’m not preemptively jumping ship just because it’s a worst case scenario that most likely won’t come to pass