So what in the **** to do

First, it’s a pve-c official server. 2508 to be clear. A griefing, trolling clan, “care bears” are trying to annoy clans and kill the server. Pics and video of the trolling has been sent to Hugo and ignasius as well as verbal complaints. People have spoken on Reddit and Twitter about it. A few clans and mine have tried everything to get them to stop. They refuse. They tell people they don’t care and will continue. We have no recourse for the absolute trash play they do. The newest thing today is building lines of foundations over sinners refuge so the brimstone won’t respawn. They had built around obelisks but we beat them at that by using means we once had, but are now gone. They have miles of lines of foundations all over the map and blocked the caveway to the north and both walkways from savannah to black galleon. Not to mention trying to block off or in, other people’s bases. They know that funcom admin do NOTHING, so they continue to make the server look and play horrible. And before anyone asks, no, they don’t PVP during that time, they hide like cowards. We on the server are treated rudely when try to reason with them. They have also been reported to Microsoft by up to 5 clans. So…any suggestions what to do about this cancer on 2508?

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And upon checking closer, only 2 NPC’s spawn in sinners refuge ( I checked 3 times) and they built over gallamans tomb as well stopping the respawning the brimestone in the cave.

Find a new server? Sounds a bit harsh, but if there’s no one left for them to troll, they can’t troll. I personally recommend checking out private servers, as they are in fact moderated.

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That’s why we have a declining adoption for this game. Whenever someone posts a “please help” everyone immediately asserts victim blamining through to switch servers… private servers rarely have the longjevity everyone believes, plus admin abuse etc.

This is why we can’t have fun things.


As compared to the abandonment rate on official servers, and the complete lack of admins? There is no easy solution, or a way to make everyone happy. All I can suggest is just try something different and hope for the best.

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There is, stop making excuses for Funcom …let them own it… everytime you guys dive in front of that bullet and assert that its the players fault for considering an official server it just says basically “dont try”


I like how you’re paraphrasing and putting words in my mouth. Nobody’s blaming anyone for playing on an official. I do agree it’s unfortunate how they’re handled, but at the same time I also realize that a finite company with finite manpower can’t be there to moderate every troll out there. Some people prefer the hands off approach and being left to their own devices, and others do not. Again, no way to make everyone happy.

All I can do is suggest things that may make some currently unhappy people happy, but apparently that’s victim shaming according to you.

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No one is “blaming the victim” by giving alternatives. Official servers on every game I’ve ever played have been cesspools. I assumed it from the beginning and rented my own server. Best decision I ever made.


I’ve dealt with griefers before, but these people are out there…they are woohoo out there

Whats your server and how many join on average per day?

2508 pve-c I’m not sure " per day"

I see it this way. The world is ending. People are divided. There are a couple of cities with laws and law enforcement forces. People who live there are protected as long as they follow the rules. Some of them might not like how the law enforcements enforce the rules. They are free to leave, they may form they own city or they can go and venture in the world outside of the city walls where they are on their own. People talk about victim blaming but you have the option to live under a dome or “free”. If you choose to be “free”, you accept the risks. The outside world is harsh, people would do whatever it takes to survive, to destroy any potential threat “you”, others will seek to team up with you but all of you have made the choice to live in the free world where there will be noone to protect your “rights”.

every server type has its advantages and disadvantages which you should know if you choose one or the other

official servers

  • default settings (xp, harvest rate, …)
  • no admins, no game masters, no moderation, no bans
  • no mods

private servers

  • custom settings
  • moderated
  • mods
  • sometimes admin abuse

just to name a few relevant points

complaining about things that by definition are not present on the official servers will not change that. especially not if a change would have such far reaching financial consequences.
admins must be paid, the official servers are free of charge -> there will never be admins on official servers


Since you dragged me by name into a thread I wasn’t even replying to, would you like to explain where I was mocking someone’s legitimate concern?

I’m not even saying that “private servers can be a blast”. I was pretty clear about what I think: official servers are full of cheaters and griefers, the dev team just doesn’t get the exploits fixed fast enough, and you have better odds of winning the lottery than finding a private server with good ping and without admin drama, game-breaking multipliers or unnecessary mods.

You call it victim blaming when someone explains that official servers aren’t moderated and there’s not much you can do but live with stupid crap you shouldn’t put up with or try your luck with private servers? That’s “victim blaming” to you?

I’ve already stopped playing on a regular basis and I’m simply refreshing my stuff. Why? Because the game is full of bugs, the “better communication” was apparently a lie, the game is full of bugs, Tencent is about to buy the company, the game is full of bugs, there are trolls on every official server I’ve ever played on, and the game is full of bugs. So on top of arguably being a victim of Funcom’s cack-handed handling of this game, now I have someone tell me I’m part of the problem, because when I explain that official servers aren’t moderated I don’t throw a temper tantrum?

You ought to look up what “victim blaming” really means…


Call the fbi, the national guard and the space rangers since you’re already there.

The thing is that funcom allow them to do this, by not listening the community and ignoring the solution since 3 years. They care nothing about conan, they had a major influx with the horses, now they can work on the other games and just pay minimal attention to this game and just fix major bugs while they cook a new map.

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I’m not in the mood to be ddos’d thank you very much.

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They won’t hire 10, 50 people to moderate every official server. I’m not saying its good, i’m not saying that i agree, but it is what it is. The faster you start looking for an actual decent server, the less headache you will have.

Where did you rent the server from

Gportal since its official

What is your experience with them. I’m talking about connection, support etc.