So what in the **** to do

I’ve had a GPortal server going since early access. GPortal has been pretty good in my opinion. They have had a couple of outages in two years, both less than a day, and they refunded me for both of those days.

Private servers are the only way I’d play a game like this.

Ok, it’s this simple. You are currently trying to shout at a brick wall. It is not the people here telling you to try private that are in any way or part of the issue. NONE AT ALL, so don’t try to make it as if someone suggesting private is somehow hurting your cause, if anything the more people that suggest privates over official the worse it makes Funcom look.

You are aware that funcom intends not to resolve this with better moderation, they make it clear every time without fail right? so no one here can do anything about it but funcom and they are the ones saying they are not doing anything about it. It’s not like every time joining privates is mentioned another official server gets less moderated. The people suggesting private are literally trying to HELP YOU with advice, they arent telling you to join private they are SUGGESTING. keep in mind most people who say “maybe try private” started off like you, they were on official and eventually got tired of the lack of moderation, maybe some held off on it because of neih sayers spouting nonsense and folk lore about how bad private servers are, then they try them and realise all those fairy tales about private servers are just that, they find a good private server have a much better experience and then they try to tell you what worked for them. You then shout them down telling them to stop suggesting privates??

It’s like the analogy I gave in the beginning, you are shouting at a brick wall, then someone stops by and says “hey instead of shouting at that wall why not try this door and go around it”. you then turn around and start shouting at him telling him how this wall will never move if he keeps making excuses for why it’s there, besides you have never taken that door so you don’t know whats in there… maybe it’s dirty in there… so no no you insist that the best action is to keep standing there shouting at the wall to move out your way. At that point the rest of us who got sick of that wall just shake our heads and move on.

I am eternaly grateful to the guy who convinced me to try privates, I never looked back and my conan experience has been immensely better than when I first started. If you are holding a burning hot iron and complaining that it is burning you but when someone suggest to let go of it, you just get angry at them because you are waiting for the iron to stop being too hot to hold and you feel if you let go that it will never cool down.

Like god dam this isn’t some political decision, you can literally try out a private server and see how it is, and if Funcom ever turn around and say hey we going to moderate our servers you can always go back. Honestly people act as if suggesting private servers to someone is parallel to some kind of thought crime. THe only reason people suggest it so often is that you never know if it is a new player or if it is someone that doesnt even know about private servers yet. I suggest private often, I don’t demand it it’s simply a suggustion because of how tiring it gets seeing the same forum threads open and get closed time and time again. I don’t know how much clearer on this issue Funcom need to be.

By all means if you are a die hard for officials thats fine, but you must know what that comes with, you are told there is no moderation yet you choose to stay, so don’t then don’t turn around and complain about the lack of moderation when you are explicitly told there will be none. You can complain and suggest it to funcom all you want, infact I think you should keep suggesting it, rather than making thread after thread reporting issues that arent going to get resolved, instead make tons of suggestion forums to say. Please moderate, “not I got hacked on official ### please do something about it”

And lastly I agree that Funcom should moderate, I really wish they did. It’s not like I have some vested interested in officials not being moderated, I just find it stupid to repeat the same thing over and over and allow your own experience to be ruined out of what? some form of pride? stubbornness? you think that is the best way to get Funcom to change, by continuing to shout at the brick wall?


I havent had any issues. The web interface for managing the server is straightforward and works just as well from my cell phone.


I completely agree with that. I have even thrown my hat in the whole "how do we stop people blocking brim spans and such. I have given suggestions and have seen countless other good suggestions by players that would decrease the ability of a would be griefer/hacker. I have no grievance with anyone staying on officials and wanting to make them “a better playground” I even encourage people to keep suggesting it to funcom. What I don’t like is when people knowing that Funcom arent moderating, post forums as if they are moderating. It’s like denial over them not moderating. 80% of the forums titled “help official being hacked” could instead be a suggestion thread pleading Funcom to reconsider rather than demanding blindly that there must be moderation.

Whether someone is on private or official is of no difference to me, whichever you enjoy is where you should be, I just don’t want to be dragged into a whole “explain yourself heretic” witch hunt when I suggest a new player who got hacked tries privates because of the lack of admins on official.

In terms of if Funcom should be moderating officials I’m completely on your side, I believe strongly that it is a massive mistake to forgo moderation in order to budget for other stuff, in my opnion active moderation can make or break a game and it’s madness to me that Funcom don’t see it’s value. When someone first told me about the zero moderation I didnt believe it at first as I had never encountered a online multiplayer server based game that didnt come with built in admin moderation. I think Funcom are 100% in the wrong to choose against moderation, but I have seen their responses on the issue and I decided I’m not letting my experience in game be ruined over Funcoms lack of rational thought on this issue. If anything moving away from official was as much a protest against Funcoms lack of moderation as bashing them on the forums.

In my opinion if Funcom never intend to budge on this issue they should aim to sell their server service side of the game onto a company that will own and moderate their servers for them, this will be at cost ofcourse but will relieve them of the current costs they are incurring by running their official servers. Whether the one offsets the other is down to Funcoms finance and development team. But as it stands I agree it is ridiculous to not moderate your own servers, which is the very reason I refuse to play on them.


This would be a pretty good idea. A flag for each resource spawn to determine if it will disappear when a structure is close, or remain no matter what.

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I thank you for many suggestions. I will not do a private server for many reasons, mainly the $$. And I am speaking for many frustrated people on the server, not just me. So if everyone left the server the trolls win, yay. No, we’ll stay, fight how we can, hope funcom can see that being silent is hurting their player base…if they care…

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I would, if that were true. But it isn’t the same guy who opened the two threads you’re talking about.

The thread we’re in right now was opened by @Suthainn. There are many others like it, I won’t dig them up.

The other thread was opened by @dorizzdt. And it’s not the first one he opened on that particular topic, either, it’s the third:

In fact, if you look in the general discussion forum for threads he opened, there’s one thing you won’t find, and that’s a thread where he was complaining about official servers and someone told him they’re not moderated and that private servers are a better bet.

Do you see the irony?

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Well that’s just kinda rude to automatically invalidate us. What do you hope to accomplish by that? Write off our opinions as trolling, or diehard fanboyism? I’m a person capable of my own free thought, I’m not a funcom mouthpiece; but I am more on their side than your own. That doesn’t make me any more wrong than you are for having your own opinion as well.


I don’t play on private servers, either, but not because of the money. You only have to pay if you’re the one renting the server, but there are many private servers rented by other players and open to public. There are other reasons why I don’t like private servers, though, but that’s beside the point.

I’ve been playing for quite a while now and I can relate my experience, for whatever that’s worth.

I play PVE-C only, so it’s even easier for a griefer to ruin the server. So far, I’ve had to change servers twice. The first time was because a player from another clan didn’t like another player who joined my clan, so he walled my base in, overnight. The second time was because a whole clan of trolls got on the server and started harassing everyone in chat, trying to wall in other people’s bases, and generally making everyone miserable.

Both times I could’ve stayed and tried to “fight” the griefers, but instead I opted to start from scratch on another server. The way I see it, the only way to fight griefers is by being more obnoxious than them. And honestly, I don’t play Conan Exiles for that. I play it to have fun, not to have an experience that is even worse than the most toxic workplace I’ve ever been in.

So if everyone leaves, do the trolls “win”? If you think they’re normal people like you, then yeah, that would count as “winning”. In truth, they only win as long as they’re getting what they want, which is reactions from people they’re trying to torment. If there’s no one to bother, then it’s not as fun anymore.


Whats your position? as all you’ve done so far as demonstrated my consistancy to not accept the status quo on this subject yet you actively fight very aggressively to keep it that way. @Halk is correct, you are toxic and likely the core reason why the user base is reduced down to its size the way it is. Each of these threads that i’ve opened up is to create dialogue on the discussion without disciples such as yourself coming over the top stomping them out - as if your opinion is the only one that matters.

Folks like you are where good people and ideas go to die, as you can’t reason beyond your own toxicity.

Facts are - You agree with the position i’m taking but you prefer to just attack instead of negotiate and exchange. So you don’t like me as person, rise above it? stop attacking …as you come off as yet again the jerk.

To think that @CodeMage determines the player base, while flattering, is absurd.


You wouldn’t know as folks LIKE him starve the room of oxygen by removing any discussion beyond repetitive echoes of attacks :slight_smile: anytime you say your opinion and leave it at that, he necros the discussion from other threads to drag a completely different topic of discussion down to the gutter of ad hominem attacks.

He was called in here by being named in a dig. How’s that his fault?

All this “victim blaming” misses the point anyway. No one is blaming the victim. The suggestion to go to a private server is completely legit and not a blame. Open public servers have been cesspools for any game I’ve ever played. If someone has been fortunate in that regard, great for them, but it sounds like discovery of something many of us assume to be the case. Doesn’t make it right that people behave poorly in the officials, but there’s only one decent solution; if it bugs someone that much, don’t play there.


There is, by holding Funcom accountable for not even trying … folks like Code and yourself explain it away, so its in a way asserting that the victims are helpless and likely at fault for considering public as being a reasonable place to enjoy the product. To assert that the reasonable choice is private is why the game fails to attract and retain… as now you’re lost in the weeds of "what server can sustain an audience, will the admin be a waste of time and moreover clan politics can be a like/dislike popularity contest…

Did i dig at him? or did someone else? so the answer to the person dragging him into the street for a fight is to fight someone else…


I only asked as i’m curious to see what data (players active inactive per day) you get… as thats the core goal right, vibrant player base to interact with.


Quite the unproductive one aren’t you. :paw_prints:



Thats your goal. I have a private server to play the way I and my friends like, which I’m very happy with. Many servers are run many different ways. I’m sure if someone looks in the right places, they’ll find a place that matches what they are looking for.

Funcom being held accountable is a silly argument in light of the facts. They don’t have the staff, period. The alternative is no official servers if you mandate they take active admin roles (and it were put into practice). That would leave you with private servers, as we have suggested as an alternative. You can be mad at Funcom all day long but I would suggest reading Don Quixote. “Helpless and likely at fault” is the way you see it, not us. When someone posts a topic that we think we have the solution in the form of a suggestion, we are not being “funcom fanbois” by offering it up. I can speak for myself in saying that private servers can be much better than officials (although the wrong one can be just as bad).


Sorry do you work for Funcom… or maybe we can clear the air long enough to let them argue that point… hence… the point of all this repettive noise.

Its not a suggestion its a repetitive assertion… the implied undertone is to stop using official and GO private… which takes the pressure out of Funcom to articulate or be held accountable to this point. Again, folks like yourself campaign quite hard to advocate this position on behalf of Funcom… why… why devote so much energy to that being a first principle response.

I prefer Bernard Shaw … “… The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man…”

Here’s the problem - why do people campaign so hard for private servers AS the answer instead of leaving threads for Funcom to respond to. If you all jump in front of that bullet, then folks who are responsible for Community @ Funcom don’t have to respond. Its pretty clear and simple… yet looking at history on the most aggressive responders to this query actively go out of their way to advocate this position and removing any chance for further dialogue or discussion “Go private stop talking” is the undertonne implied consistantly.

When someone rails agains that belief system its just a pile on of aggression and ad hominem attacks. You’ve said your point, move on? why linger/.

I am a bit of a loss… I do remember very clearly that the gportal servers was not going to be ‘policed’ by Funcom, as stated by Funcom. Which is why I play single player, as the poor behavior and cheating, players are reporting on the forums, was in my mind, incredibly predictable. Later, someone else I know plays Exiles, and rented a private (non-gportal) server.
Also, is not gportal a separate company unto itself. Thus, other than program errors, gportal should be policing their servers??


Remove the word “Official” from the servers and it would change behaviours. Official implies a contract between the player and publisher that somehow these servers would have the publishers attention implied on them - hence why they are very likely to be the first go to server for new adoptees. I openly wonder by removing that “Official” from the server list would the results be different?

If the answer to that is yes, then this is the mind loop we’re in… why are they “Official” and if Funcom wash their hands of it and don’t want to own them, then why endorse them.