So what in the **** to do

Your Bernard Shaw quote applies just as well.

Funcom will respond with their pat lines; you know this. You know why they can’t get down in these discussions as well; it’s bad business and can leave a community manager making a statement that leaves them in a bad spot. I can respond how I want and take a view that supports them because, and here’s the really controversial bit, I love the game and want them to spend their resources on continuing the game.

You also probably know that if this thread really gets Funcom’s attention, it will get locked. Best to keep it civil.

Well to be fair, they just rent us the server. The admin is the “owner” and responsible for running it their way. Funcom has chosen “do what you will and we’ll fix the exploits that are revealed”. In a Conan universe, I actually think its fundamentally the right thing.

Be critical doesn’t mean you aren’t civil.

Its very odd… i can’t think of another game publisher that endorses this server is open and free to exploits witout recourse and expect quality brand retention at the same time. The two behaviours cancel each other out as if a new adoptee (who won’t understand or read the specifics of the hidden conditions apply) load the game, jump on an “official server” see nothing but cheating or bad social behaviours and leaves…do they associate that as the games fault or the servers fault… to argue there is a distinction between the two doesn’t fly, given the population rentention numbers world wide.

The data i’d say infers people buy, approach the game with positivity and are likely affected by the negativity and leave. People want vibrant servers one way or another and they want more meaningful interactions… to see the game exploited and openly ignored… that has to sting in adoption / retention.

Like i stated, remove “official” from the prefix of servers and lets see what happens next to the dynamics of new adoption.

Again, at the end there, that means something very specific to you that is not necessarily universally shared.

Sure and likewise, stalemate of ideas / exchange and we did so without resorting to attacks… and thats dialogue :slight_smile:

I would just ignore the peeps… don’t responsed, just… leave them be and let them figure out that what there doing isnt effecting you.

If your lucky, they’ll find a server were they get responses back… and troll there. and hope they dont log back in.

Community kinda deems the whol spiderweb of foundations and blocking jerkish… not against rules.

Its clear sign that game needs Mods/Admins to log in, boot the clan, and delete all they made and leave them a message about being ********'s.

If you got large enough group… private server. Or move…which is likely to work once or twice. Once trolls get bored they to move to next one.
I’ve had enough vulgar stuff built on my lawn, blocks in, racism online that I gave up… (and fact we never got text chat on consoles)

Like I’ve said in other threads, Caves and certain locations should have force “spawn” on. So even if someone builds around cave or near, or certain spot. Stuff will always spawn, even enemies to prevent some of trolling and item lock off.
This way then, if they want to block all brimstone… they need show up and fight for it.


Sable, maybe if you didn’t try to bully them they would have left you be. That being said, didn’t your clan Blood Savages just build a massive with anticlimb blocking brim lake? And are you not building foundations everywhere right up to other clans bases inhibiting there builds? I told you I would handle it. This is your own fault imo

I am curious why this thread was Unlisted? @Cattibria

Agree to everything you said!

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I play on this server as well but from what I see 2 clans are junking up the sever blood savages and care bears. Both clans are spammers.
Updated I guess the only clan allowed to build big is Blood Savages my clans base has a ring of fence foundations stopping us from building