Some bugs after the 1st patch

  1. Yes, it is kinda annoying. They should keep bigger distance :slight_smile:
  2. What do you mean? I do have lvl 20 greater bear. 6k hp, 800+ armor and 30 survival points. He can tank/kill almost everything (all bosses with my help so far, only The Judge almost killed him) with stack of honey :smiley:

The point Im trying to make is that a high tier thrall will beat any pet. Anyway, I’m on the verge of giving up Conan. Freedom to build means people block outlets, paths, surround resources and block access to dungeons. It is like you give young kids the gun but never teach them how to use it responsible. So many players have defined this game a bad one. I should move on to some others. Plenty offers out there.
Good luck.

Not a bug, server latency causing this problem sadly :confused:

I dont understand? Attack nothing does n’t mean continue attacking?

Like a attack style? Would be cool if you can give them some tactic fighting orders for specific mobs to fight against, even stun damage for example.

PvP hours on PvE-C are from 17:00 to 23:00 (slight differences on servers) they should nt be able to break in when you’re in a closed builing… however they can loot you near a window. Using a glitch to enter your base is bannable.

Yeah… people building a huge box of 20x20x20 in the middle of the way.
However walling of parts of the map is bannable, no one will be banned if they build normally but griefing will get a player banned.

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So you mean player who purchased game and DLCs should not have an opinion? From your words I could guess you have been a loyal player just like me. You knew the problems with people builds, you agreed its bad but you also played it down? What side youre on??
Hmmmm could we banned half of the players on every new server because that hows people phay. They block resources and they wall other players as well.
“Griefing will get a player banned” that verse tickled me a bit. Heres my 20 cents. If players complained enough Steam will consider the next games their partner offer to put on the platform.
And yes I were banned from a game before because talking straight brother. But I wont stop to fight for fairness. I like to play a game not to play someone’s game. I could pick another game if theres no improvements made. Simple.

No? This is confusing, what do you mean?

This depends on how they are blocking resources feel free to read the official server rules here it explains the situation better than I can:

Join a private server and stop crying. I mean, playing on official is asking for trouble. I’ve played this game for 3 years and Official servers are not the way to go. Joining a good server with a community is the way to go. If you play single and don’t socialize just play SP?? To me all these issues are easily sorted. if you can’t handle pvp then play on a PvE only server. Siptah is supposed to be difficult, where t4’s are very rare to get and not on every street corner like Hyboria. If you can’t handle this then play SP and spawn yourself a t4 so you can hide behind it and play like you’re afk.

You’re not helpful. Youre not constructive for a better gaming experience. I might have emotional over new issues while the game is still incomplete? But read carefully and tell me who told you I cant handle PvP? You just landed some personal attack here pal. Would you just say something helpful or just stfu? Still I’ll agree with you some communities on Official servers are just bad. I’d been exposed to some and I’ll keep moving on until I could find nicer people.

I’ll leave this message above just for you and will delete all my comments the day after. The game is what it is, take it or leave it. Its the Conan team’s troubles not mine anymore. I have been trying constructive Im not some ■■■■■■■.

Man, it looks like you havent been with the game long enough honestly.

“Attack nothing” means it won’t attack anything even if attacked, until you target an enemy and command the thrall to attack it. And it’s currently bugged, because as the OP said, they eventually stop fighting the chosen target if their mind is in attack nothing mode.

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Possible idea as to what might be ‘causing’ the bug - I typically keep my followers on 15m range (unless I remember to change it for a specific situation) and I’ve noticed that in bigger fights this can often result in me ‘leashing them out of the fight’ by moving around too far. I wonder if this could be what’s happening here - player moves just far enough to trigger the follower to say ‘oops I’m out of range’ and start moving back, at which point they would trigger back to ‘attack nothing’ until commanded again. If it is the case, then expanding the followers’ attack/chase radius should at least reduce this effect.

Not a perfect solution, but if it works at least it’ll be an improvement.


My thought exactly.


I reported this bug (or just mentioned in the patch notes thread?), and sadly changing the distances didn’t work for me. But in my opinion attack and chase distance should not have an influence on fighting time.

I think this is caused and unavoidable by the fact how the distancing/followers work. As I can see the follower registers YOU as the zero point of the attack distance radius. So if it is se to attack all enemies and attack radius is 15 meters, it will attack enemies below that number. BUT if you move out of that 15 meters the follower just stops the attack, because it is now further than that. It still stands between the enemies’ legs, but you are not, so that’s a stop. It won’t neccessarly run to you after that distance, but no more fight unless ordered otherwise.

Thanks DanQuixote for taking time response to this. Yes, I would try thrall/pet tactics with specific range.

Thanks. You’ve addressed the right issue.

PvP among players is an option. Please reduce PVP hours. Gang on me and loot stuff outside my house maybe OK? But get inside my base and kill and steal is not OK. Could you make it a rule?

SOunds to me that you want pvp time reduced, to me that’s not being able to handle it. It’s not a personal attack, it’s stating facts and quoting. Get yourself some pets. Or further still Play PvE.

You make quite a lot of assumptions bud. I just suggested we could use more time to explore and farm rather looking back and check for foes. Its still up the IoS team to decide and we still have months coming for the game being official. I thank you for your suggestion but Im not going anywhere. PvE-C is my choice and I see it fits. Some pro-PvP and inconsiderate players make it bad. Anyway, I have found a good community and I’ll stick with them so I would close this topic and dont pay much attention of what will be the changes, good or bad.
But for you, youre here giving no help just mock up people. Why you even here?

Is giving advice and a remedy for your problem.

Saying someone cannot handle pvp when asking to reduce pvp hours on the server is an observation. It’s not mocking. I guess you’re just a delicate little flower. Now that’s mocking. Did you see what I did there?

Good luck going around throwing punches mate. There is one word to describe your personality and it starts with an “A”

Because i am too lazy to make new topic , so i will ask there, did someone noticed something weird about how buffalos attacking ? like u cant dodge, and they teleporting to u direct attack, even if u dodge they still will launch u in air… ?