Suggestion: Taverns earn passive income

So you got a tavern but you want more immersion so Taverns should earn passive income on the side providing there’s ale/food in the bar slowly bringing in gold and silver… the income is dependent on the bars size/seats etc so more customers more money.


Thralls be skimmin’ off the top… :innocent:

That would reward refreshers. Unless you have daily charge for the thralls in service.

I’d be content with free food. :sweat_smile: those lasting meals are good stuff! :blush:


Conan the college student

I’m 40 and still like free food! College students just maintain that cliche. :rofl:


:brazil: feedback

Agora quem irá fazer a imersão de cada taverna será cada jogador com o que ele possuir de DLC, passe de batalha e bazar… Lembrando que ainda teremos age of war 4 portanto ainda acho que o melhor ainda está por vir XD :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d support this were it not for the fact that Funcom has made it so easy to acquire gold now that it is no longer fun to hoard it.

Inflation hit the Exiled Lands hard.


I imagine youve been puttng your hoard to good use.

Burning through mine.

It’s true. Easy income can bring excitement in the beginning, but a bit later seems pointless. I was reading a complaint about the new raid fortress that gave to the player ONLY 10.000 gold coins and i do remember how hard was to return from the volcano that lava could kill you on touch with 150 gold stones. I cannot recall how many thralls and pets i lost in lava from a simple lag. Times has changed, a lot!
Exile lands has become an huge gold mine. We are no exiles anymore, but emperors with super powers :rofl:.
So be it!

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Thing is everything is hard in the beginning as it should be, but by end-game it becomes easier because we spent days and countless hours and people still want it to be somewhat harder which I get but it ain’t gonna be because you’re strong.

And by the time we get new content for end-game stuff we’re already at end game so they’re like “This it?” or “Too Easy” etc etc and it’s like well what do you expect?

I’m on a very very active PvE server so things are harder to get due to 20 people literally farming for about 12 hours a day which really does suck not to mention the lag spikes so the “Only 10,000” isn’t much to them because they no lifed it and already got 200k gold.

The only thing I dislike online servers is the fact we get lag due to people building 20x20 structures everywhere with multiple stuff, blocking off spawns etc etc and then they be like “Why we gettin so much lag?” or “Are you thralls lagging” and obviously it’s like ofc they’re lagging people build way more than they need and have 3-4 bases each.

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They would need to fix the in game economy first. Or if it’s for the roleplayers, they’ll have to allow the admins to set prices on everything based on their server economy. Being able to adjust prices that the merchants have would be great.

Having taverns earn passive coin would only benefit those that need the gold. Sure, it’d be a great way to get it besides owning gold rocknoses, but until they add more to the merchant system, it’s mostly for roleplay and gaining thralls without having to knock them out.

I would love to see more merchants in the future like the Bar Keeper. Allow us to have an actual market set up where we place stalls down for different types of items. Like place a merchant down that sells hardened steel weapons. Thralls would come around just like the tavern to fill up the space around the stall. Then if they really wanted to add to it, let us place items in that thrall that they sell in which we get money from. Have that as a way to bring the ancient obulus back.

With this, you’d be able to meet or “rescue” other thralls that can become merchants for you in different styles and what they can sell. The tavern system is a great area to kick off from if they follow suit correctly.

There is no in-game economy?, I mean it’s not hard to get stuff once you get up the ranks and know where to go or what to do and as for future merchants? it will be irrelevent due to the simple fact we’re just constantly grinding/farming because we can so by the time more content comes out it’s gonna be another “Oh this didn’t take long” or “Oh is that it?” and then the people that only log in so their base doesn’t decay will be like “oh okay, this isn’t enough content” then proceeds to keep their base going till the next update without intending to play.

Yeah, it’s really server based economy. Each server will have different styles of players, but if there was a way at least Admins for private servers can adjust, and then allow the main servers to have more usage of gold with stuff we’d actually buy, then we might get some form of economy that benefits PvP and PvE. Much like using the ancient obulus coins to buy black blood tools.

we dont need yet another thing consuming resources and cycles, just to produce something oyu mass produce already

whats the point?

What’s the point in anything? at least what I’m suggesting is a QoL immersion, what you’re doing is shooting something down because only you don’t see the point… you’re literally playing a survival game everything consumes resources and has cycles if you don’t like it then I suggest you go find other games.

It’d be a neat thing to have/do for those that want it you are no way forced to partake in such things if you don’t want too however for those that want too they can.

i shot it down because the game with everything it has now is stressing the hardware ie official servers, imagine, adding calculation to every single tavern counter… i believe it is unnecesary, may i have the right to disagree without you telling me to go play somethingt else?..

this is a discussion forum, do you know what is it for? for discussing… this is not a place for worshiping your ideas, or anything you think it will be cool

have a wonderful day. dont get angry with people if they do not agre with you ok?


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I think the biggest problem is that ingame economy is sort of broken simply because we can craft our own coins which pretty much breaks economy, they should instead have made an ingame currency that you could only earn by doing different tasks or trading, then it would matter and be worth it, otherwise it will just be another thing in the pool of ways to get easy passive gold and silver :wink:


I mean as I said above everything because a hell lot easier once we get up there in levels and stuff and it’s not the content that puts more strain on the servers it’s literally funcom having bad servers along with literally everybody else building 3 giant bases which the server has to render/load etc etc clearly that’s partly to blame.

There’s many other online games out there with a bigger playercount on servers with roughly the same amount of content and them servers are doing fine.

Not as it used to be :slightly_smiling_face:. But for me it’s logical, because now the content of the game is way bigger than before. So hyenas, felines or wolfs ain’t so fearsome as they use to be. Plus our character can easily have huge vitality pool and armor to feel nothing.

[quote=“Scarborough1994, post:11, topic:246827”]
already got 200k gold.

It’s too easy. I live in jungle and i can have 2 dragons per day. In a regular monthly gaming i can have only from the dragons 300k gold in a month. The only reason i don’t act this way is because of other players need to feel the happiness of gaining a dragon statue trophy. When we play official we share the environment. On my first week i play as a hoarder, but that’s it.

I do understand you here. It use to bother me as well. Some humongous builds, especially when they block paths, are still annoying to me, but not all the players care about the building aspect of the game and some others care only for it :rofl::rofl:. So whatever makes them happy i guess :man_shrugging:. I cannot expect them to respect me and my game play, if i won’t show respect to theirs. It’s not real life, it’s gaming and people play to feel happy and forget problems. Rules exist too, if you cannot live with it report, but it’s not my way, i avoid Zendesk.