Sword of Crom nerf

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Como a funcom mesmo disse “Ah Set, here we go again” lembra muito a frase do CJ

@Marcospt Maybe u should have read the whole context not just picking this part out.

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If someone has a pre-nerf Sword of Crom, will it retain its former stats? I mean thralls can use it.
Is this nerf applied only to the new ones, or to all, already aquired ones too?

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That’s a good question @rolee9309. The change will likely be retroactive to all SoC weapons in the game since it’s not the stats of the weapon that are changing, but who can use them. However, I will definitely kit my current swords, just in case. :wink:

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Oh yeah, sorry. It is an ability, not a stat, sooo it is unlikely to be untouched, but let’s hope!
I only have one, so I guess I’m also gonna stash it.

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Provávelmente sim e a maioria das pessoas no Brasil já estão deslogados com o loot na núvem pois a FUNCOM não atualiza isso. Já falei sobre isso nesse post aqui:

I’m not for nerfing Sword of Crom considering how rare it is and it’s THE SWORD OF CROM!!!

So instead of nerfing it, what Damage/Armor Pen and attributes should a sword like this have?

Read: Crom | Conan Wiki | Fandom

I think the Sword of Crom should have Sunder b/c the Cimmerians believe Crom is responsible for earthquakes.

And I think the weapon should give Berserker Draught when Health is reduced to 25% since Crom likes Courage in his followers to “strive and slay”.

Then it would be nice if the Sword of Crom had lightning effects long it’s blade when the Berserker Draught is active.

Any other ideas?


Yeah , just jumping on the wagon , of why is there any nerf to the sword of crom , which from 4 years now has been a thrall only weapon since it took all the players stamina , to now being useless , while in the meantime having Carnage , that was originaly not even yeildable by thralls , actually yeildable by them and even doing damage with it ? was this nerf on the wrong weapon ? is it a bug fixing that went wrong ? I can’t understand the reason behind it other than being a mistake somewhere , maybe the 15 crom swords I farmed are clouding my judgement or is it the time spent doing so … ( let’s remind how long it is to actualy find one , I wanted to say hard , but it’s not , it’s simply long since the rng % are so low )

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I don’t think its useless. Seems that sword of Crom is one of those glass canon builds they mentioned. If you go 20 corrupted Strength + 20 agility, with proper all stength buffs and master fitting on sword of Crom, you can easily do 1k dmg with roll + special attack (stamina free due to Rolling Thrust) and you have stamina to 5 roll attacks since roll stamina cost is % based.

It does. Thralls seem to combo alot more withit, which in turn starts stacking sunder, which increases damage duebto lowering the armor rating. Good choice. On Siptah i delve until i get the gravebane, and then my thrall destroy indead as well!


Absolutely! :+1:

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Firstly. Why should slaves be equal to animals? Can animals wear armor? besides driving?

  • No. Can animals be given weapons? - No. Why is the Krom sword being nerfed, what could be played in update 3.0? I played on the test server. And I understood only one thing. The branch without magic is dead. The summoned armor, bow and hammer are just a few of the things that tip the balance in favor of magic. And about the creation of level 20 zombies with random perks - this is generally a cheat. If you played the test version, you will understand me.

Português PT-BR

Agora nós podemos usar a espada de CROM porém todo Thrall vai bater apenas com golpe forte que foi removido da espada até o momento, a Crom não irá servir para uso no Thrall ou Lacaio.
Espero ter ajudado a todos com esse resumo :slight_smile: @Funcom_Community

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