Sword of Crom nerf

Ah no. What I meant was, once people knew, nobody would ever choose any other religion for any character. It would always be Crom. Crom would become the sole starting religion while the others all took a backseat.

Honestly wouldn’t mind seeing one exclusive benefit to each religion, that was only granted IF you choose them as your religion, not learning it later. Add a bit more unique flavor to things.

But FC could never get it balanced.

lol, no I was saying that would be an absolutely horrible design choice.

If they were going to do something like that for the SoC…then they should make it so you can’t take any other religion at all. Should be a fair tradeoff. You get to use the SoC, but you can never be involved in any other religion as a consequence.


No offense, but that’s also a horrible design choice. Getting locked out of all other religions because of the one choice you made during the character creation, a choice you can’t unmake, all for the sake of one weapon is not what I would call good game design.

I’ll point to the Orb of Nergal again as the evidence that Funcom’s idea seems to be what I describe: in a sandbox game like this, you don’t get to make irreversible choices at character creation, not even cosmetic ones.

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I know. ^^

Just gonna have to accept that SoC will be garbage on consoles and “fixed” on PC.


Just because someone used the word “fixed” does not make it so. :wink: I think most of us can agree that SoC has never been more broken than in 3.0, but you are right that we are:

:face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

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Yeah, it sucks. And it’ll only be fixed on PC if you want to play single-player or private. :confused:

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How about it swings normally until you place an alter down. The minute your clan does that, it drops the stamina drain

Dude. All over my shoes, really? :3

You’re lucky I can only hit you once with my SoC. FC’s nerf saved you.

They can’t be picked up right? At least not without mod intervention. But people would still probably use the altar for a while, then destroy them for resources to go back to using the SoC, alternating back and forth.

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For PvE, sure. For PvP, what’s more important? That sword or a god bubble?

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So in PvP, if a clan has the altar placed, nobody can use the SoC, right?

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That would be my fix to it.

Orrrrrr…SoC could be a solo weapon…if you clan up, it loses the function. Crom doesn’t support co-dependents.

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Give it normal stamina cost that any other two-handed sword has, but make it useless on thralls (à la 3.0) and completely unrepairable. :smiley:


I don’t know if its mentioned in this thread or not but the damage with the sword could be extreme with authority perk.

Could be a reason it’s not usable on thralls anymore.


Yupp works, a little side slap with SOC after dodge roll.


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Build it again and put the fencer attachment on it.

I keep asking myself why everyone puts the normal kit on it.

The fencer attachment is way better, more DMG, more durability.

You do realize that the Fencer kit only increases ‘light’ attack damage while decreasing ‘heavy’ attacks right? The Master Weapon Fitting he used increases ‘all’ damage as well as AP. :wink:

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I find the 1h mace to work better on my thralls than the 2h sword in all situations, especially against groups, but that is just my opinion. :wink:

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Fencer kit does less damage.

Maybe vs unarmored targets it does more damage, but the master weapon fitting is simply the best.

left target was hit with fencer kitted SOC.

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spawn a thrall and let it attack with it.
I don’t think it matters with Thrall.

The SoC is pointless for personal use anyway.

If weapons have a bonus damage (poison, acid), the Fencer attachment is simply the better choice in my opinion.

OK… :+1:

It was nerfed before…now its nerfed to hell?..Funcom do you have any clue how many hours veterans have put into farming the skeleton boss’ to get this thrall weapon?