TestLive Pets, combat and Dungeons update, oh my! [17/08/2018]

Hello Exiles,

Exciting new things to test for you as we deploy the pet taming system, a new dungeon and new combat mechanics to TestLive!

This patch is relatively big (17GB). We are however looking into adding a separate download for TestLive so you won’t have to switch back and forth between the Live game and our Test Servers. We can’t promise anything just yet but we are checking options that hopefully will make it easier for you to switch to TestLive to try out new content and help us with feedback and input.

With that said, we would like to ask you to provide input in the pet balancing specifically. This is work in progress and should make the pets feel rewarding and viable without them neither being too weak or too powerful. Please use these dedicated TestLive forums to discuss.


  • New Dungeon: The Midnight Grove
  • New pet taming system
  • New offhand combat mechanics
  • New Arrows: Light Arrows, Tar Arrows, Poison Arrows, Ivory Arrows, Explosive Arrows, Healing Arrows


  • Right now animal pens look empty while the baby animal is undergoing training and once training is complete.
  • Animal pens only have 250HP
  • Animals in Pens do not consume food or produce ingredients
  • True Name of Derketo cannot be crafted
  • Panther Pet crafting time is extremely fast
  • Crocodile Hatchlings are transformed into Tamed Spotted Hyena when placed in Pen
  • Pet feeding screen cannot be opened from the radial menu
  • Crafted Pet ends up in output inventory, but should go to pet inventory.
  • Grove of Jhebbal Sag does not disappear upon creating True Name of Jhebbal Sag
  • Feed Box UI is rescaled each time a new thrallified animal is placed
  • Rhino pet following you will run around when you move away from it
  • Players can sometimes place pets even if “Overlapping with placed object” error message is displayed
  • Avatar of the Jhebbal Sag is a bit wonky
  • When teleporting into the JhebbalSag dungeon bosses sometimes do not spawn


  • Added Pet taming system
  • Added Werewolves
  • Added Nightvision Potion, allowing players to see more clearly when it’s dark
  • New Dungeon: The Midnight Grove
  • New offhand combat mechanics
  • New Arrows: Light Arrows, Tar Arrows, Poison Arrows, Ivory Arrows, Explosive Arrows, Healing Arrows
  • Thralls will now need to be fed in order to survive. Place food items into their inventory to feed them, or use the Thrall Pot to distribute food automatically
  • Added the option to visually remove text on signs made by people outside your guild. You will only see it if you click on it.
  • Added the option to visually remove all text from signs. You will only see it if you click on it.
  • Beehives now require Queen Bees to produce honey
  • Fish/Shellfish traps now require bait to produce fish


  • Added new combat animations
    – The Sword/Axe/Mace and Shield heavy chain will now incorporate shield bashes
    – Throwing axes are now a part of your heavy chain combos when wielded with Swords, Axes and Maces
  • Added new attack to the Spider Tarantula Boss
  • Added new attack to the Crocodile Boss
  • New knockback setup and animations for monsters
  • New Rocknose animations
  • Added new idle and threat animations


  • Moved Sunder debuff to the right side of the nameplate, where it belongs
  • Darkened the opacity on the background panel for container inventories
  • Added button to the server list where players can report downed servers


  • Thralls have now 50% increased health. That is to bring them in line with some of the greater pets and also make it more interesting to take a thrall out for exploration/hunting


  • Vaults have now much lower hitpoints and will decay faster
  • Glowing Standing Torch should now have the correct HP when placed down
  • Added more building and climbing blockers to areas where players aren’t supposed to build/climb:
    – The City of Votaries of Skelos
    – The Exiles’ camp between the Sandswept Ruins and Drifter’s Rest
    – NPC village in Deckswab’s Retreat
  • The Epic version of Conan’s Atlantean Sword is now more durable than its Mid Grade equivalent, as it should be
  • Fixed swapped ingredients for Ugly and Unapetizing Fish Tropies
  • Re-balanced armor bonuses to stats


  • Fixed some bugs related to NPC patrols around camps
  • Bossonian Bow can be repaired again
  • Status effects, journey steps and crosshairs should now be temporarily removed when cinematics trigger
  • Fixed an animation bug where animals would turn away from you after attacking
  • Fixed a bug where the player character would clip through solid structures when re-logging after sitting in a chair
  • It should now be possible attach fence foundations corner-to-corner at a right angle
  • Fixed a bug where Reinforced Wooden Awnings couldn’t be placed
  • All sloped wall pieces now detract the same amount of stability
  • Aquilonian Braziers, Hanging Braziers and Khitan Lamps should no longer be placeable underground
  • Fixed a bug where the sound of footsteps in water would play when walking on the edge of the Large Water Well
  • Fixed Iron Brazier in Deathwhisper Camp so it doesn’t float anymore
  • Fixed a bug where low tier items would lose all durability after having damage kits applied to them
  • Fixed a bug where the Noxious Gas debuff would wear off, even when standing in gas
  • Hatch Frames now snap to walls, door frames and frame pieces
  • Statues of Refreshment can now be placed near any of Mitra’s religious buildings
  • Giant Snakes and Alpha Snakes should now drop Reptile Hides when harvested
  • You should now be able to harvest Crimson Lotus Flower with Sickles
  • JungleBirds now drops heads
  • Glowing Sticks should now be usable underwater
  • Fixed a bug where the expiration timer on Purified Flesh would display a negative value
  • Players should now be able to place walls next to stairs
  • Fixed an issue where the Witch Queen could be engaged behind the magical barrier
  • Fixed a bug where gamepad and mouse would lose functionality after controlling an avatar
  • Ostrich egg clutches under ground in the middle of the desert are are now above-ground
  • Fixed an issue where placeables would disappear if the base of the item was slightly below-ground
  • Fixed a bug where you could override the corruption limit by drinking Corruption Brew
  • Fixed a bug where bedroll map marker would disappear after respawn
  • Helped a Shaleback out from inside a tree by moving his spawn point
  • Fixed a bug where you wouldn’t do damage when jumping on another person’s head
  • Fixed a bug where the Palisades’ placement brush would give the “Spikes” debuff and cause lag issues
  • Fixed a bug where The Kinscourge would lose aggro if the player stands on a balustrade
  • Fixed an issue with re-binding the CTRL key
  • Fixed a bug where dismantling a Wheel of Pain would cause it to drop an unlootable loot bag


  • Merchants now have names and are marked as “Merchant”, rather than “Fighter”
  • White placeholder icon for teleportation buff is now no longer visible
  • Various audio fixes
  • It should now be easier to place items on the Wall Hanging Shelf
  • Planters are no longer semi-indistructable when attacked with a trebuchet
  • Archpriests of Yog should now use the correct weapon rather than a Yog Cleaver
  • Removed the ability to apply Weapon Damage Kits to torches as it was causing bugs
  • Fixed missing collision on chests placed on the roof of The Well of Skelos


  • Reduced the size of the button to open the log folder, allows the log window to be larger
  • Added a button to open the folder containing the ini files
  • Added a button to copy the mac/hardware address to the clipboard (useful when trying to do port forwarding on a web interface)
  • Added a combo selector for the server region
  • Added an edit field for the maximum number of players allowed on the server
  • Added a check: If settings have changed, the launcher will ask to confirm about losing changes when starting the server
  • Added a startup check: If we find a running server process that happens to not be the one in our sub-folder, display a message and quit
  • Changed the deployment/update/starting/stopping sequence to make it easier to know what is happening (icon changes and messages in the status bar)
  • Added support for switching between the Live and TestLive branch
  • The revision and snapshot information is now extracted from the Dreamworld DLL and displayed in the UI
  • Removed the tray icon
  • Added an option to force validate the server installation

Do thralls still have unlimited ammo? Will this be changed now that explosive arrows exist?

Question I didn’t get answered on the chat: in the nu-combat system, what does having a torch in your offhand do? or a glowing stick?

  • Glowing Sticks should now be usable underwater

Finally! And that is not sarcastic. I know it’s small but not being able to use glowing sticks underwater when the gloop itself is bioluminescent always bothered me.


Wow! So much good stuff here. :smile:


Apparently the reason why thralls have to go through so much food, each, is to reduce the load on the servers from players having dozens of thralls at each base?

I wouldn’t have to have dozens of thralls at each base if offline purge wasn’t a thing. I’m just saying.


anyone knows the radius of food pots (thralls) is it 50 squares ?? in any direction?

Vaults were way to op to be fair, for that cost. It would be still fair that they remain the same but cost 1000 steel reinf.

Where can we find the new dungeon?? Searching it with my friends an we cant find it xD

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Hello guys. Great additions with this patch. It would be perfect, an animation of fatigue … seeing our character move / attack in an exhausted way would increase even more realism😍

Was it made on purpose that different thralls eat different food? Now i’m running around map to hunt appropriate meat .

Thralls will only eat certain foods??? They are thralls little more than slaves they should eat what I tell them to eat. How soon can we expect this to be fixed?


Logged in, then immediately got a [Fatal Error] “verify file integrity”

Edit: apparently 2 files failed to verify and had to be re-downloaded

Game mode: Testlive Singleplayer
Problem: Bug

GUI for the Thrall Pot is useless when there are a large number of thralls present.

This is the size of the interface with a large number of thralls in the area. By the time i figured out what was going on, I had already lost several of them due to the low health bug when the SP game loads. That one is still present prior to the latest Testlive patch. I did not get a chance to check before the nearby thralls died on me.


What about the power shot (heavy attack)? Did you change it as you said you would?

This is not on TestLive yet and will be added at a later point in time :slight_smile:

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Thank You, and please do, Bows need love :stuck_out_tongue:

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Game Mode: Testlive US_2
Problem: Bug

All of my 30+ placed thralls are gone. Every single one that was placed in the world, and then a few random ones from benches, like my Alchemist III and Tanner III.

I kind of expected this, and regret placing many of the named ones out. If there isn’t some large fix, I would encourage server wipes when this does go Live.

Edit: Pulled this one out of a box, and I can see the ghost armor and level 0 displayed. Perhaps this is the cause of the disappearance?


You should balance Vaults in a different way, because nerfing its hitpoints won’t prevent ppl from building lots of them, for the contrary, now ppl will build even more since they’re weaker.

Make it limited per clan, like 2, a clan can craft only two Vaults, this way we don’t have a sea of Vaults spreaded all over the Exiled Lands, and clans will have to hide them for real.

Cooked up roasted haunch for my thrall and stuck it in her inventory, to see that she is very picky. She only eats exotic feast, lobster and exotic fish, and each fish only lasts 1 minute. Also the timers are skipping 5 seconds quite often, reducing the total lasting time to around 30 seconds.

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