Testlive Update 2.8 - Discussion Megathread

lay low all they want, those nice shiny HP bars give them away.


Nope. Thrall emotes are for every non-PvP style. So? There should be zero changes for non-PvP? Are you that petty?

Let’s take a look at things that help PvP in just this patch.

  • Fixed a number of exploits regarding stamina consumption and undermeshing.
  • It should no longer be possible to place fence foundations too close to each other by exploiting building mechanics.
  • Fixed an issue where left-hand sided attacks from a mounted rhino would not cause damage.
  • Fixed a rare issue where thralls would remain in a state where they could not attack nor get attacked under specific circumstances.
  • Stormglass gate frame can no longer be climbed and mantled.

Your focus seems to be on the thing that you don’t care about. Sounds game breaking.

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  1. That is for pve as well. PvE has exploiters. This is a general bug fix regardless of server type.

  2. Hurts PvP, because as said before, it was the only way to really speed bump an offline raid meta.

  3. Because no one uses rhinos in PvE, right? I know very few, if any, use rhinos in pvp, not as fast as a horse mount.

  4. Because Thrall v Thrall is soooooo pvp. Thralls were a pve addition to help run dungeons, npc camps, etc. They remove pvp in most cases, and it becomes pokemon.

  5. That was a bug, inconsistent with other gates. Not a pvp afddition, but a fix 100%.

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So, you’re saying none of these benefit PvP?

I do agree with you about running dungeons. Over half the PvP players we dealt with had no clue how to run a dungeon. A few had never even been in one.

Still, I notice you haven’t addressed the point. Why are you so hostile to a change that you don’t plan to use?


It’s not hostile. It is just reality. PVP raid is the red headed step child. And thrall emotes? Really? The devs are wiping bases for server impact, yet introduce another aesthetician load only will make it better…

Back when we had feeding thralls, one reason was it was too much of a strain on servers to calculate the constant updating.

Thralls have AI issue due to server strain calculations. That is why alot of times only 4 of your 10 archers on a wall aggro when getting raided. But let’s add a RP element over trying to figure out the raid game loop. So yeah, I stand corrected, I am hostile. Hostile that FC won’t come out and say they don’t care to or can’t make raid a viable game loop. But they tease and tease. And I hope and hope.


So, basically Bill Gates… Successful, rich, and secretly controlling all our lives from behind the curtains?

If we were, we would have waaaaaaay better combat mechanics. More like Cartman, and we will feed you chili.


Which I think is a perfectly valid complaint. If FC is gonna say that it’s an exploit officially, it needs to be posted somewhere in the stickied official rules. I used to have a base in Crevice that was stacked 200 gates deep. Any clan that knows anything about how to play Conan PvP would have done the same. About 90% of the Conan Meta PvP base locations are permanent structures that players can build 200 gates on. These insanely stacked bases can still be raided in <5 hours and, in my opinion, the only people that were actively complaining about fence stacking were PvP players that wanted to raid, but are too lazy to farm the resources to raid a large base. They want the joy of the iron price, looting a clan’s larder and stockpile, without paying the gold price for the materials to do it.

Most of the people that complain about PvP on the forums haven’t actually played the game long enough to understand the current PvP meta. Most PvP players don’t actually complain on the forums because in reality–like @biggcane55 pointed out–the lack of a reasonable PvP raid game-loop – is really the only major complaint most of the PvP players I’ve talked to have. Mainly this is because there are toxic alpha groups that jump from server to server wiping people overnight. Randomly, and just to be jerks. Raiding should come with real rewards, as it already does, but it needs to be balanced to not make vault spam the meta (which it currently is). Also, in a game mode where players are incentivized by gameplay to plop down as many building pieces as possible to defend their stockpile, we REALLY SHOULD NOT HAVE PEOPLE GETTING BANNED FOR DOING WHAT THE GAMEPLAY LOOP ENCOURAGES. Therefore, I think there does need to be a building limit of some form in PvP (although, as I have said elsewhere–I am not in favor of hard building piece limits). Building needs to be encouraged in PvP, and it needs to simultaneously enforce a limit. -My2Cents

lol. My thoughts exactly.

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100x This. Removing Fence stacking will only cause PvP clans to switch to making bigger bases out of the same or MORE building pieces to maintain HP values. I forsee that this will actually make servers perform the same or worse, buildings look uglier and take up more space, and will further enhance the already existing offline raiding meta against clans who build small and weak in fear of being banned (i.e. penalizing those who are most concerned with not pushing the rules to their limit.)

I’m all for better servers, but I just want to reiterate that removing fence/gate stacking is actually not going to help server performance that much because PvPers are still gonna build their bases with the same HP but instead build them bigger with more pieces. It will alleviate the load a bit up front because the density of building pieces will drop, however, it will still continue to have a massive impact on server performance. Only the QA or Analyst peeps at PC can tell us exactly how much of a performance improvement spreading out these building pieces will have, but I doubt spreading them out from about .5meters (i.e. fence stacing) to 9 meters (same HP built with foundations) will make an obscene performance impact. Though I could be wrong.

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Single Player vertical elevators appear to still be broken and not able to be placed near the center of the map. States that there is “no valid endpoint”. I thought at first it was a Point of Interest, but I moved away from the Lion King crag and it still wouldn’t place.

An undermesh break issue?

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This is just a polite and gentle remimder to our CMs that the Yellow Lotus is, or so it appears, still broken on the ps4. And by broken I mean that it is deleting permanent learned Feats, most notably ones learned on Vaults on the Isle of Siptah. This is problematic because learning all of these Feats is very time consuming, and on the Isle of Siptah the Potion of Natural Learning and Potion of Bestial Memory are locked behind the RNG feature, leaving no recourse but the Yellow Lotus Potion, and no way to respec ones Attributes and Feats without losing these recipes we have grinded. This is frustrating for PvE players, and potentially disadvantageous for PvP players. And if nothing has changed since my last try, the Potion of Natural Learning AND the Admin Panel respec also still delete these feats leaving no recourse at all.

To our friendly CMs in this thread @Ignasi and @Dana could you please poke the dev team about this issue?


Can you add an option in emote for thralls to sit on a specific chair ?


Are the “crystal ball” animations supposed to all be black in TL2.8?

I’ve tested five different ones (different locations) and they’re all just black screens. Audio is fine but no pic.


What will happen with pre existing fencing foundation layering after update comes out. Will it all disappear or will I just not be able to replace it if someone destroys it? Currently playing on a private server.

I have come around to liking the idea of removal of fence stacking because of this conversation…if your entire defense strategy is to build large with over 20 doors to just get in…yeah you needed it removed to get the creative juices flowing. You know, I saw someone build a fully functional base in a 2x2x2 cube. Do you realize that potential if you could master that build in pvp? There are hundreds of spots still not published that are exception bases where no one can see you. There are hundreds of spots that accessible but very annoying to raid. Look I understand your style or play is being threatened…but that’s a good thing. It means you have to think of a new strategy…that’s a win in my book and looking forward to the flood of YouTube videos after this change to see what everyone is doing.

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My current PVP base is 6x3x3 and I have all the needed benches (Armor, Tinker, Carpenter, Blacksmith, Alchemist, Tanner, Cauldron, and Cooking), plus 8 large chests of goodies and a horse inside and there still room for more if I like. :wink:

You can’t see it from any angle until you’re inside it - or your nose is just about touching the large gate. :slight_smile:

The so called pvp bases people post on youtube aren’t even good bases.

Fence stacking removal is as simple as this. Cave bases will no longer be viable. Crevice, Gutter, slaveway, ect. I have bases on 6 different officials all in the gutter all fence and ceiling stacked. What’s going to happen to my bases when this patch drops? Are my bases going to just fall apart and I lose everything my clan and I have done over close to 4years.

Guess it’s time to be a jungle dweller and live in one of the temples with drawbridges on all 4 entrances and a god bubble and call it a day.

Still waiting almost a year later for combat changes to make combat not as clunky since animation cancelling got removed. Guess we’ll wait 3yrs for door hp increase to fix the removal of stacking.

5 bombs per door is too little.

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Thank you for the heads up. Our development teams are still looking into this issue.
We hope to have for it as soon as possible.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

We’ve passed this information over to the rest of the team for further investigation.


I guess I should probably link this bug here for convenience… Close to crunch maybe? Not Yet?

The posting is a bit of a mess but the images show the problem without having to sort your eyeballs. :slight_smile: