Thankyou Funcom for the New Rule Changes!

I don’t envy Hugo and Ignasis. We may not hear from them till Christmas lol :smiley:


True, but this opens a whole new can of worms, and they better be ready for an increased amount of reports coming in. Ill wager it would have been easier to just go be an admin on a server to deal with the undermeshing/exploiting then it will be to read the reports coming in because someone is butt hurt about the clan name “Covid 19”

Agreed. But it is their can of worms.

People will be offended by many things. Some are obvious; racist, sexist, culturally derogatory, and homophobic names. Some are personal, “I never liked the name Steve.” This will not be a perfect implementation, it will evolve and there will be missteps. That is the nature of everything. To do nothing because an error will be made is to participate in the problem.

Act, correct, revise, move forward. It is the way of progress.


Except in this case, being language police does nothing to progress the game.

Im all on board with them finally acting on banning players that undermesh, exploit or cheat.

Foul language, bad clan names? Come on, grow some skin and ignore it. Id hate to see those people walk outside.


I’m just concerned about to what extent any of this can go before you are seen as ban-able. Say I have a base and have landclaim around to protect it, exactly how far can I push landclaim before it is deemed unacceptable in the eyes of Funcom. Too many grey areas that I hope get resolved.

Yeah, it’s not like any of those people have ever been called nasty names in real life just because of the color of their skin, or the way their eyes looked, or the way they dress, or because they held someone’s hand and that someone happened to be of the same gender, or because they come from a country that has had bad rep in the news…

You’ve been stirring the pot here for a while, trying to blow things out of proportion before we’ve even seen a single enforcement of these new rules. This is why I questioned your motives in another thread, which was a polite way of saying you’re trolling really, really hard.

These things you’re complaining about right now come from the section prefaced with these words:

Key words: basic human decency.

If you think people just have to “grow some skin”, I would recommend Shane Koyczan’s “To This Day”:

It’s just a bit over 7 minutes. If you’ve spent all this time railing against the rules people have been asking for, you can spend a few minutes trying to get a different perspective.


Why has this simple thread devolved into something about you?


It hasn’t, but if you’ve been reading, Ive been insulted twice by two different people assuming they know about my time in game, and what Ive experienced. Sorry if I provided examples of stuff Ive dealt with in game as examples on how I deal with the issues that people today just cannot.

I’m afraid this battle was lost around the time we evolved an opposable thumb. Or a middle finger.

Anonymity provided by the Internet has probably escalated the situation exponentially. Back in the day when people lived in small village communities, everybody knew who the local jerks were, and people who didn’t behave themselves faced immediate consequences.

There’s a book about a carpenter dude who went around saying things like “do unto others”, but I’m afraid many people miss the good points of that book and focus on the less relevant details.

It is sad that some people need to be threatened with consequences before they even consider not hurting others.


Please remain civil.


this guy, covid19 as a clan name was just part of the problem and its an extremely insensitive considering people everywhere are out of work and dying millions have lost their jobs hundreds of thousands dead around the world including members of my family and you think its the word police bs. They were complained about and banned because of the undermeshing they did the building inside the black keep and numerous other things that they did the said thing is you bought into his lies and pleas of innocent and are on here defending him. all the members of the alpha on the server reported his clans cheating plus most of the members of 3 other major clans all of whom have been fighting each other for more than 2 years you want to jump in and defend a cheater and a hacker without knowing anything just taking his word that it was only due to his clan name… You got trolled by him I’m sorry for that but all those players sent in screens and video of their cheating on multiple occasions. grab an xbox jump on 2111 and look for yourself.


Also Thank you btw personally and publicly sir and my apologies


At what point in time did I defend him for hacking/cheating/exploitng?

I have pointed out several times that a word is just a word. That can be ignored.

Since numerous people have came forward with proof of their clan cheating, and they actually were, GOOD! Im GLAD HE GOT BANNED for cheating! I have no sympathy for exploiters and cheaters, never have and never will.

I really dont think people even read my responses on here, because if they did, they would see since I started playing this game in the early days of 2017, I have been 100% against exploiting and cheating, and have sent in dozens of reports of such things. One thing I have not done, is report people for foul language, even after providing an example above (oddly enough not even involving anyone in these forums!)…which hurt someones feelings and got flagged. That just proves my point even further.


Valid concerns. I don’t think I need to amplify your statement by speaking of the actual concepts, but certain words are illegal in a few European nations. As in, speaking them can end up with you in jail. Because words typed into chat are fluid, and only similar to spoken words, there have been EU penalties placed on players for offensive words used in chat. Individual players and teams have been banned from the leagues for one player’s having used an offensive word.

Recently in the US, a NASCAR driver playing a racing game crossover event was fired for using an epithet over his Teamspeak. It resulted in an open-mic fiasco, that in my opinion, actually strengthens the standing of the global game world for its intolerance of words that might incite ugly feelings and violence.

This extends to parts of Asia, where it goes a bit further, and depiction of body hair is often considered inappropriate. This is one reason why we have server regions, and different versions of the game itself – to help protect the society that is playing the game. Server regions would help dictate the propriety or impropriety of a phrase, acronym or term, or its common usage.


Words are never just words. They have a meaning and we pretty much learn it as we start to speak and understand as a child. And an insult is an insult, no matter the motiv or if it is RL or Ingame. Don´t go this road, don´t trivialize peoples behaviour like that.


Im not defending people that use the language, Im saying people need to learn to ignore it, and not run screaming on the forums when a word online bothers them. Yes, they are just words. If they lead to actions, that’s different, but that cant happen if its only online.

In some cases the situation just does not open the possibility to react in an approppriate way. This might have been the case in the situation that you described, and therefore your reaction to the screaming and voice trolling of those kids from “another country” might have been very mature.

It was your choice to ignore them, and that´s OK.
Somebody else might not feel this way. And we have to respect that.

Hate doesn´t start with actions, it always starts with words. After calling people derogatory names, be it personally or as a group, treating them in an undignified way is only the next step. Haters use this procedure to mask their disrespectful ideologies all over the world unfortunately.

And as the internet is a part of our reality, words do matter as well in the internet. You can see this at that special example of the clan that did use disregardful language as well as cheat in a game and ruin the gameplay of a lot of others: It´s only a small step between words and deeds!


We will have to disagree.

Turn chat off for a day and see if your gameplay changes at all. Then let me know if it did, and Ill concede that words actually prevent players from playing the game.

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I fully agree with this, I was personally attacked on Offical Server 1578, Nemsis was also on that server, and is speaking what they also experienced there. I sent reports to officals at Funcom and they were in replies that it was part of game. So, I dont believe these guidlines Funcom has decided on as my past experience they consider personal attacks and harrishment part of PVP.

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