The future of PvP in SWL



Why not Shambala Event. Its something to do :slight_smile:


Will post something official after work as a new post here and on Reddit. Will probably be a test run this weekend to see how it goes.


Count me in :smiley:


You know, I’m not sure I’ve ever actually gotten a Shambala queue to pop.

No matter how long I wait during dailies, or more likely I end up queuing for something else at the same time, and it just never happens. (It might have happened like once on launch day, but I guess everyone figured the rewards are worthless).

I’d really like there to be real PvP in this game. I wasn’t a huge fan of TSW PvP maps or how crazy imbalanced that game was, but you can’t beat something with nothing. It’s really weird that the re-launch still has a lot less content than the original in a lot of meaningful ways (except of course for New Dawn).


Yeah, especially since devs did not convey this… “shared-world solo-game in MMO clothes”… would be the route taken. I heard backburner and I heard “soon TM,” but nobody said anything like, “well, maybe not after all,” which WOULD have been the decent and honest thing to say.

Kinda thinking Funcom would like to do away with PvP entirely, but through atrophy and apathy rather than any actual action. (Which, while crappy, would still be better than this state of noncommittal limbo, imho.)


I think at this point I’m just getting some personal level of enjoyment out of keeping PvP a popular topic just because I know how much it probably gets under there skin lol.


I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the Shambala PVP event today - A huge thanks to @Drenneth in his efforts of bringing PVP to the forefront of the forum. It’s mere mention, has resulted in it being the single most talked about topic on the forum since it’s creation and another huge thanks again for pulling off the event created.

My enjoyment came from the fact we were all together - enjoying PVP together, like we did before.
I will post a full review on the respective thread with my “Golden thoughts”.


Pretty much :smiley:

Im on a state to find real reason why to keep both versions of games installed and will uninstall both of pretty sure. I miss TSW Fusang, but its empty. Even Events wont bring players there. I was planning to join Shambala Event but was busy otherwise.

I stick here for nostalgia, and perhaps I find old friends here later.


Even though I was on my alt, wow it was great to actually PVP for real, Kudos to Drenneth for creating the event and always great to see you Sawo :slight_smile:


This game is the only thing stopping me from putting Linux on my computer, and I don’t think the gates will hold much longer… sorry you missed the Shambala day, it was a blast.


Agreed Merihem it was a lot of fun.


First I want to say THANK YOU!!!

The event was good and I had a lot of Fun, its so cool that we have still a active PvP Community.
I would like to see such Organized Shambala matches more often.

It would be very nice if we could wear faction cloth on the battlefield. To see if we killing a temp lume or drag.
That’s just a request and all can wear what they like.

@Drenneth you are awesome

we need to do this more often we need to show Funcom that we need Fusang back.
All of you, if next event comes inform your friends and your cabal.

I got 3 ppl, new bees to PVP, to sign in for Shambala and they did enjoy it.
So Tell your buds ask them to join.


Dear Funcom,

we had a private organized shambala event this weekend.

What really bugs me is, that all my deflect glyphs, and I run 2 hit and all deflect as Tank, did not count and where remove from EF Buff.

I did get the Equal Footing Buff and had no HIT (2%) tons of crit and critpow.
My Tank stats are Glance reduction 38% glance chance 30.2%

I don’t want to PVP as DPS tank, with tons of protection crit and crit pow. I wanne play an deflect or evade tank in PVP. Also my tali that trigger on glance are useless in PVP if I don’t have any glancereduction at all

Consider this, if we enter PVP just max the gear we wear. If one is entering with 2 hit glyph give virtual 2 red lvl 70 hit glyphs. If he enter with 5 deflect glyphs give him 5 red max lvl 70 deflect glyph.

Thank you


Can’t stress enough how much this would make me happy to see. It was perhaps the biggest disappointment I had when i first entered Shambala in SWL being that Tank pvp builds and defensive healing pvp builds were some of my favorite builds to create in TSW. The EFB as it is, is very bland, simplicity is nice but it is a shame when it prevents you from using half of the glyph stats in the game and the corresponding gear and abilities that proc off those stats.


I totally forget about defense heals or evade heals, thy for reminding me


My build is exactly made for Glancer… and its completely useless in PvP… and pretty much in PvE too.
SWL EFB is awful.


This baffled me, as I also tried to make a defensive tank for Shambles… and melted like butter with no defensive glyph boosts. Seriously depressing that you can’t be a tank there. Only… meaty.

*SHAMBALA* Round 3... FIGHT!

I have not even tried PVP yet… Will eventually cause just fun to keep on playing.


Will look forward to seeing you there! PvP is what kept me invested in TSW for years after I completed everything else and despite there only being a fraction of that PvP content in SWL I’m sure you’ll have a blast. Is a good break from the grind.


Fusang, thou hath not been left, overgrown with weeds…
Let your trees grow tall and your moats fill with seed.
Your stone walls hold secrets of wars won and battles lost…
The blood of enemies left there, at what cost?
For your heart beats stronger with each passing day
“Soon”…she whispers