The future of PvP in SWL



The post was initially flagged because of your attempt to create a falsity. It was removed because you continued to push an unrelated agenda even after the edit.

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Well, at the risk of getting flagged myself…overreact much?


A joke flagged as an attempt at creating a falsity? Well that’s a new one on me.
It’s like you’re saying you were scared in case people believed it and it got peoples hopes up too much.
As if the whole of Fusang would be sprung out of a cache lol


Again, I am only stating the reasons I am enforcing the Social Guidelines so as to quell an attempt at sowing misinformation. You can speak to me directly or to a CM about moderation, as this is not normally a topic for public discussion. Thanks. Please carry on.


Well IMHO i think your reasons for “enforcing a social guideline” are skewed and look more like an attempt to diminish and quash any valid suggestions from a community of people who very much already feel like they have been taken for a ride, lied to and made to feel undeserving of something we all had previously enjoyed so much about TSW. I’d be looking at how and when was necessary to “enforce” anything over a comment that was clearly intended as humour and not in any way an attempt at providing any false information as well you know.
But then, i guess you are doing what you think is your job and that is only an opinion. I have no idea if that is fact or if you are sowing some misinformation about why you felt like it had to be done in the first place.


PVP zones where a bunch of so called skilled ( haha ) players jumped around like idiots all using AR , gee, yeah lets have that back again , cant wait … the dream is over long live the dream . dream on


What? Granted I didn’t PvP every day in TSW, but never saw that. I will agree with the jumping it’s odd, now with the reticle it may make you lose target, but it didn’t in TSW. I just thought the jumpers looked rabid.

But everyone using AR, that I never did see. Usually a couple of skilled people, the rest were there because they had to be for the challenges.


For now, if PVP is not a priority, for how ever long that may be. The least they could do is remove the goods received from a lose in Shambala. It would at least make trying to win a match that bit more meaningful. THAT is something which would take no time at all and would alleviate some of the issues that are presented with the option of PVP as it stands presently.


PvP gave me something to do. I’d like it back. :slight_smile:


poll created on the matter of Shambala’s win/lose loot being adjusted to make the current PVP objective more meaningful - giving people a reason to PVP because they want to win not just turn up.

Given that PVP is “not a priority” i do feel this small adjustment could make all the difference in the meantime.

It’s not a permanent solution but it should be better than the current alternative



Thanks for putting this together. I’ve been thinking about putting together a poll just for the sake of getting some raw data. Will send out the word in game later and see if I can’t get a few people to add there input.


I have to say though my concern with removing loot from the non winning team will not change the situation we have currently which is that Shambala is simply not popping. You will instead get an even less active PvP zone which is hard because it’s already almost completely innactive.


And i think it would be, from a PVPers perspective, possibly quite the opposite if there was more meaning to the match. It might bring back the thrill and buzz you get from a win, rather than it being seen as completely pointless even trying to win.
I guess i am leaning on the side of PVP being more emotive to the player than the aspect of the pixel rewards for toons. Of course it’s nice to have rewards, but for losing receiving the same?

I think it needs brought into line with the true aspect of what PVP means to us deep down and that is it plays to our ego, psyche and morale as a team.

It may be factionless - but it’s all we have on offer until PVP does - hopefully at some point - become a priority.


As much as i can see the logic in Meta’s suggestion from a pvp’ers point of view i actually agree with Drenneth , sometimes we have to take our pvp heads off & put ourselves in the shoes or those who might need some kind of incentive to use the zone , personally i don’t even enter shamblahblah on principle albeit principle that gets me absolutely nowhere , Shamblahblah imo is the most inferior of the pvp zones & does not give me any kind of a buzz , where as Fusang , ED & even SH to me were electric with excitement, you can learn the mechanics or any pve , but you cannot second guess what we once saw in TSW which was an ever evolving dynamic , set of builds, players & competitive buzz that only pvp can provide , the replay value of a game that has pvp done well which imo despite everything that was thrown at us , kept me coming back for more & more & that surely should be exactly the kind of group content that funcom should give due attention too, just my thoughts.


It’s really hard to respond on this because I actually agree with you from a purely pvp perspective. I like there to be some drive or reason to win and I hate the “everyone’s a winner” mentality. It’s a bit situational though being that Shambala is the only PvP zone currently and a bad one at that. For the other zones like El Dorado and Stonehenge it was very important. In fact one of the flaws was when they made 2nd and 3rd place in El Dorado award the same because it completely changes how the losing teams reacted to a potential loss. It changes how people play and makes PvP more exciting when there is a reason to win.

On the same page though I think Shambala is not the place where these fights normally take place. Also the old PvP community that existed in TSW has taken quite a hit and honestly could use a lot of new people to build it back up in SWL. I’m not sure that will happen naturally just from players having a purely PvP driven spirit. It might require the odd carrot dangling to lure in people.

Replies are not well thought out cause I’m posting on my break at work but take no offence on the matter just my speculation on what might result from these changes.


If there were PvP specific XP/currency - like most games, then a win should get 2 or 3x a loss. Make it so you have to earn it. Shambles though, I can honestly remember less than 20 matches that went even all the way to the center pedestal with teams fighting, and I think I’ve seen that ZERO times in SWL. Not that, that is the only sign of a fight, but I remember those.

From a non-PvP perspective, I wouldn’t queue if there isn’t a non-PvP motivation. I mean how many dungeons would people run if there wasn’t a potential for loot? (Look how many missions people are now running for the 1-3% chance of an Agent!)

So while I agree with the get rid of “Everyone’s a Winner” rewards in PvP, there should be something as a motivator, but yes #1 should get the biggest slice of the PvP pie.


I took this 6 months ago, hope It helps.

Results as follows based on 200 people taking the survey. Skipped answers were omitted from count.

Do you have patron status either from monthly sub or GM Response: Yes Number of people that answered: 162 Response: No Number of people that answered: 38

Would you like another pvp play field other than Shambala? Response: Yes Number of people that answered: 179 Response: No Number of people that answered: 20

If you had one choice from the previous pvp play fields in TSW which would it be? Fusang Number of people that answered: 127 Stonehenge Number of people that answered 40 El Dorado Number of people that answered 31

If you only get the same loot in any other play field like you do in Shambala would you still want the other? Response: Yes Number of people that answered: 149 Response: No Number of people that answered: 51

If Fusang was put back in the game as a pvp play field only with no loot would you still play? Response: Yes Number of people that answered: 101 Response: No Number of people that answered: 99


Apologies for my delay in getting to the party, i am on an eternal cycle of sleep, grinding, thesis and sustenance at the moment but what would make it better?..improved focus? enhanced reaction skills? a competent typist?..YES! and that’s exactly what PVP did:

• Never could I type so fast than being a healer under attack.
• Never could I dodge so quickly than from Thor’s hammer and Red Mist
• Never could I focus so intently than on the tactics of play.

FUNCOM, I state this quite categorically that by bringing PVP back you are providing a community service and an education system that unequivocally improves skills.

I tried my best to read all the comments and it is great to see so many have contributed to the ongoing discussion, I have enjoyed meeting and playing PVE with other PVPers in SWL but, singing kumbaya around the fire pit at Axels just isn’t cutting it anymore :blush:

Well Tilty you did say on Beyond the Veil, that “we” the PVPers should make our thoughts known and now we are. I therefore put this to FUNCOM, what now?


Thank-you for the support and welcome to the PvP party. Seeing familiar players like yourself reminds me of one of the values I appreciated the most from PvP and that was the community. PVE I found was very unstable in that people got burnt out left and either you never saw them again or they might come back months later to see if any new content was released. PvP players generally were very consistent in there activity and if they did leave something always seemed to pull them back. Season 2 is coming out soon and that’s fantastic but you think how long people have waited for that and how long it will be before something else comes out. I do feel it will be very critical for Funcom to atleast return the old existing PvP zones after season 2 if they intend to survive the next content drought.


At the risk of sounding ike a broken record myself i really do think it’s time for Funcom to start thinking of addressing the issues with the missing pvp zones & the missing dungeons , Drenneth has stated he is finding it difficult to find things to do in game & there will be others in the same position as he is, yes season 2 is coming & it’s great news for us all , but like it has already been pointed out that particular content has limited replay value this is where group content such as Dungeons & PVP play an important part in keeping the playerbase engaged.
There are two things that need consideration imo progression & repetition, dynamic varied group content is the key to solving the negatives that can arise out of those 2 things, it really is that simple, to quote an old saying “A family that plays together stays together” Now the agent System although a nice addition to the game does not add any kind of group content.

I can’t stress enough how important it is for the survival of the game imo for varied group content to be made more of a priority, i know we all solo play to some extent but i think the general consensus is that group content keeps us all here , we socialise & mix with people in game , i meet new players frequently & quite simply what are we if not a community?

we need a balance for the repetitive parts so by giving wider choice again the reinstatement of that which is missing from the game will help provide that balance. i personally would also like Funcom to consider implementing a group version of the 3 scenarios for the same reasons.

Now on to shamblahblah after everything i have read i now think that some kind of incentive is needed for people to want to spend their time in there the kind of incentive that does not reward you for jumping off the cliff & ending the game though, a small change to the reward for losing a match is needed & maybe a higher reward for the winners. I have also had to rethink my own reasons for not playing the zone & have decided that if i want things to be better i have to at least make some kind of an effort myself to encourage players to play & take part myself. So thats where i am at…

A great big welcome to Verr btw so very good to see you here with us, i know you have strong opinions on the issues we are all talking about as you & i talk about them often haha, much love to you :slight_smile: x