The future of PvP in SWL



What you suggest about pvp & group content having longevity & the potential of retaining the playerbase is actually the most poignant of mentionings imo Drenneth & that is the relevant point that Funcom seems to keep missing , do they want a disposable game where solo players just sit through the story then move on? or do they actually want a game that has longevity? it makes you wonder where their heads are at or maybe it is us who cannot see that this is a disposable game now & this is just Funcom taking us around the block for a spin one more time?


I would want to avoid the need to tempt anyone into PVP that really didn’t want to be there in the first place with anything that effects something else other than PVP itself.

We have to invest in it’s own interest for it to survive naturally.
We had that problem when it was added to the daily challenge list.

There should be nothing on offer IMO other than it’s purpose of the chronicle for PVP, Faction Buffs and the usual payment of bags and shards for a win in ED/SH and just shards for a lose.
The tallying scores shown and kills counted etc like before and the contribution to world buffs
Fusang having it’s persistent effects gained through capture/defend objectives.

We all know how it used to work and it should work like that again since it was it’s most simplest and workable solution.

There should be no expectations of “extras” neither.
The enjoyment of epic battles outweighs any need for a reward of any kind.

out of those winning bags from any source in SWL we already have the chance of some nice loot to come out of it. So there really is no need to add anything else as a means of incentive.

Rewards as such should be based on the kill count, the matches won and achievements gained throughout your time in PVP.

PVP Gadgets, titles, outfits, Claimable annual Domination Dog tags i’ve suggested and more… PVP accessories such as banners and flags for Fusang facilities if you own them (the horror ensued when you tear down someones newly masted winning flags fills me glee at the thought)

There’s lots to be said about what could happen for PVP and for it to work, but i do think the main things that would keep it ticking are naturally available.


I gave up on cliff jumping Shambles months ago. Yes you can get shards, but it was so lame and not fun, as to not be worth doing, IMHO. Hide behind the wall and watch people lemming jump off cliffs - no thanks.

Abilities can be made to work ONLY in PvE or PvP, I remember EQ2 had that years ago when PvP still existed. If you can implement EF, you can make ability A only active in PvP, so it would not affect PVers in anyway. Yes you may need to balance things, but overall big changes like the AR ability that Pver’s had a fit about in TSW (Anima Shot??), wouldn’t happen.

But, I would like some way to get people to try PvP. Most people that don’t, have a preconceived notion about how awful it is, having been abused by the few dicks in PvP that like to spawn camp (there were some in TSW with the super high kill counts doing that in Stonehenge – which I found disappointing). That turns people off and doesn’t let them experience PvP - really good matches - and find they don’t mind the death and love the excitement. I mean if a dungeon started with the final boss and you died the minute you stuck your nose in, many people would be less inclined to run dungeons. You have to pay your dues with much death in PvP, like many wipes in a raid, but eventually it gets better, you just have to help people get to that point!

As for rewards, if the gadgets/outfits, etc., remain PvP only, then there can’t be a "OMG I have to do PvP to get x either to be uber in dungeons”. Although to be fair, if Agents ONLY drop in a dungeon or scenario, then there should be ones that ONLY drop in PvP.

Maybe a weekly optional challenge reward? Something that isn’t a ‘have to do’ but can do, to get an extra whatever.


It’s very apparent and clear to all that the decision to place Shambala as the sole source of “PVP” in SWL was based on a flawed statistic due to the rewards it held in TSW via Signets. They were much needed signets by everybody and so with it being the only way to obtain them other than the AH - it showed Shambala as being “the most popular PVP zone” - a false outcome.

Now Shambala does not offer “Signet Rewards” it shows it for what it really is, not very good at all.
The fact they have coupled the same reward win/lose holds even less appeal to anyone wanting to even consider it. But i am not a Shambala fan and never have been. Playing only a handful of times in TSW and once in SWL.

With this in mind you have to remember that placing any sort of PVP on a daily challenge does not become optional as you need to fill out ALL of the daily challenges to be eligible for the Final reward. Which means you will get all and sundry haphazardly wandering into any PVP zone just for a daily only to end up being picked off for a kill mission by someone in PVP and the whole “I can’t get my daily done” complaints which ultimately end up being laid at the PVPers feet because they are the ones doing the killing. When for a PVPer in PVP - that is their job. To have it diminished, reduced, trivialsed or w/e is not the way forward IMO.

Agents to me reflect NPC chars and in PVP there are no NPC’s so a representative Agent would not be necessary. Again, if you introduce an Agent as a drop in PVP you end up with more people there for not the right reason.


Oh and remember guys - There are no Legends in SWL without PVP.
Just sayin…


So in this topic Next cache ? Pretty please? I jokingly said maybe it will be a pvp cache for the upcoming Fusang update! The post was promptly deleted for being “off topic” and I received a reply from Tron stating that I have been misinformed. I guess that’s the best response we’re gonna get regarding this topic.


I saw both posts & it seems an odd reaction to an innocent post in jest , why the disdain at the mere mention ? because thats the vibe i got , i havn’t been around the forums much so i don’t know if anything of any consequence has actually been stated by them about their plans for pvp , but the response to you seemed unfitting as yours was singled out.


I saw that. But it’s still not a direct response with a reason as to why it can’t or won’t happen.
They can see this and they know that what they have offered out (shambala) doesn’t even cut it with a non PVPer.
As for the suggestion being “off topic” - it was about caches right? Which means open speculation. Without anyone knowing about the future caches available then it’s open to speculation and certainly means everything and anything could and should be freely suggested. To have it removed with that kind of message reveals a certain personal grudge.
I see none have ventured so far as to reply to this here thread with anything at all, yet it has a very valid standing point. Given the way that response was i am very surprised at all that they even have allowed this very thread to exist. After all, it’s not just going to go away. Removing one random comment in a speculative topic because its “off topic” doesn’t make any sense at all.
This thread will only grow and remain seated at the top while all others filter below.
The subject itself will not just go away
They can’t remove the whole populous or the opinion.


The post was initially flagged because of your attempt to create a falsity. It was removed because you continued to push an unrelated agenda even after the edit.

If you have any further questions, let’s talk in a direct message.


Well, at the risk of getting flagged myself…overreact much?


A joke flagged as an attempt at creating a falsity? Well that’s a new one on me.
It’s like you’re saying you were scared in case people believed it and it got peoples hopes up too much.
As if the whole of Fusang would be sprung out of a cache lol


Again, I am only stating the reasons I am enforcing the Social Guidelines so as to quell an attempt at sowing misinformation. You can speak to me directly or to a CM about moderation, as this is not normally a topic for public discussion. Thanks. Please carry on.


Well IMHO i think your reasons for “enforcing a social guideline” are skewed and look more like an attempt to diminish and quash any valid suggestions from a community of people who very much already feel like they have been taken for a ride, lied to and made to feel undeserving of something we all had previously enjoyed so much about TSW. I’d be looking at how and when was necessary to “enforce” anything over a comment that was clearly intended as humour and not in any way an attempt at providing any false information as well you know.
But then, i guess you are doing what you think is your job and that is only an opinion. I have no idea if that is fact or if you are sowing some misinformation about why you felt like it had to be done in the first place.


PVP zones where a bunch of so called skilled ( haha ) players jumped around like idiots all using AR , gee, yeah lets have that back again , cant wait … the dream is over long live the dream . dream on


What? Granted I didn’t PvP every day in TSW, but never saw that. I will agree with the jumping it’s odd, now with the reticle it may make you lose target, but it didn’t in TSW. I just thought the jumpers looked rabid.

But everyone using AR, that I never did see. Usually a couple of skilled people, the rest were there because they had to be for the challenges.


For now, if PVP is not a priority, for how ever long that may be. The least they could do is remove the goods received from a lose in Shambala. It would at least make trying to win a match that bit more meaningful. THAT is something which would take no time at all and would alleviate some of the issues that are presented with the option of PVP as it stands presently.


PvP gave me something to do. I’d like it back. :slight_smile:


poll created on the matter of Shambala’s win/lose loot being adjusted to make the current PVP objective more meaningful - giving people a reason to PVP because they want to win not just turn up.

Given that PVP is “not a priority” i do feel this small adjustment could make all the difference in the meantime.

It’s not a permanent solution but it should be better than the current alternative



Thanks for putting this together. I’ve been thinking about putting together a poll just for the sake of getting some raw data. Will send out the word in game later and see if I can’t get a few people to add there input.


I have to say though my concern with removing loot from the non winning team will not change the situation we have currently which is that Shambala is simply not popping. You will instead get an even less active PvP zone which is hard because it’s already almost completely innactive.