The future of PvP in SWL



I miss it…


When it concerns a party, It’s better to arrive late - than arrive ugly.


Conjecture :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the PvP zones, I think Funcom should just open them up, give “balance” a big middle finger or two and be done with it.


People are way to stingy to let a lack of balance pass. Maybe I am just a grumpy little bee in that respect but I always feel we as community can get pretty heated and judgemental even thought we probably are by far one of the better/best communities out there.


But balance on the faction level is already achieved. This isn’t DAoC where you have factions with different classes where - given a set number of people, for example “8” - you cannot achieve the same sum of toolsets in a group.

Balance on a “weapon level” - I think this is what most people consider “balance” - simply isn’t required and I consider striving for it a folly.


I agree with this and feel that it is one of Funcom’s fears when it comes to the reintroduction of PvP.

That being said I don’t want Funcom to see it as a roadblock. Just like PVE there have always been flavours of the month in PvP and generally there are a handful of players that are just god-like with a particular build and masses of players that adopt it and are not great with it but make the build or certain abilities look overrepresented. The result is cries for nerfs and the result is abilities changes at which point the god-like players return to the theorycrafting board an create a new OP build and the cycle repeats. I’d rather not see that happen in SWL PvP. If something is clearly broken to the point that it breaks the matches mechanics then I would prefer to see the said ability removed from PvP grounds. That way it’s fair for PvPrs and doesn’t impact the PVE community.


not winning PVP is what made me want to play the game more. I had a goal. I wanted better gear for pvp, I wanted to be able to at least keep up. PvP was my incentive to log in.


Oi oi @withoutscratch - We got our first cakeday and its a PVPer, HA!
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Yeah, there’s always a combo that’s REALLY good at something, and it can outperform the majority when you play it right.

That just means there’s now something else that became a viable build, because you’re prepared to take down a specialist.

While this is difficult in short fights like Shambala, in any of the longer PvP zones you had time to swap builds.


Shamblabla doesn’t allow you to respawn, so adapting your decks on the fly to sustain the fight is not possible.


This was actually one feature that made PvP in TSW very unique in comparison to other games I would change or tweak my build sometimes 10-15 times in a Stonehenge or El Dorado match and others would do the same making it extremely dynamic.


just to chime in for fun, …incentivizing PVP scene with cosmetics and titles.
…that will be true for seasonal PVE, or dungeons and raids which can become “exhaustive” after a very very long while and sense of achievement is good way to appreciate that.

On the other hand using PVP for refueling PVE burnouts I guess is a thing;

for TSW, I think PVP was supposed to be running 24x7 all days of year refueling all the aspects of engine to the brim…not just seasonal PVP day.
experts and newbs can not balance on there own…engine may be running but to gear it up to its real potential I think is hidden and secret.

for SWL, shambala pops are rare during my play time…someone should do something about it…


You can run away and hide long enough to leave combat in some matches, which would (in TSW) allow you to quickly swap to a healtank build and proceed to gleefully heal yourself through full weather until the other team wiped looking for you.


I have no idea why Shambala did not get an Agent. That is some serious booty.


I know some people cry when there are rewards only obtainable via PvP but something like a .5% chance to the winning team of a dossier would have gone a long way in boosting player participation. What I mean by this is not having one specific dossier drop in Shambala but a very low chance of any.


Because the only reason why Shambala ever poppe din TSW was signets. No signets given in SWL for Shambala = no pop. Sad but true.

That said, i agree pvp is very good to refresh the grind fatigue timer of the players.


Was great hearing Antida and Verittas talk about the PVP thread on BTV the other night :smiley:


What did they say ?


Awesome, I will have to check that out. Was at work so missed it but the more attention the topic receives the better. Really appreciate all the support. I honestly thought most of the PvP community had given up hope but posts like this show how strong the community really is.


Also, from what i saw of the Dev stream, there seemed to be quite a number of people turned up to Seoul FC. Shows PVP is still in demand however it’s happening.