The future of PvP in SWL



This was actually one feature that made PvP in TSW very unique in comparison to other games I would change or tweak my build sometimes 10-15 times in a Stonehenge or El Dorado match and others would do the same making it extremely dynamic.


just to chime in for fun, …incentivizing PVP scene with cosmetics and titles.
…that will be true for seasonal PVE, or dungeons and raids which can become “exhaustive” after a very very long while and sense of achievement is good way to appreciate that.

On the other hand using PVP for refueling PVE burnouts I guess is a thing;

for TSW, I think PVP was supposed to be running 24x7 all days of year refueling all the aspects of engine to the brim…not just seasonal PVP day.
experts and newbs can not balance on there own…engine may be running but to gear it up to its real potential I think is hidden and secret.

for SWL, shambala pops are rare during my play time…someone should do something about it…


You can run away and hide long enough to leave combat in some matches, which would (in TSW) allow you to quickly swap to a healtank build and proceed to gleefully heal yourself through full weather until the other team wiped looking for you.


I have no idea why Shambala did not get an Agent. That is some serious booty.


I know some people cry when there are rewards only obtainable via PvP but something like a .5% chance to the winning team of a dossier would have gone a long way in boosting player participation. What I mean by this is not having one specific dossier drop in Shambala but a very low chance of any.


Because the only reason why Shambala ever poppe din TSW was signets. No signets given in SWL for Shambala = no pop. Sad but true.

That said, i agree pvp is very good to refresh the grind fatigue timer of the players.


Was great hearing Antida and Verittas talk about the PVP thread on BTV the other night :smiley:


What did they say ?


Awesome, I will have to check that out. Was at work so missed it but the more attention the topic receives the better. Really appreciate all the support. I honestly thought most of the PvP community had given up hope but posts like this show how strong the community really is.


Also, from what i saw of the Dev stream, there seemed to be quite a number of people turned up to Seoul FC. Shows PVP is still in demand however it’s happening.


Yeah that’s the disturbing paradox about it, but i just feel like people just pretend to go on a classic agartha megaboss while appearing on the devstream.
It looks like kind of a community meme and nothing PvP per say.


I get what your saying I actually went a time before to when there was a beat up Andy stream and after he left the main arena almost everyone went and stood in the waiting area with him so as to say hey look at us we’re all on TV! Myself and a handful of pvprs stayed in the arena and duked it out for a while but it was kinda a sad abrupt end to what felt like a ton of fun at first.


I dunno if anything like it happens anymore, but in TSW, I remember Trevalin of Gridstream hosting monthly DJ parties in London’s fight club. Those were so much fun. Anything like that happen now?


DJ Hope used to. Hopefully I have the name correct. I think she did one in SWL but most times it’s in Agartha


Agartha’s club and cafe is a lore-wrecking sin.
It used to be the heart of the hollow earth, an ancestral nexus of primal energies.
Now it’s disfigured by a mall, jump pads and bots flying around in jetpacks.
That dancefloor have nothing to do here and the unique track that plays there is flat and sterile.

The Crusades is a stylish club that was partially intended as a rally point for RFG, but the devs mistook the population of agartha for hub preference while everyone was just LFG…


I do run in my suite since 12 days now, I do not see much of us wearing their suite.

If you have and do not mind showing your colors, please wear your pvp suite.

Thank You^^


Hey, i’m not usually into this but PvP players gotta stick together, so why not try to reunite and make a screenshot of us wearing our PvP gear ?


I could try to arrange something like that. At the very least I’ll ask some of the pvprs and those interested in pvp when I’m online. Might take a little time to set up a time that works for everyone but we can also split it into 2 different times if needed


My thoughts on location would be all factions grouped in front of the faction hub portals of Agartha (one group photo but perhaps arranged so the faction suits align with there corresponding hub) Then faction specific photos in each of the fight clubs. I’d say we could do a group photo in the fight clubs but then we would have to choose the Templar fight club since there obviously the best faction.


Lighting is better in Seoul, but the lumies club have a flare gun which could help make really nice pictures.