The future of PvP in SWL



Yeah that’s the disturbing paradox about it, but i just feel like people just pretend to go on a classic agartha megaboss while appearing on the devstream.
It looks like kind of a community meme and nothing PvP per say.


I get what your saying I actually went a time before to when there was a beat up Andy stream and after he left the main arena almost everyone went and stood in the waiting area with him so as to say hey look at us we’re all on TV! Myself and a handful of pvprs stayed in the arena and duked it out for a while but it was kinda a sad abrupt end to what felt like a ton of fun at first.


I dunno if anything like it happens anymore, but in TSW, I remember Trevalin of Gridstream hosting monthly DJ parties in London’s fight club. Those were so much fun. Anything like that happen now?


DJ Hope used to. Hopefully I have the name correct. I think she did one in SWL but most times it’s in Agartha


Agartha’s club and cafe is a lore-wrecking sin.
It used to be the heart of the hollow earth, an ancestral nexus of primal energies.
Now it’s disfigured by a mall, jump pads and bots flying around in jetpacks.
That dancefloor have nothing to do here and the unique track that plays there is flat and sterile.

The Crusades is a stylish club that was partially intended as a rally point for RFG, but the devs mistook the population of agartha for hub preference while everyone was just LFG…


Hey, i’m not usually into this but PvP players gotta stick together, so why not try to reunite and make a screenshot of us wearing our PvP gear ?


I could try to arrange something like that. At the very least I’ll ask some of the pvprs and those interested in pvp when I’m online. Might take a little time to set up a time that works for everyone but we can also split it into 2 different times if needed


My thoughts on location would be all factions grouped in front of the faction hub portals of Agartha (one group photo but perhaps arranged so the faction suits align with there corresponding hub) Then faction specific photos in each of the fight clubs. I’d say we could do a group photo in the fight clubs but then we would have to choose the Templar fight club since there obviously the best faction.


Lighting is better in Seoul, but the lumies club have a flare gun which could help make really nice pictures.


I wear my PvP suit all the time. All the 2-3 minutes I am in the game, popping cache :smiley:


I’m against putting their limited resources into pvp. Not worth it imo. Just my 2 cents.


Is that due to personal dislike of PvP or do you just feel it would require to large a time investment? I’ve been around since the beginning of TSW and what I generally see is a rinse and repeat of “story content gets released” players eat it up and complete it in a couple weeks then everyone sits around for months waiting for something new. This obviously effects the endgame community more then anything but as I see it there is nothing currently that keeps players motivated to play during the dry periods.

Also I can almost garuntee you based on history repeating itself that after season 2 comes out you will be waiting a very long time for the next chapter PvP or no PvP.

If you play very casually though then this makes sense and I can understand the viewpoint.


I’m reading the forum, so I’m a bit late.
Actually the war is still there (look at the date) :

If you really enjoy a game, the only fun is enough.


It’s good that the old ways are still kept up :slight_smile:
Sadly I had to remove TSW from the gaming machine to free up some space :frowning:

But… GO DRAGON! :dragon:

Is PvP dead in this game?
Funcom : What about The Secret World

I wonder if Season 2 will include new pvp, would that make sense to also bring pvp into the story missions ?


PvP was always part of the story. The secret war as it was called was a large part of TSW. So yes it would make sense but no I don’t see it happening.

Without going on too large a tangent what I’ve noticed is that there is little to no focus anymore on group content. The biggest intent of the relaunch was to in fact make this a very single player focused game.

Not just because of the lack of PvP but also due to the content trend. We now have the agent system and season 2 coming out which is great but not all that appealing to the multiplayer community. I’ve seen about 90% of the endgame player base leave the game and though season two might bring them back for a few weeks that will be it without additional content.

I could be wrong but I feel that there interests no longer are in player retention but rather new player acquisition. The more story content there is the better in this regard and things like the agent system are nice little ways of keeping players that are only interested in the single player experience logging in daily.


Funcom does not have enough resource for this. Look the upcoming map… it will be the smallest of the game, and a desert. That says it all.


Yeah … if you like Browsergames.
The Duty Officer-System in STO for example is at least more sophisticated than the Agent System in SWL.


Well … it would make way more sense to bring back the old PVP-Maps first because they already exist and they only would have to modify them for SWL. But that does not seem to happen. I think shambala will stay the only PVP in the game and i think the only reason they included it is that they can say the game also contains PVP. Not more, not less. Just to get a hook on it as an element.


I understand this and I try not to really direct my frustrations at the devs because I realize that there only puppets in the grand scheme of things and have little control over the overall plan. They can effect only some of the smaller details along the way.

That being said I think SWL and TSW has always been Funcoms crutch when looking for ways to fund other projects and it is a shame because it truely is a unique game with a lot of potential.