⚠️the light that the character gives off at night is really annoying!

I’ve said it before, but I don’t see it. Even in Siptah.

Is it because my eyes are shet? Maybe.

I’d support a Witchfire Lantern and if that’s too fancy for you, an old potion bottle full of glow worms.


I’m not sure, but this was posted as Feedback so if they’re going to read something on the forums I’m guessing feedback would be that something (other than bug reports, of course).

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Same. When it’s dark, it’s dark. Not sure if it’s a display setting or something.

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The character light sort of broke the night vision aspect of the game, whether it be from a mask or potion, the ‘night-vision’ is very poor and pointless to use. Maybe it’s better now as I haven’t checked for a couple of chapters now.

This character light coupled with the ‘new’ loot table also ruined many dungeon experiences. As many dungeons are dimly lit, you need to use a torch, but the character light makes all of the in dungeon lighting much dimmer than before. Making your hand-held torch the brightest light source in game. However, the hand-held torch does not radiate very far, maybe 50% distance than it did before the character light. So you have it out much of the time, then it breaks and you are screwed because the ‘new’ loot table removed useable loot (plant fiber, wood, etc.) from dungeons.

When they announced the character light, it was sort of cool sounding. But in implementation, fell a bit short. Wish there was an option to turn it off and resort to the previous world lighting scheme.

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There is the other kind of light source that is fixed instead of following. That may be better for now.

Wait…what? Are we talking about the same light? I am referring to the light that is more of a subtle glow around the character. More noticeable in the desert when next to a boulder.

How about the fixed wisp?: Words of Power - Official Conan Exiles Wiki

I was headed that way… not the same.

I’m with Conan on this one… “…don’t have the stomach for Sorcery. Give me a foe I can strike with cold iron.”


Sure, although it has to be pointed out that our pragmatic barbarian uses something akin to a magical ritual to ward his campsite in Beyond the Black River, so maybe in his later career he becomes more open-minded.

Funcom can add torches to the game.

Just imagine how cool it would be to just be able to craft a torch and carry it at night time.

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Just imagine how cool it would be if you read the very first sentence of this thread and understood that this was already addressed by their point about two-handed weapons. Just imagine how cool it would be if you paid attention before posting.

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They can carry their torch in the butt crack, not to ruin the immersion :joy:

The OP is trying to find a way around ridiculous thing to satisfy bad gamers, there should be no work around, you either carry a torch in the night or stay inside or learn to play.

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Nope. To satisfy people who think the current light system is bad and should be improved, that has nothing to do with being a good or bad gamer.

Of course, if you like the current light system that’s certainly your right, I’m not trying to tell you what your preferences should be. You have the right to vote for whatever system of lighting you like. But for you to spout off with a chip on your shoulder about “bad gamers” just shows that you don’t understand other people are also entitled to their preferences.

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