The new Thaumaturgy system / transmog system

Omg yea YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!! I vote for transmog everything and all


Yeah, I took the words spoken in the livestream to indicate that this is indeed the way it would be implemented. I dunno the exact quote without playing the video but it was something like: “If you can craft it, you can transmog it…” So, yup, light to heavy, heavy to light, and both to medium… if you can craft it then you can do it.

I’m not sure if weapons can be as well but I’m looking forward to appearing in Survivor Rags with a Stone Hammer and bopping my attackers with my Feroxic Hammer while wearing 900 point armor in reality. :wink:

I personally think this will make PvP much MUCH better! It certainly made PvP in ESO a ton better - this I know from heavily immersed experiential observation and participation in that game.


One side note on the WYSIWYG issue.
That’s already broken.
There are delved armours that recycle appearance but change weight category of gears.
The most prominent one in mind at moment is Lemurian Warrior Armour vs Remnant Armour.

If the cycle were not already broken, this one would be on the fence.
On one hand, sorcery deals on bovine feces manipulations and should play to misdirection. Also, let players dress their dolls up however they want.
On the other, dueling is going to get significantly riskier. One may need to observe a target and note of they are a sorcerer and how they move before engaging.

But again, it’s already been busted, so might as well finish the levie off.

It was confirmed (see Multi’s summary) that it’s only going to be same-same. Light->Light, Medium->Medium and Heavy->Heavy only. Just like it’ll be limited to same weapon classes.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d personally be just fine with it being completely open - no skin off my nose - but if this limitation is what makes it palatable to (at least some) hardcore PvP’ers, not to mention whoever’s in charge of the vision over at FC (WYSIWYG was their brainchild, after all) - I think it’s a good call.

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I’m looking forward to an epically powerful falcata or khopesh!

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Well yes, but actually no. They will no longer have attributes like strength or vitality, but they WILL have bonuses to stamina or health directly (rather than going via attributes).


very excited to transmog all my spears to kingslayer polearms for longer reach. god bless.

I’m wondering if they are going the way of vagabond in armor stats. Benefits that can’t be replicated.

Interesting question whether it works like that actually. I expect it might, but it’s also possible they’ll define classes by their hitbox, meaning extra-long polearm could well be incompatible with spears. Lore wise it’s supposed to be illusionary only after all.

If it did work that way, it would be a bug to be fixed.

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Not really. i think transmog should be class oriented. But for a different reason…survival.

Survival at its base is having to make choices that have pros and cons. C9nan has basically lost all of that…
Follower Thralls…it is varybrare to lose a t3 or above outside of pvp. They easy button most risk out of pve.
Food…2 bucks and you 20 hours of gamie time food.
Purges…with the rare high tier vs sandst8ne, they do no damage.
The only thing not weakened as far as survival is water…it will occasionally get low if you only carry 1 basic skin.

So now we can have all the perks of heavy. Easier solution would just make all tiers have heavy stats then.

Can i get a link to multis summary? I really hope it ends up open… it would be n8ce to use some of those light/medium armors. Noone uses them in pvp on xbox, server issues pretty much garuntee the first time you lag your done.

Sure, it’s here:

Specifically, under the heading This is Only an Illusion. Or is it? but really, you should read it all. Multi’s summaries are something else.

For convenience, I’m quoting the pertinent part here:

Far be it from me to tell you your business, but I thought the PvP meta was all about light armors?

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Ive heard its been that way for a long time on pc, but xbox i would never run light, the server lag spikes and general jankyness means an almost instant death, especially if someones using my favorite weapons

Also, thanks for the link

Depends, on our PvE server in an arena-styled PvP - heavy armor really makes a difference for survival. Some have tried that alleged light armor + pike & roll, but they rarely fared superior (decent, sometimes good).

The best meta atm seems to be that + the Oak shield + 1H axe - guy who reigns superior uses that and is really a beast in an open area styled PvP. The second place varies, but I’d say a guy in heavy armor + feroxic daggers is one of the nastiest there are.

Regarding the topic - a question to you @everyone:
why not make this into a toggeable setting, to be set by the server admin(s)?
Toggle checked - you can only transmutate the looks into the same weight class appearance,
toggle unchecked - have fun with making it look however you wish!

My only suggestion to the Devs would be, to keep in mind the existance of something like Amunets Server Transfer Mod - which allows the server transfers without the…somewhat limited - Funcom’s default one.

In a use case, in which one Server A the setting would be enabled, while on Server B - it would be disabled, the original appearance of the item would need to be stored in a parameter (as in - not overwrite/create a completely new “mesh” of “stat+item look”) - so that if a person transfers between such servers, the appearance modification could be simply turned on and off.

Of course @Funcom is not obliged by any means to do that, though from a future design elasticity - I think that having those information separate (if they already haven’t encompassed it in the system) would make it more resilient for any troubles down the line.

Just my opinion on the topic.

While I (naturally) don’t know the specifics of how they have set it up, I can tell you with 100% certainty that this would be no problem. There’s no way the ‘used mesh’, be it original or illusionary, is anything but a reference on any given instance of an item.

Yeah, I’d hope so as well - just wanted to point that out, as obviously the devs are in no way obliged to take notice of whatever mods there are out there.

And it’s easier to implement something before it hits “production”, at least speaking from experience. :stuck_out_tongue:

This one wonders how much corruption one must have or how many hookers one must sacrifice to cosmetic alter the outfits?
Is it piece by piece?
Will it require sacrificing a named entertainer to give armour a legendary skin, or to give legendary gear a different look?

I assumed the thaumaturgy bench was like the Orb of Nergal or delving bench - anyone can use it without having to be a sorcerer. I certainly hope so.


I agree, so why don’t we allow it only for PvE players for those cosmetic purpose option?