The new XP pool cap

According to the patch notes for 18.8.40:

It would be interesting to get some pool cap info here to learn how it scales with level :slight_smile: I just tried killing something on my (old) totw twink and I no longer get any messages about XP going into pool. I guess that means I’m already over the cap? Unfortunately I don’t know how high my pool was…

It would also be nice to know how this affects pool behaviour on lvl200 and lvl199 toons on the old server.

As it’s been common to stop at either of those levels to farm some VP’s from battlestations due to that being one of the most popular BS ranges and also farming some pool while doing that to make the first few shadowlevels a bit more painless to grind.

If this ends up being another case where funcom “fixed” a minor issue (people leveling “too fast” on the level locked server because of the pool) by making everyone’s life more miserable as a side effect, i’m not happy.

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Sadly it seems they really nerfed the cap… I logged in a level 60, one that I don’t mind accidentally leaving xp turned back on, to check its pool.
remaining to be recouped: 1121994.
I killed GoT as it was a nice orange to me and saw I received no XP into my pool.
(17:49) You hit Guardian of Tomorrow for 438 points of poison damage.
(17:49) You can loot these remains.
I then killed another mob right after…
remaining to be recouped: 1121993.

This new cap needs to be only on RK2019 and keep it off the old server, it’s really a destruction of leveling. No point in staying certain levels now to be able to farm the 200m XP pool to easily level in those areas that really need it (101-124, 171~189).

My 200 paids had around 1.2~1.3 M SK in pool… they also do not gain anything more into pool… THANKS FC you really F’d with a lot of things.

Sadly that’s what i expected. And that’s my experience with FC fixing a bug or like in this case a “bug.”

In all of the FunCom games i’ve played during the last 15+ years, they always do the same kind of overkill. Nothing gets done to game breaking really serious bugs and exploits, but lord have mercy someone figures out a way to make the grind even a small bit less tedious, it gets “fixed” immediately and while doing that, 10 other things that were working perfectly end up broken.

What does it matter if some hasty bunch level up to the new cap in an hour to complain again that there’s nothing left for them to do? Now with the nerfed pool, it will take them 30 minutes longer to reach the cap but they will still end up whining that there’s nothing for them to do and demand FC to raise the cap.

Players at the level cap will be able to gain xp to their XP pool.

This was probably needed and overall a really good idea!

Pooled XP cap is now based on the character’s level.

This … well, why? I guess I can see the logic behind it, maybe to stop those with 80 hours a day to play grinding enough XP to level 10 accounts to max level on just one toon. However, it will kill some of the gameplay for many. Especially on Live, during those odd quiet times (most of the time) when there’s not much to do, so you grind a level fixed toon (for pvp, instance reasons, or whatever) a bit just to add to that pool and get at least some small sense of progression, or that you actually contributed to that toon in some way. Now that’s gone, and gone is the incentive to even play on those characters. So I ask again of FC … why? Especially after all these years. Too many changes do not make a better piece of artwork, often the opposite is true!

This change almost feels spiteful. It serves no purpose but to irritate players.

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Someone on discord posted numbers for a level 60 yesterday and there it looked like the pool cap was double the amount needed to level; 203.500 x 2 = 407.000 cap.
We’d need more info to know if that’s accurate, but if it’s true, it would be quite a dramatic reduction from the 200.000.000 it was before.

For a game no longer being developed they still have time and resources to screw with players.


Lets face it, this was a silly state of affairs anyway. I’m not saying that this is necessarily the right fix (haven’t had the chance to think about it fully yet), but I’m not sad at the idea of losing mechanics that encourage weird xp farming practices.

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It was the only thing making research and vp farming at 199 a little bit more sensible. Many people stop at 199 (or 200, but the research goes slower at that point) to farm VP’s from the only BS range that runs (or at least used to before RK2019) consistently.

There was nothing fishy or weird in it. It gave you a little bit of accomplishment while doing the extremely tedious grind for VP and Research. That’s now gone.

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Since XP pool doesn’t carry over after 200 when you need SK, this worked at 200 but not at 199.

Funcom, Why did you make the change to how much xp/sk could be in our death pool to such a dramatically lower number than it was previously? 400,000 vs 200,000,000.

What happened to those of us that already had a death pool over your new artificially low number?

There are many occasions when I play a toon with their xp turned off in order to finish research. Why is this somehow unacceptable behavior now? Change the research caps so that any xp/sk that would be lost due to the death pool cap will go to the research selected, otherwise a doja chip or daily mission or freelancer reward is wasted because of an artificial limit you decided to add to the game for not good reason.

If you are going to do something ridiculous like this to turn so many of your customers against you … you could at least publish the cap or how it is determined and include an in-game system message of our current death pool and how close we are to the cap for our level.


No communication on anything anymore. We don’t even get an employee to post on here.

@Richart AndyB wrote on discord:

So hopefully they’ll read this next week :blush:

If that’s the case, then SK pool at 200 would be 160K… great…

I can try to test with this with a few toons I rarely play or a few new ones I’ve got.

Tends to be how FC fixes things;
That fly needs swatting
FC :- “let me get my sledgehammer !”

smash smash smash smash

Dust settles …

Players: - “Hey you could have just OPENED A WINDOW!”

FC :- looks around " what window ?"

Maybe the problem isn’t people leveling too fast, maybe it’s either server moving too slowly or FC not quite realising what the xp curve looks like anymore.

Yeah, I think the major problem is that we need to stop every 25 levels for no apparent reason…
Leveling is lotsafun, but every time I hit this invisible wall I just wanna cry.

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As I’ve said before, you really just want a new, unrestricted server, which I’m good with, and support your desire to have.

However, I have two active paid accounts, solely because I thought progression meant something entirely different than you do, and will cancel both if you get your way on RK2019.

I’ve pretty much moved on to playing FF14 with a family member (which I played when it was only an 11 in MMO terms, and like 2 in single player), and I’m only posting here because I do not want AO to die.

I’ve moved on to ESO. I’ll still check in as my main acct is paid thru 2021 and 2nd for the rest of this year. Prob be more active During Anniv event coming up in June.

You speak as if I’m alone, and that the server is up because of you…
I’m playing this game because I love it.
But at lvl 125-150, you wont hit cap by the new release.
So have your last month of utopia.
You will cancel your sub, and I have no problems with that.
Your problem is that you want everything catered to you, and your needs, and fail to see that the numbers are dwindling.
But alas, I think they will rise again as soon as we get some more content.
Have fun logging off for the last time.
I’ll be here when you inevitably decide to come back.