Thrall attacked other player official Pve-Conflict. Save Thrall oflline

I played official server PVE-conflict.
I need HELP!
Tell me about server settings.
Thrall attacked other player official Pve-Conflict. Other players can damage my Thrall even when I’m offline.This is normal? Those now you need to constantly hide Thralls and animals before going offline? What about rhinos and horses? It’s hard to hide

It depends on how they damage them, if they damage them directly by hitting them, this shouldn’t be the case as long as the building damage is disabled -> a bug. If they are killing them by making them walk into spikes and let them bleed to death, then this is not really a bug as they die due to PvE damage i.e bleed.

They just kill them themselves without using thorns. I’ve seen it myself. At the same time, Thrall also hits them. I know the mechanics of thorns. The fact is that now the mechanics work like on a PVP server.
Now necessary to hide all the animals and Thralls under the roof of the house?
Off server PVE-conflict.

Now before exiting the game, it is impossible to leave Thralls on the world???

Then it is a bug which is also being discussed here:

Is it really a bug? This behavior has been reported months ago and we never heard any official word from Funcom about whether it’s a bug or an intentional change.

I would assume so. :woman_shrugging:

Need an official Funcom service response

I wanted to build in an area that had a few Aesir Warriors in full kit left behind from another player so encased them in spikes.
They had a single stack bleed symbol, but the food buff symbol never appeared.
After nearly 24 hours their health hadn’t been reduced one iota. Regeneration? Mass stacks of Gruel? Or perhaps not possible anymore.

Regardless, I just built my base over the top of them, (entombing one in the stairwell) and now I have 5 extra Fighters protecting my base. Three inside and two outside. I don’t think they’ll disappear because the owner has another base which he constantly refreshes.

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