Too many horse nerfs

Careful not to nerf horses too much. I enjoy horse pvp. I think Horse pvp was conans best combat feature.

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The days of horse pvp is most likely over for better or worse. Personally ground pvp is much more fun

I fail to see how horse PVP has failed. It is still a powerhouse that, if done with skill and precision, can massively hit someone and be completely free and away from that person so they cannot counter attack. You reset your charge and repeat it.

The only thing that i see that was removed was the ability for someone unskilled to wipe the field clean because they can run and hold down a button. If that is your idea of horse PVP, then yes you are going to be disappointed.


I Agree! I’m against all forms of nerf. I’m from the generation of the hard games that when you lose you go back from the start. Adapt or die style. Now it do not sells to millennial gamers even on a survival game. I played a fps very (unique) but the guns was too nerfed that all they could kill was the fun, where in the fckng world you need to land 5 headshots to kill a foe? I left this game and gone for a WWII game very cool, weapons that really kills. I was learning about the game and gone to their forums, and found a bunch of players requiring nerf this, nerf that, and a that a shot from a bolt action rifle with 7.92 × 57mm ammo, in bare chest should not kill in1 hit. Hope they dont listen to those people.

It is the endless circle of how things go here fellow exile. Some people complain about a feature, the feature is nerfed and it’s the turn of the others now to complain.
Ofcurce there were people that loved this feature, including you, but the cards are dropped now! Feel free to wish for horse upgrade, just wear a helmet :rofl::rofl::rofl:, I see a lot of stones coming :wink:.

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Where is the lack of skill? On the guy that run and press a button? or on the guy that fails to push the buttons to dodge it, and needs a helping hand from a nerf? Why to nerf instead to boost? Or implement counter measure? Then you dont benfit one and frustrate others. Nerfing is a very lazy way to balance things. I feel like in “god of war” when you die some times in the same point they ask me if a want to change dificult to easy, it is an insult me, offer to make things easy.

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The damage fix as far as I understand it was a bug, so “nerf” to the charge attack is a bit inaccurate.

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Those who relied upon a bug or 'sploit will often call it’s correction a nerf. Especially if it was a longstanding operation outside of intended parameters.


1.5 multiplier to 1.1 (old updates) losing of the debuffs, take more stamina damage, can not run over a group pointing the lance at the first hit it disarms, damage reduction, the only bug was that it was delivering multiple hits. All other adjustments are nerfs.

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Yes but since it was dominated by the bug, functionally, the rest was in the noise.

the 1.5 damage multiplier was just annoying. I might as well played a centaur as I pranced around Sepermeru and lovetap. Just not fun to be that powerful IMHO.

while i like horse pvp i can adapt to this new horse pvp.

BUT i think they have too much low HP and now the player can hit like a truck with a good build, your horse will be melted in 30 seconds, i don’t really think thats ok because is not exactly easy to level a new one.

Yeah I don’t know why they needed to change the horse’s HP at all really. The problem was the mechanics of how damage from the mounted player worked. Now that’s fixed, I don’t get why they lowered their HP. They die easily already in the current game. Being my character’s horse is like being a junior officer in the trenches in WWI.

Just wanted to point out, millenials are people in their 30s and 40s. If you’re shaking your fist at “young people” I think you want to say gen-z gamers.

my bad, both of them

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Best nerf ever happened. Horse PVP is just random. Almost no chance for ground player to knock someone off an horse.

Now in testlive, u actually have to think before you just charge into a fight with a horsie.

Gj FC.

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Suck it horse boys, tonight we eat horse flesh!

Nom nom

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I hoping but not holding my breath with all these low hp thralls and horses they adjust xp. so it doesn’t take hours to level a thrall that will die very fast in pvp.

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Protip dont bring your thrall in what u call “PVP”

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It was the worst thing to ever happen to this game. Nerf it to the ground, or even better - delete horses

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I’m looking forward to more ground pvp myself. Horses had their time to shine