Unknown build limit?

You’re not, but I am.

If people get ‘You cannot build here’ errors instead of being able to screw each other over. Then they won’t get themselves banned.

Your suggestion of trying to keep tabs on repeat offenders isn’t tenable. If there is a dozen reports per server per week, that’s nearly 12,000 reports. By the time the warning period is over with, the mod in charge of dealing with the infraction is going to forget what they even saw.

So you either need a clear as day set of rules for the lowest common denominator (everyone says that’s too hard for them, so that’s out):

See? You all can’t even agree on a singular rule. You all never will, just stop trying.

No-building the map is the only way to stop the bans.

I’m genuinely not sure what you’re trying to say any more, but I gather you’re doubling down on the notion of certain zones being semi-no-build zones, and all players magically being aware of this except for the ignorant and inconsiderate?

Of course I am. As they’re generally considered insults. Now I am well aware that ignorance and stupidity are not the same, but that doesn’t mean it’s a meaningful distinction, especially when coupled with another insult (and your general attitude).

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There’s no requirement that we all agree. In fact, as users we have the luxury of bickering and never coming to a workable solution, which is certainly not an option for those who have to deal with this professionally.

Some of us just think Funcom ought to be a bit clearer about what they have agreed on internally, is all.

I’m fairly sure you’re being facetious, or perhaps I just hope so. A relatively subtle ad absurdum kinda thing.

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Sure, but “did not break any rules” and “lied about rules” aren’t the only two options. As we’ve seen, “did not know what rules were broken” is another common outcome.

I’ve seen a significant number of people come to the forums to complain about being wiped, only to find out that foundation spam and fence foundation stacking aren’t allowed anymore.

So if I’m going to assume anything, I’ll assume that we don’t know enough, rather than taking the lack of information as proof of innocence.

I wouldn’t be willing to buy even that much as long as people are still insisting that Funcom doesn’t ban undermeshers and people who were caught on video while bragging about cheating. Seriously, if Funcom doesn’t have time to investigate the reports and they don’t care about harming innocents, then the “possibly innocent cheaters” should also get the ol’ shotgun.

I would buy that argument in a few isolated cases, but people are claiming this is a widespread problem, and that just doesn’t hold water.

Yep. And on top of that, you have a few voices who seize every opportunity to argue against the “new” rules and their enforcement, and who do so in bad faith. Hence my earlier comment about rules-lawyering and logic-pretzeling.

All of that leads to a rather toxic polarization, where reasonable people like you end up feeling like they’re being labeled “stupid and/or malicious for even questioning it, and a filthy cheater to boot”, as you put it. FWIW, if I was among those whose posts made you feel that way, I apologize. I don’t agree with the tone – and sometimes the arguments – of several of the people on “my side” of the debate, but there’s not much I can do about it. I’ve had way too many insults and personal attacks hurled at me lately, so I’m really not in the mood to antagonize the people who happen to agree with me on top of all of that vitriol. :man_shrugging:

Hey, you can accuse @Taemien of being many things, but subtle? That’s not his thing at all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


More or less. Though admittedly if they did something crazy like that, I’m already prepared with LBPR :sunglasses:

Oh I can be subtle, but I’m not feeling like I need to be that devilish.


Nope. Gather again.

If you believe those words are insults why do you keep using them? Is English your first language? Honest question. You seem to have an odd somewhat immature definition for these words.

See what I mean? They are not and only an insulting context and vocal inflexion can make them so - as with almost any adjectives. The former not being present unless YOU inject it and the later not even being possible in a text based communique.

My guess is that you just like to bicker and quarrel. Seems that’s accurate from reading your other posts as well. I can’t help you there mate. I guess you’re experiencing difficulties at home or something… That’s a common reason behind people dumping on others in online forums anyway… -=shrug=-


Had you read the messages without injection or offence you would know that is actually the camp I place myself in. For the most recent example:

and etc.

Why don’t you explain to me what you were trying to say, specifically in the quoted portion then?

Because you used them, of course.


I don’t think that I do. I already explained to you that I’m well aware of what ignorant means, and while it doesn’t have to be an insult, it is the most common usage by far.

You’re right about one thing: this medium lacks a lot of the flavour and subtlety that verbal communication has, even relies on, and as such there’s lots of room for misunderstanding. I’d posit that it’s entirely reasonable to consider people who call you - and again, I quote your exact words - an “ignorant inconsiderate person” as to be trying to insult you, though. The context here, my friend, is entirely yours. So if you were misunderstood, frankly that’s on you.

Well fair enough, but I’d say you should perhaps re-read your posts and see if some of that injection and offense is, perhaps, coming from the way you communicate.


Oh no, not at all. And I am quite well aware that I’m “siding” with some rather unsavoury types (if not in this thread, then in general) by arguing the side of the argument that I am. For the record I don’t think you and I even disagree very strongly on this topic, but even where we do, I like to think that this disagreement is argued politely and respectfully.

Being on opposite sides of an argument doesn’t mean people need to crawl all the way up the furthest reaches of their respective corners and shout at the other guy. That applies here as in most things. Though it’s certainly a folly I commit myself regularly, I’m trying my best not to do it on this particular topic.

Hey, I did say “relatively”. And considering online discussion fora usually have all the subtlety of a Michael Bay movie…

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Well, if Conan Exiles had a system like that, then it would make sense. But unfortunately, they do not, and even Pippi mod does not have that feature either. Currently, only way they can contact a player is through email. Otherwise, it is a good idea to have. I would love to have that feature built in the game so I can send a message to a player on my servers regarding an issue.

They would have to program a system to make your idea to work which may take a few months.

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Now that is something I can go along with, give me a 3 day warning and i can act on it or not and suffer the consequences.


I didn’t suggest that. I said, that if you don’t want people to build somewhere, you have to make it no build, because if you don’t people will build there, nothing more

i had 2 deletions, first time 2 bases and 5 days ban, second time one base and 14 days ban, which basically meant all base deleted. I totally agree with you on that point, there should be a warning, so you can react and bans are definitly not ok in this context


Majority of abusers just ignore all warnings.
Can you imagine funcom babysitting and checking every complaint multiple times to see if it gets fixed or not?


See now you crumbled right when I thought you had my back. (I am kidding.)

All of the experiences I’ve had with “scumbag” PvP players have led me to real, durable and meaningful relationships with actual people. We’ve all made mistakes, myself included, but the level of clean player I know is actually remarkable.

On the other end of the continuum, even the cheatiest of clans is often only following what the other guys are doing, with little understanding of the mechanism. Ask new guy Bobo about cake layering and he would say “it’s the way you’re s’posed to build.” They’re not all trying to cheat. We’re not all bad people.

In the immortal style of the Paul Newman classic Slap Shot, WE’RE TRYNA PLAY THE F*CKIN GAME!

They don’t??? What’s this then?

And maybe even this Clan Message Of The Day (though I’ve not used that so dunno how it works specifically):

Neither of us can actually say anything about that. But I have some experience as both a games and application programmer and just by looking it would seem like a fairly trivial mod. to get that server message system working on a per-clan basis - or the Clan Message Of The Day to get working like I’m describing if in fact it doesn’t already. Devil’s in the details but that’s what it looks like from here - without access to the code.

We just had a thread a few months ago saying that the warning for deleting a character wasn’t enough and that they clicked through it.

What makes you think people are going to read building violation messages?

Like I said before, I’m surprised some of these players even realized their bases are even missing. I’m damn near willing to put a wager that they find out on their 2nd or 3rd refresh since it happened that they finally notice.

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Well, that’s fine. That’s 100% on them then and no one has to hear them whining about it. They have no legitimate expectation to any recourse if they are 100% at fault. And it’s not JUST the warning either. The warning would be followed up by a Purge-like event and countdown timer that would totally destroy all the property in question. So it would be the same thing as if the user ignored an actual purge and lost it all. Fine they can do that but there’s no room for complaints.

LOL - too funny!

Hehe, but remember, all of these suggested “solutions” are mainly for the people who can’t keep the rules and then also whine and complain about it when their base is destroyed or they are banned when they repeatedly violate the same rules over and over. So anyway, this would just be a more fun, less rude, and more immersive way of handling rule breakers where Funcom doesn’t get negative press from the whiners crying about their sufferings online.

I don’t necessarily disagree. But I think negative reviews from banned/actioned folks is far past boy cried wolf at this point. They’ve done a pretty decent and discreet job at pushing them into little sections.

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Or even 30min if it happens as you log on or are already online - with an impending indefensible “purge-like” event looming on a countdown. You know in case FC or others think 3 days is too unreasonable for rule violators.

Oh, sorry, I thought it was two before this one. So your very first base demolition was accompanied by a ban? Jeeez, that’s harsh and RUDE IMO anyway…

I think so. Bans should pretty much be reserved for actual cheaters. Not building code violators. But I can also see it if the person keeps repeating said code violation over and over too though. At that point it’s not possible to determine if they are being belligerent or just incapable of understanding - or even repeatedly making honest mistakes.

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That’s the server message of the day. It’s for the whole server.

Only the clan leader can set that. An admin isn’t even part of your clan.

Yes, we can actually say something about that. For starters, we can say that the code to do what you’re asking for isn’t actually there. There are some pieces that can be reused, but the feature isn’t there and would need to be implemented.

We can also say that implementing a feature like that isn’t only about sitting down to write the code. Someone has to pitch that to the rest of the team and/or the producer(s), it has to be estimated, added to the plan, approved, assigned, pulled into the sprint, implemented, tested, (hopefully) documented, etc.

Lastly, looking at Funcom’s pace when it comes to Conan Exiles development, we could try to guesstimate this whole effort. My own SWAG is that if they decided today that they wanted this feature, it would be at least one month before we saw it on TestLive.

Kinda hard to miss it when it comes hand-in-hand with a ban.