What am I supposed to do in this game, really?


Well, given the lack of a login event for the New Dawn release, Funcom seems to have given up on trying to pad daily login numbers. So… that may actually be the plan now :frowning:


perhaps I missed it but one thing I didn’t find in all the posts in this thread is that swl (and TSW before it) never were MMOs. TSW even less so. They both are open world action RPGs, so the official definition. And this explains some of your concerns very accurately.

In an MMO many ppl (hence the massively) play simultaneously, potentially in the same area. they can group or not, there is a lot of group contant and so on.

In SWL even when a few (15+ or so) ppl are in the same area they are being split into many layers and not all can see each other. it was never intended that all of them work together. Basically the description ‘single player game with group content and grouping possiblity’, which many brought as concern or criticism, is the very definition of the game.

I’m very much with you at the rate of new content, the explanation for this is very simple though: funcom themselves state in their company history that TSW ran very bad financially and, together with that lego game that came out nearly at the same time, made a big hole in their possibility to develop new things fast. SWl is financially better and perhaps saves the franchise and now they’re bringing new content - hopefully more in the future.

About the possibilities to play everything has been said - even I am at that point already after 1.5 months of SWL (years TSW though) and having IP400. You don’t need to play very long to reach the point where it’s either fun or not :slight_smile:


Well… this was TSW :wink:


Clearly that’s a single player game, not a MMO. Those are all NPCs.

Now I’m all nostalgic for the golem event. I sure hope there’s some kind of Gatekeeper march in SWL.


agartha being one exception I never encountered that many ppl in one place - except when they met intentionally and formed a group. But perhaps I just missed them :wink:


I’mma be sad if we don’t get some kind of Gaia Pride parade.


I think it’s pretty clear we can forget Golems as we knew them. They will be 99% instanced in Agharta.


it would be awsome if we would get back golems on maps, i loved the organization and the help, spotted myself in the old days, but maps are instanced 10ppl now maybe 15?


13 but ironically I need to use 15 characters also TSW was actually marketed as an MMO


Here is how Funcom themselves described The Secret World:

A Modern-day MMO of myths, legends and conspiracies

Source: https://web.archive.org/web/20150330230730/https://register.thesecretworld.com/signup/ctrl/register/us/tsw/TSW-ORDER


We’re getting off topic, but yes, TSW was described as an MMO pretty much up until they started talking about freezing TSW and re-launching. Then it was retconned/re-described using the ‘shared-world action RPG’ thing. So I am thinking around 2016-ish was the change?

Getting back to the issue of ‘how can FunCom give me things to do at high IP?’, one of the ideas I heard discussed that had potential, was putting in a scaled version of each zone. So you would be able to play through the game on Story mode, then set your difficulty to Elite or to Nightmare and play through them again.

However the issue isn’t as simple as saying ‘Elite mobs all have 10x the HP and hit 10x harder, and Nightmare mobs are 25x more’, since power abilities, hazards etc don’t all scale in the same way. Plus, when people play harder content, they want bigger rewards, which just accelerates and exacerbates the “I am now at demi-god power, what do I do?” issue.

Many games make themselves alt-friendly, so you can at least play through another time on a new alt, but for some reason FunCom has never liked this approach.


Funcom doesn’t understand its own game and they never will.

Reboot the combat system, only to make it worse (and make you buy each weapon)… remove half the group content for seemingly no reason, refuse to even talk about pvp options for endgame players, split the already tiny community across 10 tiers of the same dungeons we’ve always had… drop the MMO angle but then increase the grind levels to korean phone app levels of ridiculous, as if ANYONE wants to grind in a singleplayer experience… dumb down even the story (the ultimate strength of the game) by having mission hints and directions telling players exactly where to go when it previously didn’t do so…then they spend all their finances for the relaunch without setting aside a single penny for advertising so, like the original release, nobody even HEARD about this game, guaranteeing a failed relaunch.

Just look at how they interpret their statistics. “only 1% of players have even completed an e1 dungeon! it must be hard, players haven’t gotten there yet!” - no, nobody does the “endgame” grind in TSWL because nobody is interested. Oh boy, a handful of the dungeons in the game except the numbers keep getting bigger, I can’t wait to do this 18 times a day every day for eight months to get half my gear a quarter of the way to the second to last tier level so that I’ll be fully geared for the next story update in 6 years that will only require blue gear and no glyphs.

No, we all know what TSWL is. Funcom sees a sinking ship with their game so they relaunched it as whalebait to squeeze the last few dollars they could out of the playerbase before moving their personnel to other projects and leaving us out to dry. That’s why group content “isn’t a priority”. This game is dead as far as they’re concerned. The company has had this attitude about the game and their playerbase for ages, and they’ve done it with previous games too.

My advice? Play the story and when you’re done, drop it. I’m only here because I’ve got friends here, but the minute something better comes along we’re all jumping ship, just like Funcom.


Personally, I think it’s kind of the opposite: SWL has me thinking Funcom doesn’t understand other publishers’ games. Or at least one other publisher’s games, as it were (i.e. PWI).

To me, so much about this relaunch feels like they emulated the worst aspects of systems in other games (particularly Neverwinter and other Cryptic games), presumably because someone deluded themselves into thinking that’s what made those systems (somewhat) successful.


Ssssalty… but so true. I’m playing Skyforge now, and only stop back to check the game occasionally - maybe something in the AH sold, or an agent got a critical success.

But, since I’ve completed the story… nothing else to do, and seemingly no interest by Funcom in player retention.