What is the most stupid thing you've done in AO?

This morning whilst doing a daily I spotted a level 200 character without an Org. I targeted them and hit ‘t’ to have a look, and then sent them a tell message enquiring if they were on the lookout for an Org.

It took me a good three or four minutes before I realised that the toon in question was my alt…


I like the idea of this thread. Also LMAO at your story.

I can’t think of anything atm but I’m sure I have something.

Put Night Vision Goggles on, completed mission, w/o taking them off logged off outside. Logged on following day totally forgetting the NVG’s and was CERTAIN that AO was having a graphical glitch and complained a lot in OCC. Swapped out vid card, reinstalled drivers, etc…finally went DOH! (DOUBLE FACE PALM) :scream: That was on first toon in 2005, probably about level 20.


My first carracter. Dont remember the name. Did all the noob mistakes.
Tried to swim from the noob island to the main land after someone told me I was supposed to do it. (Didn’t work for some reason)
Was omni. After the island I spawned outside Rome, Went the wrong way and ended up in a player city. Rome was supposed to be a city, right?
Went into a whompa and landed in Newland. Started to explore and got lost in the dessert. (Had no idea how to bring up the map). Logged out, deleted the carracter and started over.
Did the noob island, ran to the player city and whent to Newland. This time I didn’t leave the city. After a few weeks I found the grid. Tried Rome and …wow was I supriced :laughing:


Love the idea.

My most stupid thing (that I can recall) also includes swimming:

I had upgraded my account from free to paid, so had a ~190 enforcer on his first time in Shadowlands. My org mates had told me that I should try to get to Penumbra and save in the garden there.

I knew I had to get to ergo, but I really didn’t know that much about Adonis, so didn’t know that ergo’s cave was underwater. I looked at the Spheremap (old player made SL map) which had a marker for ergo right at the top. I couldn’t see any other way there, so I thought I needed to swim there.

Given that this was before the Swimming skill was subsumed into Runspeed, and I had no IP in swimming, I was going so slowly that I was basically treading water. Convinced that this was still the best idea, I proceeded to spend over an hour swimming over the water to the Ergo marker. Of course, there was nothing there. Just a dead end. Confused, I looked up a guide online and only then realised my stupidity.

The worst things was, I couldn’t get out of the water anywhere, so I had no way to get back to civilisation other than to swim all the way back the way I had just been, and I couldn’t even log out where I was. By the time I got back to the land, my entire evening was gone and I thought Adonis was the worst place in the world.


When I started in anarchy online, and I had gotten dharam to foreman, a friendly omni mp placed his healpet on me, I spend the next few minutes trying to get away for a blue dot that keeped chasing me all over the place.


Leveled a froob trox MP all the way to 200 for some reason
Didn’t gank Srompu every chance I had
Befriended a crazy Finn
Lost touch with a great guy who disappeared from the game (Trapperfogey/Officefogey/lots of other alts)

Just a few stupid regrets

Among all stupid things I have did during 17 years, one thing brings LOLEST memories…

At the beginning, in 2003, I’ve rolled Adventurer. Had him on lvl 50ish when I stoped in Miirs Fashion, and saw lvl 100ish NT, who was nuking vendor like mad. I was so impressed, that the other minute I rolled NT myself.

So, I geared him up, and leveled using pistols, untill lvl 33. Then I bought first nukes, rolled solo mission and entered area. Red mobs killed me ultra fast (around lvl 40 afaik). I died, deleted this mission and rolled new one, my lvl. I died ultra fast. Deleted that mission too, and rolled 25… and died ultra fast. Then, in total anger, I rolled lowest mission with grey mobs… and I died ultra fast too.

Just to discover that I was NUKING MYSELF ALL THE TIME and I killed myself, not mobs in mission. Oh, my… :smiley:


Looks like F1 1 worked ^^

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I spend weeks twinking to get some fancy weapon on a toon. Then unequipped all the twinking stuff and perk-reset and all. Went to an org city raid, and wanted to show off my new weap before the aliums showed up. Wanted to “create reference” but accidentally unequipped the weap.
My orgmates found it hillarious :smile: - me, not so much :frowning:

Got it back on eventually though.


Traded a Robust Backpack and Living Dragonflesh Body Armor for a Heavy Notum Tank and Primus armor loot rights…

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Maxed swimming every level back in 2005 cause of being bored of slowpoke swimming during mission blitz.
Didn’t knew about yalms back then yet, so…


Most stupid thing I’ve done in AO is… Playing…

I’m not the best person ever with numbers, AO caused me to use more math than any other time since I left school (a few decades ago)!
“I’ll play a game, how hard can it be?”
The amount of times a partner or friend have walked in and found me bouncing my head off my computer desk, surrounded by post-it notes covered in numbers and item lists can’t be counted…!

Many years of AO later, and it’s not getting any easier…


First stupid thing/rookie mistake

When I started playing back in High School, me and my friend rolled characters together.
We were kind amazed by the game, having a blast (just killing leets and doing simple easy missions).
Soon we started to get some implants on mobs and then my friend says to me “OMG THIS IMPLANT HAS A SHOTGUN!” (was just a right hand with a shotgun modifier bonus, he thought his right hand would be some kind of robotic shotgun). We grinded for a several hours so he could equip it (we didn’t know about twinking back then), just to be completely disappointing that his Nanomage NT had no freaking shotgun whatsoever.

Second stupid thing, get ready to cringe.

I was completely outraged back then because I thought you could only sell 3 items at a time in shops (because when you open a shop it just shows 3 spots to put items). I even did a thread on the old forums completely mad that I had to spend several minutes opening and closing the shop 3 items at a time, just to be completely humiliated by people and realizing my mistake.
I quickly deleted the thread out of shame :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Third, and last.

My first real organization (after going paid) was Shadow Ops. Shadow Ops was at the time already an old and respected Org, with several rules, lots of fields, awesome people (still miss Drluva and Derroylo <3), etc. We had a forum with a AI City wishlist, where people put up their desired items and when they dropped they had priority on the loot if they were online. One day we did a massive Sunday Afternoon AI CIty with lots of players and it was really challenging back then with that many people. When the ground general died I was curious about the loot (it was my first AI raid), so I just right clicked the body to see it. Then I saw a green’ish strange thing that looked like a scope (never have seen it before and remember, no inspect function back then), I was gonna check the stats and clicked by mistake, looting a QL300 Viral Target Subunit on my 150 ish fixer in 2005. I didn’t got banned from the org, but a player immediately logged off after I did it, I spammed “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, is that expensive or rare?? Was totally by mistake!”. The President back then (Drluva) believed me and I spent months apologyzing for that.
The player that logged off was on the wishlist for the VTS for more than 6 months.

Yes, my 220/30/80 Fixer Leite still carries that VTS on the inventory as a reminder of that mistake:

Awesome thread :heart:


Another story - from early 2003. Very stipid thing made by my friend. We started playing together at the same day (3 of us). At lvl 120, we managed together to get team with 3 very experienced players (twinks too) at Tir W Gate. At that time, taking 120ish to team for lvl 210 mission was very rare thing, so we were happy. Team was setup to grind hardcore missions all day. So we’ve started. After doing 8hrs grind we got some levels, and friend that was killed multiple times just before ding (he got none after all - there was no XP pool whatsoever) was frustrated. And due hardcore nature of team, we did not saved our characters… there was no time for such thing… So, friend of mine, this one who gained 0 lvls, did NOT die in last mission, and was like 100 XP to ding 132. He was SOOOO happy :smiley: We headed to Tir.

But my friend was not so bright - he found Wen-Wen. Because he clicked it to find out what it does, he targeted guard, and got owned instantly, losing all XP. After that he rage quit AO for couple of weeks.

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Short story but those where the days.
Back in 2001 my MA had problems killing yellow mobs at lvl 70…
until someone told me there are things called IMPLANTS :slight_smile:


Pink! Long time no see. Is Reken/Kites around anymore?

Something similar happened to my org mate who had played his soldier to lvl 100 (or more, I don’t remember exactly) before he found out that he could use nanos! Before that he thought nanos are meant only for some profs :smiley:

Nope havent seen, was mostly on rk2019 before, came back to rk, Slarty, zuk,ibrok are around now.

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Easy. Swich to Omni side :scream:

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