What is your personal goal In the game?

I visited all places I wantend to see, build everything I wanted to build, had a high level base and thralls and at some point I started to ask myself, why am I doing it?

And since then I stopped playing the game, tried a few fresh restarts on different servers, but the world seems to be too small and the possibilities to few to keep me motivated. Everything I do is just a repeat of what I did before.

So what is your motivation to keep playing?

Building is my main attraction to this game, and i dare say i will not tire off it any time soon. And whenever i feel my base has peaked, i destroy it and rebuild elsewhere. (Im way past 20 main base by now) And by playing on official i get to see a steady stream off new players with their own personal thouch when building, so insperation constantly presents itself. And i just love what happend with UC, farming bosses is fun there way past the point off having all drops there is. And then there is farming/grinding, fun when you dont need it, hell when you desperatly need ■■■ stone for a new build. And ofc, love the new patches that comes, and dlc’s. Big armor nerd, so i catch my self admiring them/myself way past afk kicks inn.


Something to do when i want to murder some stuff, but not in mood for Souls/MonHon.
Or just roam around naked and let girls out. =3

Its fun game, and good side game I play with.

I keep spare PSN, for building with admin panel. I use my main to try and find all nocks and crannys, ghosts etc.

Playing Fo76 right now and MGSV but CE will likely not leave HD for sometime.

Build something different. Use a weapon that is different. Explore someplace that is different. Help a random player that is different. Try a build that is different. Try a tactic that is different. Etc.

It is a sandbox game, so the motivation is to do whatever you feel like doing at that point. It’s not like you even have to play it everyday. Just check in or play once a week to make sure your stuff doesn’t despawn, and you are fine.

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First I always play with friends. Playing alone gets boring so having other people to chat with and help keeps things interesting. Our group made up of 5 or so different clans on the server regularly invites new players to join the chat and we help them through dungeons and quests.

Personally I’m determined to have every named thrall in the game so I’m constantly looking for names I don’t have in my collection. I regularly knock out and give duplicates to friends and new players.


To be comfortable.

While not an Rper in game. I made a back story. She was a merchant and opened a number of brothels and arcades (game and gambling houses).

She was exiled for inciting a riot and political strife. Why go back

She looks at the exiled lands as a new money making opportunity.

But the goal is taking the survival element out. Now I just live in a palace planning my next business venture.

Opening an exclusive ladies and gentlemans club soon. 1 gold piece entrance fee. Food drink and dancers galore.

Every comfort an exile could need.

But overall comfort. I’m never breaking this glamorous bracelet.

My life is glorious

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I’m building a “horror movie” city. I’m pretty much done with my Texas Chainsaw Massacre house, now I’m working on my Evil Dead shack. (finally, a reason to use basement hatches XD)

Farming to expand my buildings and have different thralls. I just like to build :grin:

Owning one of each of the legendary weapons and thralls in the game, including all purge thralls. Gives a reason to build and maintain in each of the areas of the map.

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I play PvE-Conflict, after tryed PvP I disliked 1- losing all my things while offline during raid time windows (and you know, I just wanted to have a life other than the gamer one :wink: ) 2- never had a true satisfying battle: everyone attacked ONLY offline clans :neutral_face:

But when I started to play PvE-Conflict, what was my goal ?

Survive, build, dominate.

After reached level 60 and build something like this:

my last goal was: dominate.

But what’s the meaning of “dominance” ?

Well, I don’t think being the only one remaining in a wasted land is true dominace.

So that’s what we (me and my clan) did:

  • we always helped new players, answering their questions, sharing equipment if they required, giving suggestion on their buildings etc.

  • we declared war to each troll of the server, blocking blockers and claiming their land when they left to build arcs and bridges where they did blocks.

  • we built new infrastructures where the trolls haven’t already did but we knows they was important spots on the map.

And what happened during the 11 months of gaming in this way ?

We made new friends, all other big clans started to do the same thing, new trolls are coming every day (or at least every month) and every day we take care of the server.

Now an alliance of clans from half of the Europe actually rules official server #1038 even without having never claimed they do it, and we are part of this alliance.

Now when we are in peace a third of the time while playing is spent on the chat, one third refreshing decay timers of all the things we build and take a look on what’s happening around the map to spot new trolls (or just to find and loot decayed bases :stuck_out_tongue:) and of course one third of the time I make runs of Unnamed City and other places just to collect every legendary weapon in the game.

In the last few months Funcom released a lot of new content to give us something to do in the game even at high level.

But to be honest I played every day even before just for the first 2 things.

Because for me playing online means being part of a community and interact with other players, and dominance means actually take care of what’s happening in every place of the map and solve problems.

But it’s a sandbox game, the best suggestion I have is: you have to find YOUR definition of dominance :wink:


Hit 5,000 hours of modding time? :stuck_out_tongue:


I hope to one day finally get another purge…
Hopefully human…
Hopefully when I’m online…

Other than that, me and my wife have a good group of friends that we go adventuring with as well as new players.
I do love me some thralling so I’m looking forward to the new changes.
Plus I dare say there will be some rebuilding to do after this overlapping patch comes out.

Probly still won’t be enough to get us another purge though… Oh well.

Have fun. I play games for the fun.


Don’t be seen or found, make people think they are seeing things. If either happens. Restart character.

good example. I dressed like a set priest and just chilled in sepemeru for a bit… then I killed some spawns.

Some 60 saw me after a while, after I had seen him first lol.

I sat down with the emote wheel. He thought I was an NPC dragged to the other end of the city and I pretended to be one for a bit.

This other time. Named my character Tarzan and walked in the jungle. Lo and behold. Chat comes up with noobs asking if Tarzan was in the game…
Didn’t bother to check the player list at all. Had there been a sympathetic troll. We could have convinced them I was a Thrall.

I get my jollies messing with the new people in non-toxic ways… and I haven’t done 50% of the content even with 1500 hours :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Love it.

We had this one dude on the server that camped the pirate ship in the early days… All the time. He even used to log of on the cages near the carpenter.
When ever I got board I’d dress like a pirate and just hang out to spook him.
He used to get real cranky when he thought I was a rare thrall only to discover that I was having a good larf.
Ahh… Good times.

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We have loads of fun as a group. As admin of my server, I make things a bit more challenging by creating more boss spawns or a whole bunch of whacky enemies like a bunch of yeti’s of naked exiles, or whatever makes us laugh.

We have themed PvP nights and a scavenger hunt.

With the AOC mod on PC, max level is 120 and much more content added like factions and building mats and resources. Also one of our veterans is using Pippi mod to make a whole quest storyline with interactive story NPC’s using some very beautifully created, large open structures. And taking new players through the dungeons is always fun!

To crush my enemies , to see them driven before me, and to hear the lamentation of their women.


If that’s what it takes, though honestly if there was a killboard/score board ranking system so that clans could claim victory on any given server we’d all see less scorched server tactics.

Facts rarely influence perceived reality in these cases.

Where can you tell how many hours you’ve played?